Author: Noks

it’s complicated


Wow this is me at almost 22 wow. I felt tears i wiped them my family would be proud of me.

I immediately got down to work i knocked off at 18:30 well i didnt realize the time as there was so much to do. I drove to my place after getting myself pizza and iced coffee from Starbucks.

I got home freshened up and i ate and face-timed Zee so i can talk to Amy.

She answered after the 3rd ring.

Zee:yho i hate the different time zone

We laughed

Me:hey wheres my baby

Zee:mxm get her a phone stop calling me hawu

We laughed she called Amy

Zee:so how was work.

Me:gurrrl. I sipped on my coffee(she laughed) my Boss is hot and i work nomshana kaJamie Fox

Zee:whaaattt wow 

Me:yeap my boss is like in his 30’s ilezi ezama legacy nton nton yabo

We laughed Amy showed her face 

Me:Hello Baby wami

She laughed

Amy:eyo Bunny

Me: how are you my love

Amy:apiya Bunny. Abuya wena

Me: ncooh baby ngizobuya with lots of toys

She squealed we laughed

Amy: love you

Me: baby i love you too kiss kiss

We kissed the screen. She then jumped off.

Zee:its your birthday soon.

Yeap my birthday is on the 4th of september as well as Bayanda’s aren’t we blessed.

Me:i know first one without you guys

Zee:yeah eyi we miss you

Me: i miss y’all too baby

Zee:we’ll call you later some of us have work while wena uyalala our day is starting la

We laughed

Zee:i love you take care

Me: love you too bye.

I hung up and face-timed NJ as he was with Olwethu.

He answered quickly

Me: Shenge

Nj:hey baby unjani

Me:all good you

Nj: i’m owkay love

Me:you not you just said okay as owkay. Talk to me

Nj:Olwethu’s mom just left 

Me:what do you mean

Nj:she left said she wasn’t coming back i should take care of Olwethu


Wow he was so sad

Me: so what happens now

Nj: i don’t know bae i’m lost i mean ngizokwenze njani ngapha theres ops i’m always away its too much.

Me: ahh babe wow i’m sorry uphi uOlwethu

He called for her she came running

69 69);">Nj: nangu uBunny

Olwethu: hey Bunny

Me: hellow baby wami unjani

Olwethu: i’m good you

Olwethu is well spoken for a 2year old Nj takes her to the best school

Me:i’m good too. Baby listen do you want to stay with me

She jumped up and down Nj looked at me like i’m crazy as olwethu was on his lap

Olwethu: yess please mom hits me everytime and dad is always away

Me: okay baby give dad the phone

Nj: wtf 

Me: listen Njabulo. let Olwethu stay with me i mean come on 

Nj:wow you’d do that for me

Me: she’s mine too you know and i hate seeing you suffer theres no other place you can take her

Nj: Wow thank you so much


Nj: look for a creche so long then i’ll bring her

Me:ayt will do listen i love you i need to sleep

Nj: love you more bye.


I know its a lot of responsibility but come on we have no one else who can take care of Olwethu. I’d rather she stays with me then for her to be raised by a nanny.

I dozed off after sometime. 

So it was finally my birthday i woke up with a smile it was Thursday i’m turning 22. 

I woke up did my daily hygiene. I wore a nude above knee dress with a black coat i also wore my nude block heels i looked good. Yesterday i went to the salon and did a straight back i looked good. I put on my givenchy watch and perfume then i take my gadgets i drive the covert to work. I get to my office i have flowers and Balloons written 22 and HBD wow and the floweres are a bunch of roses with white roses in between forming a 22.

I smile and sit down after a while Jade comes in my office with a small cake and a candle

Me: wow

He smiled

Jade:happy birthday

I stand and hug him he kisses my cheek.

Well everyone knows everyones birthday theres always a email sent before someones birthday

Me: Thank you

I smile

Jade: make a wish

We laugh he takes pictures of me blowing the cake and a video 

Jade:theres a surprise for you later

Me:ahh come on

Jade: i won’t take No for a answer plus you dressed the part come on

Me:fiine where.

Jade: after work

Me: i’ll change first

Jade:fine but be ready by 7


He takes half the cake and goes to his office.

I get calls and messages from everyone except Bk i send him a message i’m not savage like him. We share a birthday at the end of the day.

So its after work i’ve take a quick shower i put on my backless maroon short dress not to short with black gladiator stilettos i take my black bomber jacket i spray perfume and put on my watch. And wait for Jade while drinking red wine. After a while he shows up i open for him

Jade:wow you look great

Me:you too

He’s so simple but looks good

I take my phones and my kls bag. We drive to this other restaurant. He walks me inside 

Jade: uhm listen i have to make a call just go sit in that table.

He shows me a table not to far. The restaurant is empty i find the table and wait for him. 

I smell him before he even says a word but how is he here.

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