Author: Noks

it’s complicated


So its now Saturday. Everyone is here well even thou NJ came with Bayanda i will not let anyone spoil my mood today also Banele is really happy so i’m happy. 

So we eating and i stand while hitting my glass with a folk i get everyone’s attention.

Me: now that i have your attention firstly happy birthday Banele i love you. You are my little brother.

Banele:Thank you so much i love you too.

He hugged me and kissed my cheek.

Me: okay so important announcement


We just laughed i can see Bk getting irritated

Me: no shut up. Well i got a offer and i’m moving to New York permanently


Tk: wow i’m proud of you

Nj: thats amazing 

Zuko: wow

Me: yeah i’m living in 2 weeks

Nj:ahh too soon

We laughed

Banzi: well deserved. 

Enhle: for how long thou

Me:5years minimum 

Nj: yerrr thats nice

Bk: so uyahamba kanjalo nje

Me:boy bye ngizohlalelani

He kept quite. The party continued i went inside the house to use the bathroom as i cane out in my room Bk is sitting on my bed.

Me: ufunani la.

He stands and we are a few inches apart he smells good.

Bk: we need to talk

Me: khuluma phela

Bk: i’m sorry about everything Lungi i didn’t mean for her to get pregnant. Yes i’m wrong for not telling you about Langa but bufuna ngenzeni ngilahle igazi lami just so you won’t live me ayingeke at the end of the day his my son ayikho into engayenza i fucked up yess but theres no turning back now.

Me: wow bengazi ukuthi being a father turned you into a jerk more. I never said choose between me and your heir Jayden the fact that you’d even say that shows how little you think of me its the lies i hate angindaba neyifebe zakho mina Jayden the fact that you didn’t respect me and our relationship enough for you to say that hurts to think i’ll take you away from your son. I gave you nothing but love wena ungibonga kanje tryna shift the blame. I’m so glad i’m going you just proved to me i meant nothing to you all these years 

I walked past him nxa

Bk’s pov

She left me standing here maybe i approached the situation wrong i could see tears in her eyes i never meant to make her cry. I love Lungi with all that i am her living wow i don’t think i can survive she’s really living me and its all my fault. I tried following her but couldnt find her i was so hurt i found her in the kitchen crying.

Me: i’m sorry

Her: you not Jayden

And when she calls me Jayden its far from being over

69 69);">Me: i really am sorry babe i know i messed up it hurts seeing you cry especially because of me. I promised to only make you cry tears of joy but look at me fucking it up. I love you really you mean everything to me i’m sorry i broke your trust i always thought i’d only have kids with you k’phela but shit happened i’m not making myself holly here but i messed up but my heart belongs to you and only you. I’ll wait for you even if jesus comes back you’ll be my queen i’m done fooling around i want you and only you in my life

Her: don’t forget Langa

I smiled see why i love her 

Me: yes and Langa

She nodded

Her: good then you shall wait till jesus comes back.

She left wiping her tears i laughed.

L’s pov.

Its the 2nd of september and i’m in New York. I got here 3days ago. Since i know this place i didnt do much. I woke up early in the morning to prepare for my first day at work. It was a bit cold and raining. I settled for a black above knee dress long sleeves and a half olive green coat. I also had olive green stilettos i looked good. I had my hair in a neat bun. I put on accessories just my watch and glasses you know. I took my things my gadgets that is. I then walked to the kitchen my place is a open plan and its huge you know New York apartments. I made coffee and had a croissant with everything inside. After a few mins i was done i got in my jeep grand cheeroke and drove to work. I got there early not really early i was escorted to the board room i found ken and some others waiting i greeted everyone i was told some are still coming as i was early.

I nodded and sat down finally everyone was there i was introduced to everyone. Everyone seemed to be proud to have me

Voice: its a honor to have you here

Me: those are suppose to be my words but thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. The guys smiled well he is the ceo young to be honest. I’m guessing legacy

Voice2: i’m jade and i’m your partner

I looked at him wow he was cute he was like Jamie fox.

I shook his hand

Me:i’m Lungi

He laughed

Me:uhm call me Bunny.

We laughed

So after meeting everyone i was given my contract wow the figures they gave me yho. Too much money i signed on the dotted line as i’ve had a copy emailed to me before. After everything i said my goodbyes to Mr Kennedy and i thanked him. I bid farewell to everyone we parted ways. Jade accompanied me to my office which was next to his it was huge shame no doubt.

Jade: so you are zulu


He smiled 

Jade:you look mixed race

Me: i get that a lot don’t worry.

We laughed

Jade:uhm shout if you need anything

Me:can i ask you something uhm not work related.

He nodded

Me:whats your surname

He laughed

Jade:i’m jade Fox

Me:you look like your uncle oryyt

He laughed i joined him 

Jade: i get that a lot

Me:thnx for everything i’ll call if i need something for now ima enjoy my view.

I turned to face it damn it was good you can see New York even when its raining it looks good. I finally sat down felt good as my office door was written Head of L.S.

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