Author: Noks

it’s complicated


We both went back to walked till i knocked of at 17:00. I walked to my car bumping to Tk we work together different departments thou. I was driving my Coupe.

Tk: my person

He kissed my cheek

We hugged

Me: Madlokovu

He smiled Tk is cute no lie

Tk: you look excited and happy. For someone who is having a step child

I punched his chest and laughed

Me:tsek hawu. I have other greater things in life to celebrate. 

Tk: like.

Me:patience. I’ll tell everyone over dinner saturday. 

Tk: make it a Braai. 

Me: since its Banele’a birthday why not join it together

Tk:thats a great idea wow i forgot my brothers birthday is coming.

We laughed Banele is his younger Brother. Well since they like family to me his my little brother. He is 18 doing his first year at Ukzn.

Me: ayikho indaba yakho. 

Tk: mxm. Bye then

We hug one more time and part ways. I drive home i get there in no time. I find Zee and Amanda laughing such a nice scene i take a video ncooh mahn. 

Me: Babies

I scream Amanda runs to me

Me: don’t run bby


Yeap they still call me Bunny even Amanda calls me Bunny i pick her up and spin her around.

I kiss her all over she giggles non stop

Zee: hey babe


I kiss her cheek and put Amanda down.

Zee: actually we were on our way out.

Oh zee uses my c63.

Me:where too

Zee: few grocery nyana 

Me: ayt lets go

Zee:arent you changing

Me:nope i’m good

Zee:you look good

69 69);">I smile we take the Coupe and we go to gateway after living a note for the others

Zee: have you talked to Bayanda

Me: No ngizothini k’yena he fucked up ngenzeni mina.

Zee:but that man loves you

Me:sometimes love isnt enough zee uyazi nawe.

She kept quite. We listened to Beyonce all the way to Gateway and we talked about eveything else while missy kept bhimbaring in the back.

We finally got to gateway and we first went to Woolworths.

Bk’s pov.

I fucked up real bad i might have lost my true love it really was a mistake  i didnt mean to make her pregnant. Truth is the Langa was born 1year ago Lungi thinks Zinhle is still pregnant its a huge mess. My parents did imbeleko for him he looks like me no doubt he’s my son i named him Langelihle Khumalo. He is turning 1 year today well its August 18.

So we at Gateway with Langa just the 2 of us. So we at Woolworths buying junk and cake we spending his birthday at the Khumalo residence not at my place since my mom said i should come with him. He is so excited i love him. I can hear someone laugh and there is no doubt that is Lungi. I turn and indeed its her she still looks beautiful wow. I can see she just came from work. She is laughing with Amanda zee’s daughter i guess she’s laughing at the baby talk. I’m still staring when our eyes meet we stare at each other till i feel langa pulling my jean she looks at him i can see sadness in her eyes she’s hurt i know. 

She pulls Amanda and walks away living me feeling guilty i carry on shopping i think i just lost her.

L’s pov.

So Bayanda lied wow i can’t believe this. The child is cute no doubt he looks like him. I’m so hurt i just want to cry i can feel the lump in my throat its too much but i contain myself. We carry on shopping after that we go to other shops i buy toys and clothes for Amanda and also for my niece Olwethu i buy them those electrics Cars amanda choose the Ranger rover its white and i took the ferrari for Olwethu its red. These cars are so expensive yho Amanda hasnt’t stopped thanking me ncoh.

We finally get home and the others are back we greet each other

Boni: you don’t look good what’s up

Me:Nothing i can’t handle. 

She nods but not believing me

Zee:did y’all cook

They shake they heads no we laugh i offer to cook. I quickly take a shower trying not to cry i then wear my shorts and baggy T-shirt and then go start with the pots.

I cook the lamp ribs which are marinated already with potato wedges Amy likes them i also make rice and gravy nothing much and a greek salad. I’m done in no time we set the table say grace and we dig in over light conversation. My mind is so far thinking why would Bayanda lie and say the girl was still pregnant i dont get it i hate that he hid the truth from me. I didnt realise i was so far till Enhle called me


Bree:we’ve been calling you for the past 5mins whats wrong

Lulu:you crying babe whats wrong

I touch my face and i’m crying wow.

I tell them about Bayanda and about me moving to New York

Boni:Bayanda is a asshole wow

They all swore him i laughed

Boni:so New York


Lulu:its a great opportunity 

Me: i know

Enhle: you deserve it

Me: thanks babe.

We finished eating and we parted ways i was so drained i cried myself to sleep i really love Bayanda i just can’t take the lies are too much.

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