Author: Noks

it’s complicated


4years later

L’s pov.

I finally graduated a year ago i’m currently working at Transnet yeap I gratuated top of my class all distinctions. Bree is the only person still attending but she’s doing her practicals at one of NJ’s friends company. All the others are working zee had a baby a year ago a baby girl after she had the baby she didn’t know the father and when she finally knew it was too late the father wants nothing to do with her. The baby’s name is Amanda she’s so adorable she’s mixed race we love her shame we always spoil her.Zee also lost both her parents that same year they were killed i actually found the real truth behind they death but never told Zee as i was working with her Brothers Zamani and Zamokuhle. They actually in the ops now. As for the others we still have no kids i’m still a virgin my brother had umemulo for me it was epic he bought me a Ferrari spider 360 Matte grey. I still have my c63 and myGLA coupe. Remember Nj promised to buy me a porshe well he did i now have 4cars i’ve killed more then you can imagine in the past 4years i’m now “Killer”  i had to juggle between school and this job it didnt really take a strain i managed but they were hardships. Nj also has a baby girl my niece is adorable shame i love her she’s 2years old her name is Olwethu. Nj said he only wants one child in life  and its always been a girl he said a boy will only spend his money with bitches where as a girl will want to be rich and will spend money on herself. I personally didnt get it but either way i’m happy for him as his done well for himself had clean business deals for his daughter but was still in the ops. We still live in glenmore we’ve renovated the house Zee lives with us we have a nanny for Amanda. She also cleans the house since we all busy. 

Well Bayanda has impregnated someone and is expecting a baby so i’m not talking to him as this happened while in a relationship with me. We finally dated in my second year. I’m so hurt how can he do this to me he has been trying to talk to me but i’m just drained really. 

So it was tuesday i was in my office when i was called by my boss i fixed my self i was wearing a black pencil skirt with a black transparent blouse tucked in i had my silver red bottom heels on and my hair was in a neat bun. I put on my glasses yess i’m still wear glasses i dont want a laser surgery as my eyes are already offspring. 

I walked with confident till i reached his office my boss is a white man not that old very intimidating but not to me we get along very well.

I knocked and walked in

Me:you asked to see me


Oh his Mr Kennedy

Boss: take a sit

I sat down

Boss:uhm theres something i want to talk to you about. Well you’ve been here for a few months but trust me i’ve seen change a huge change that is**we chuckle***and for that since i heard you’d like to further your studies overseas i want you to work as Head of shipping logistics in New york

Yhoo i was still shocked

Boss: MaShenge

Oh yeah he calls me that but in a funny way

Me:uhmm sorry i’m still tryna process everything wow

Boss: think about it

Me: Ken bye! i aint gotta think about it all i’m thinking is what will i take to New York

He laughed i call him Ken.only me

Boss:you crazy. So you only have 3weeks with us left. You’ll sign your contract that side 

Me:wow thank you so much

Boss: you deserve it. You the youngest here and newest but you’ve done a lot more then people who’ve been here for years you have purpose in life you are motivated i like that about you and you’ll go places

Me: and i’ll make sure to mention you when i praise all the important people in my life

We laughed.

Boss: you’ll get everything ready that side

Me:uhm actually i have a apartment in New York Soho

Boss:the company is in soho also. Wow when did you purchase it

Me: well my brother did since i liked going there a lot so it was a gift

Boss: wow your brother is everything

Me:yess the only family i have 

He gave me a pity look i just smiled

I stood up shook his hand one more time

Me:Thank you so much ken

Boss: pleasure

I turned to walk away


I turned and walked back

Boss:theres a ceramony the young achievers awards i’d like to go with you if you kin

Me:i’ll be honoured

Boss:Thursday evening

Me:email me the details please

He nodded i walked out i was so excited and happy. God is good all the time. 

I got to my office i closed the door and screamed 

Me: Thank you lord

I controlled myself. My PA walked in 

His gay.

Jase: Soo??

I looked at him 

Jase:come on you know i’m impatient

Me: well mina i’m moving to New York

He screamed


Jase:mxm mara thats good news babe

Me: i know but i’m sad i can’t take you with me

He came to my side and hugged me

Jase:ncoooh uzobuya nsena wena nana

I laughed

Me:after 5years dude

Jase: kanti no visitations yini

Me: of course they’ll be duh

We laughed

Jase:aggh mahn i’m going to have a temporary boss yho ayike.

Me: he/she must treat you good

He laughed

Jase:i’m proud of you miss Buthelezi

I bowed down 

Me:Thank you Mr Dlamini

We laughed.

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