Author: Noks

it’s complicated


Bk’s pov

Damn this girl blew me out of my mind yho. I’ve never had such a mind blowing blow job damn she’s good. She has a incredible body damn.

We both went to the ensuite we brushed our teeth sharing my tooth brush. None of my girlfriends have ever wanted us to share my tooth brush.

Me:arent you afraid that i might have a disease

Her:then we’ll both have it

She carried on after she was done i brushed mine too. We then showered together weird i know but this girl is just amazing in all aspects

We were both done we went out we dried ourselves and we lotioned our bodies  . She then wore my other sweat pants ayi this girl

Me:aibo njalo

She laughed that laugh the sends shivers down my spin i can listen to her all day its a sweet melody.

Her: okwami okwakho

Me: oryyyt okwakho okwami

Her: yeap.

We finally finished dressing she took her things and we went downstairs. 

Banzi:done already

Me:done what?

I said giving him a stern look.

Banzi: hawu duh taking her things

Lungi laughed

Me: you talking shit bro.

Lungi: guys i have to go now

Me:i’ll take you home

Her:duh who else?

We laughed she hugged my brothers including Bandile who was back from work. Bandile is real estate agent well my dad has land everywhere so Bandile handles some oh his business for him. 


Her:bye guys love y’all

Them: love you too

She giggled they love her shame

We then took my Audi A5 i drove her to her place while listening to H.E.R

We were singing along. I cant believe we had sexual intercourse and it felt right wow i was holding her hand the whole time while driving with the other one we even took  few videos and posted them on instagram. I finally got to her place.

Her: thanx for bringing me home

Me: it’s my duty

She smiled i pulled her for a kiss she responded immediately she broke it after a while.

Her: i’ll see you 

She went out after perking my lips. Ayi lengane is driving me crazy yho. I was smiling like a retard all the way back home. You might be wondering why i’m always home well my place is getting renovated i actually live with Banzi and Zuko and Bandile still lives at home mxm.

I finally got back home and my parents were also back now. I greeted them then joined my brothers in the video room. I was whistling the whole time

Zuko: ukunike kahle neh

I look at him and grin

We laugh

Banzi: ukwenzeni uMashenge?

Bk: if i told you you’ll think i’m lying

Ndile:try us

Me: we never went all the way

They looked at me shocked

Banzi:but your smile

Me:damn bafo the womens mouth 

is her pussy

We laughed. Wasnt even making sense

Zuko:so her BJ is that blowing

He winked. Pun intended

Me: for a virgin yesss best i ever had hell yeah she gives the meanest blow job dude. Yazi she blew me allowed me to cum in her mouth when i tried moving nope she wasnt done with me made me release all my boys in one day. If i had sex now and fucked a vagina i won’t shoot k’phela wona namhlanje

They laughed so hard i joined them

Banzi:so nje you wouldnt’s score at this point


We laughed

Ndile: i bow down to her phela wena uyi bozza yocansi

Zuko: true you can fuck 10girls in a day. Never had you complain and say you’d actually deny sex. I think she’s onto something

I shook my head ayi Lungi what have you done to me i’m in love.

Me: i’ve actually said i love her twice

They looked at me shocked

Banzi: and

Me:she didnt say anything. Because everytime i say it’s always a spare of the moment thing.

Zuko: wow ayi ke.

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