Author: Noks

it’s complicated


I was woken up when i felt someone stearing at me 

Me:stearing is rude Bayanda

Bk:how do you know its me

I open my eyes and i met his hazel green eyes

Me: i can smell you.

He laughed

Bk: how long have you been here

Me:i should be askin you that

Bk:been home for about 2hrs manje then zuko said i should wake you up because i made something to eat.

Me:oh wow so bhuti wakho ungikhohliwe

Bk: something like that

We laugh

Bk: wake up and come eat please.

I wake up and i go to the en suit and wash my face i get back and he has done the bed how sweet. I find a sweat pant in his wardrobe and put it on. Its a bit big but it fits well also because of my ass

Bk: uyazi dalela nje

I just laugh he pulls me too him and makes me look at him by lifting my chin up our eyes meet

Bk: umuhle yezwa

Me:Ngiyabonga Mntungwa

We stare at each other like we searching for something in each other’s eyes he closes his eys and lean forward i lean forward to and whisper in his ear.

Me:i’d really like to eat yazi

He laughs and shakes his head.

Bk: asambe

We go downstairs. I find the others eating i sit on top of Banzi

Banzi:yho uyasinda

Me:as if boy bye

We laugh

I hug him and kiss his cheek

Banzi:missed me

Me:sort of 

Bk:i didnt get that welcome thou

Me: Ndoda uneNtombi wena. Some of us are single here 

I can see him getting annoyed

I laugh.

Me:wena Luzuko Khumalo ngizokubamba yezwa

Zuko:i’m sorry i was also sleeping yazi

Me: but you forgot a whole entire me mos.

We all laugh i move from Banzi’s lap

Zuko: i’ll go get you your food.

Me:you should’ve woke me up the minute it started cooking. I sit next to Bk who is suddenly grumpy while zuko goes and takes my food.

Me: wamsori nje whats up.(i say in a low tone)

Bk: lutho.

I nod. 

Banzi: how come you came to sleep here

Me: because i can

Banzi: mxm. 

Me:ngifika at 06:30 endlini. Lalela buthe bufika ubuthongo guess what(he looks at in anticipation) ngeniyani ULulama ngo 07:15 ezongivusa yazi i almost punched her

Banzi:should’ve kicked her ass

I laugh just then zuko walks in with a tray with chicken 2 chicken wraps yho looks good and a cranberry juice my fav.

Me:aggh mahn ngiyabonga baby. 

I take it and i start eating yho its taste good


Me:guys i’m eating for the first time today.

Bk: you shouldnt do that to your self

Me:hawu you talk kanti 

The others giggle 


He stood up and walked outside. Weeh ayi his on his periods lo.

Banzi: niyahlanya nina

Me:mxm bhuti wenu funa ngimkophe yini his the one that suddenly has a vagina his on his periods i aint got time for that. 

The laughed so hard

Zuko: uyeyisa yezwa

Me: aibo. But the food is good thou yho kuyahamba.

Zuko: uyapheka mayethandile or when his stressed

Me: ngathi engaba stressed njalo when imm here. Ima stress him

We laugh. I finally finish my food. I take the tray to the kitchen i find Bk staring into space i wash the dishes he still doesnt flinch. I’m done i wipe my hands and go stand between his legs i make him look at me by lifting his chin up to my eyes we stare at each other this man has nice eyes ayamfanela.

Me:stop thinking so much kanti kwenze njani?

Bk:i feel like i did something wrong to you 

Me:But you didnt nje

Bk: i know but what you said izolo hurt

Me:but its the truth thou why would you catch feelings ngeQiniso

Bk:because i respect you that much for you to see me whoring around

Me:come on Bayanda i thought sesiNdlulile lapho

Bk: i feel like i hurt you in a way

Me: agh mahn no


I shut him up with a kiss yho ayi he talks. We kissed for a long time till we heard someone clearing they throat

Banzi:kumnandi neh

We laugh

Bk:mahn you ruined the moment

Me:thnx for interrupting yho i couldnt take it anymore

Banzi laughs while Bk gives me a straight face

Banzi:he’s that bad

Me:(i look at Banzi then Bk i french kiss him so deep he started groaning) does this answer your question

Banzi:yeap also his erection

I look at bk’s bulge and we all laugh

Bk:the things she does to me bafo

Banzi:by a kiss ayi lungi you the real deal

Bk: her kiss can make you buy her a island. Imagine her sex game

We laughed

Banzi:lalela ngavele umshade straight

Me:niyahlanya nina

I walked away to take my things as it was already late. Bk came into his room he closed the door then locked it . He picked me up and pinned me against the wall and we kissed it was intense. He puts his hand inside my pants and started massaging me on top of the panty it felts so good i was moaning softly i can feel him smile.

He the lm pulled my ear lope and whispered

Bk: i want to see you cum i want to taste your juices.

I nodded he then made me lie in bed he took of my tshirt first well i had no bra.

Bk:damn these look good

He nibbled on my boobs it felt so good he went down living wet kisses he finally got to my cookie he took of my pants and panty he then looked at my body 


He then started eating my pussy yho his tongue felt good on my cookie he swept his tongue circulated on my clit and kept rubbing

I was going crazy his other hand was on my boobs he finally inset 1 finger i jumped a lil but he held me in position damn this man knows his story i moaned in pleasure i felt my orgasm building

Bk:cum for me my love

Oh my his voice alone did things to me he muffed me so good

Me:ahhh...Jay.. i’m...cummm ...ohhh

Bk:cum for me babe

I released it felt so good he cleaned me up with his tongue.

He joined me in bed after cleaning me up


Bk:wow indeed

I got ontop of him and kissed him from his neck going down not once did he stop me. I removed  all his clothes his dick sprung free


He laugh

I gave him a hand job then i spit on his dick and i blew him yho he was grabbing my weave and groaning in pleasure 

Bk:Fuccckk....shiiiii....i looove you

He released in my mouth i cleaned him up but still blew him

It wasnt long he released again i cleaned him up again

I then got up 

Bk:wow. Are you sure you are a virgin


Bk:that was mind blowing

Me:perks of having zee as your friend

We laughed.

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