it’s complicated
Author Name:Noks


Lungi’s pov.

We went to his car he opened the door for me and jogged to his side he got in the drivers seat then looked at me before starting the car. This guy is everything his hot no lie.

Bk: Listen about what i did i’m really sorry. I shouldnt have got carried away 

Me: its also my fault so i’m sorry too. And yess i am a virgin 

Bk: and thats a great thing trust me not many people still behave or have the qualities as yours.

Me:Ncooh are we being soft

We laughed

Bk:mxm lets go

Me:finally eyi ngilambile

He laughed ahh his dimples.

Me:Zuko gave you my number?

He just smiled and played Bas-Clouds never get old

Me: i aint never felt love in a long time. Cause clouds never get old.

I was rapping the whole song. He kept stealing glances at me and the nigga was blushing i swear.

Bk:Bas fan thats dope

Me: tell me you have Earthgang and i’ll kiss you

Bk: actually....

Me:ahhh wayilahla ekugcineni

He just laughed and changed and played Earthgang Voodoo 

Me: a man after my heart 

He looked at me and smiled and i smiled back

We rapped together the nigga has a great voice i can tell.

Our part came oh wow we murderd it

Us: she said where you at i said right own track

Jj dynamite 

Kkk outside

They not rocking white

No they dipped in blue.

We just laughed

Bk: damn we good

Me: lalela Bonnie and Clyde got nothing on us

We laughed again oh Bayanda was everything. You know when i said i’ll know when i meet the one i think my soul and heart just authorized everything.

Bk: Jacquees

Me:b.e.d right 

He played the song. We were going to pmb by the way for brunch. I also dont know why so far.

He let me sing the whole song

Me: i know you wanna lovebut i just wanna fuck.

And boy you know the deal(he laughed) i got keep it real. I know you wanna see i know you wanna be in my b.e.d grinding slowly. 

I have a great voice i know i can sing

He turned down the volume. 



Bk: you have a great voice my word such talent 

Me: thank you

 I turned the volume up again.

He sang ty dollar signs part wow i was impressed 

Me: you sing too wow

Bk: yeah a lil

I just punched him slightly nigga is really good.

He then played AKA jika. I dont like him but jika 

Us:Tell me are you my ride or die

Me:my future hubby

Bk:my future wife

One day we gon walk down the aisle dont be surprise i need stability i need some piece of mind i need tranquility so we can live this life.

Bk: one day we’ll really walk the aisle no doubt

Me: i got no doubt at all

He looked and me and held my hand then kissed it.

This feels right on so many levels. We finally got to pmb we went to Rocco mommas we sat down and created our own burgers we both settled for they milk shakes.we ate while laughing and getting to know each other.

Bk: so you’ve never really had a boyfriend

Me:nope but i’ve kissed a few guys

Bk:speaking of kissing you said i should play EarthGang then you’ll kiss me.

Me:Mina(trying to keep a straight face)

Bk:cha uYamkelwa

We laughed

Me:how do you know that name

Bk:ops babe

Me:you went through my file

He nodded we laughed we ate then went to his friends house i played Nasty c Baby from my phone

Bk: from your stance to your brackets your ass and legs is you heaven. You my baby you my baby my biaatch 

Bk:Who gave birth to this 

What is the world is this

You got the perfect hips

You got the perky tits.

You got the perky tits.

The whole his singing he’s looking at me.

Me: you my baby you my baby

Bk: my biaaatc my biaaaatc

Me: you my baby you my baby

Bk: my biaaatc my biaaaatc.

I played Nasty c’s album

we got to his friends place in Hilton pmb. He had a nice house. We parked then went out.

We joined the others in the back yard there was like a braai going also like a pool party.

We greeted i was introduced as his NJ’s sister.

Scelosenkosi Nkosi the owner was hot but not as Bk

Me: Nice to meet you Ndlangamandla

He just smiled

Scelo: shiiiish Khumalo ndoda ngeke you telling me NJ uneSistera elinje.

We just laughed

Bk: i also couldnt believe it.

Me: and you still cant Jayden

He looked at me shocked

Scelo:she knows that name

Bk: ngizwa manje nami bafo

Me: yesss i do. About 3sec ago

I gave him his phone which was now unlocked by me

Scelo laughed i did too

Bk:my phone is high security

Me:for who?

Scelo: i love her alreadyhold onto her.Even thou what you guys might start prepare for war.

Bk: i dont think we there yet

Scelo:you just havent realized it bafo

He patted his back he held my hand while we walked back outside cause we were in the kitchen Bk was behind us. We joined everyone else the girls didnt seem to like me. I saw Fanelesibonge Coming towards me 

Him: wow 

Me: i know right

We hugged each other he still looked good

Scelo: you guys know each other

anele:From primary bafo.


Me:Scelo is your brother

He nodded

Me:niyafana shame

Scelo: nahhh i’m more handsome then he is

We laughed Fanele took out a bag of weed 

Anele: i’m sure you’re legend manje

Me: lalela Master even.

We all laughed

Girl: indoda yaZinhle le

She says looking at Bk

Me: so

The guys laugh

Girl:why uhamba naye

Me:Ngoba ngiyathanda.

The whole time i’m not even looking at her i’m crushing weed. She lifts my cheek up painfully 

to look her our eyes meet.

I remove her fingers of me. She slaps me 

I just laugh i give the weed to Fanele. I stand up and look at her intensely i know have a intimidating look.

Me:Awuphinde futhi

She tries slapping me but i hold her hand and look at her

Me: Ungilalele ungilalelisise kahle ngoba i’m not iPvr i wont rewind. Dont you dare lay your filthy hands on me ever again i swear to you ima fuck you up so bad you’ll be in coma for a whole month angifuni ukujwayelwa isfebe time try getting your facts straight before laying you shitty fingers on me siyezwana.

She nodded quickly her wrist was turning red

I let her go she ran and cried. I just stood up and walked away while calling tk who was in pmb

Me:cela ungilande babe i sent him the location. I ran as fast as i can i didnt want them to follow me.

I’m so angry at Bk for not standing up for himself i’m not angry that he has a gf. Nxa 

He kept calling me i declined his calls until tk called and told me where he is i walked to him

I got inside his car he knows when i’m angry i dont speak. He drove straight to durban. He drove to his place we got there then we got out. I got to the lounge and jumped on the sofa he sat next to.

Me: i’m not that angry you know i’m just ngizothini ngiphoxekile by what he did. 

I told him everything.

Tk:wow. Nj doesnt know about this

I shook my head

Tk: this is a risky situation besides what happened babe. Bk is NJ’s best-friend

Me:Ngiyakwazi lokho Ntokozo but we did nothing wrong except go for brunch k’phela

Tk: so you telling me “he’s not the one”

I kept quite

Tk:see you cant even reply. Listen i’m not going to sit here and dictate your life but what i’m saying is. Wait first Bk is a player dont rush into anything with him. Let him clean himself first even if its 4years down the line you already know he yours.

Tk gives the best advice


He looked at me and we shared a hug just what i needed. He then kissed my cheek. He pulled me to his arms then we watched a movie. It was saturday late at night

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