Kayla’s diary
Author Name:Noks


I stood up and walked away. I hailed a cab and went home annoyed my phone was ringing non stop Luke was calling i decided to just switch my phone off. I got home found the guys still hanging out i decided to join them.


Luv: we killed those guys

Me: cool.

I then focused on the game they were playing.



I was caught up in my thoughts 

Kwa:you okay?

Me: yes

He nodded

Lukhanyo: let’s go out

Me: i’m game

Khwezi: we game.

I carried on playing fifa with my brothers i consider my cousins my brothers and sisters.Luke really messed our relationship up i don’t think i even want to talk to him again because all he will do is lie and say i’m not pressurizing you but in actual fact he is. I wonder why people can’t get to know you on a more deeper level like your personality before including sex. I know sex changes everything but can we just take our time before getting intimate. So later we freshened up again and dad called again. 


Me:My king

Dad:Layla your other phone is switched off why?

Me: my battery died

Dad:we lie to each other now?


Dad:talk to me.

Me: some other time 

Dad:okay fine. I just wanted to hear your voice.

Me:it’s like we have the same time zones

Dad:it’s some fucked up shit

Me:child ears

We laughed

Dad: i miss you so much

Me:i miss you too

Dad:***he sighed*** i love you Layla

Me: i love you more dad.

Dad: take care of yourself.

Me:i will

Dad: i trust you take care of your brothers as well

Me: i am

Dad: ayt cool bye my love

Me:bye my heart keeper.

***end of pc****

My dad is the best. I wore a nude short dress with red bottom silver heels. I left my hair down as it was straightened i really have long hair. I then put on all the necessities and walked downstairs if you have noticed i don’t put make up i’m still to young. I found the guys ready and they were looking good no lie. 

They whistled when i walked downstairs 

Us: HabeHabeHabeHabeHabe(sang in exaggeration)  

We laughed 

Me: y’all look good.

Lukhanyo: you look beautiful

Me:thanx guys

Them:Thank you too.

Me:shall we


We took the suv car keys and went to 1oak.

We got there they had booked the vip table. We turned up no lie it was good we had vodka only. We smoked hubbly it was lit. As i was dancing i felt someone touch me i smelt him before he could say anything i turned and there he was looking cute. 

Him:So you’ve been ignoring my calls

Me:yes i have

It was Luke.

Luke:can we at least talk about this

Me:No i don’t want to talk about its useless

Luke:i’m sorry

Me:you don’t mean it.

He looked at me and sighed deeply i also looked at him. 

Luke: will talk.

And like that he walked away i carried on dancing it was a goodnight. We decided to call it a night at 2am as we were really tired i drove us back home since the others didn’t want to they don’t really trust themselves. After sometime we got home by the way the twins are moving in with us. They doing they 1st year also they the same age as Khwezi.

We had bought pizza and wings on our way back we ate before going to sleep and finally we slept. Our weekend was awesome we spent most of it going out thou it was nice. So it was Sunday and i cooked dinneri’m a very good cook by the way we had dinner and i went to bed.

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