Kayla’s diary
Author Name:Noks


Talking to my dad always brightens up my day. 

I freshened up then wore my blue jean short and a white top i wore my black nike nmd sneakers. I wore all my other accessories. I then took my phone and went downstairs.

I found my cousin’s Luvuyo and Lukhanyo the twins.

I greeted them they were with Khwezi and Kwandile.


We all laughed it’s something we say when someone looks good.

Me:I’m out.

Khwezi: don’t come back late

Me:ayt cool.

Luke called and said he was outside i said my goodbye and went to where Luke was parking.

I found him standing outside the car pressing his phone he looked good. He smiled at me as i approached.


He attacks me with a hug and he smashes his lips on mine damn this is actually our first kiss and it feels good. It went on for about 5mins then we broke it.

Luke:Hey babe


He laughed

He opened the door for me i went inside then he jogged to his side after closing my door.

After getting in he drove of while we had a conversation.

Luke:so how was SA

Me: Awesome

Luke:You looked beautiful

I did send him pictures 

Me:Thanx babe

Luke:You look beautiful today too

I blushed

69);">Me:again thank you.

He took my hand and kissed it. 

Luke: you know i love you right?

Me: i do

He nodded. We finally got to the restaurant

And we walked inside we had a private setting you’d swear we not teenagers i mean who does this at a young age we only a year apart. I’m not complaining thou its sweet. 

We placed our orders and had cocktails my cousin JJ called. His my uncles eldest son




JJ: i need you to do something really important for me ASAP.

Me:i’m busy JJ can’t you ask anybody else

JJ:it’s code red Layla and you near.

Me:Oh Shit. Send me the details.

***end of pc***

Luke was looking at me the whole time.

I took out my other phone

Luke:you have 2phones

He said shocked

I ignored him. JJ sent me the details i stood up and said i need the restroom i then walked towards the kitchen to the other exist door. I finally walked out the restaurant and i had to run down 3streets i finally got to my destination  a bank was about to be robbed being part of the ops as you all know my grandparents were in the ops it runs in the family i managed to stop the robbery before it happened i then called for back up my brothers came and took the guys to HQ(Head Quarters). I then headed back to the restaurant Luke was sitting impatiently.

Luke: you took long

Me:and i’m sorry

I kissed his cheek and he smiled i sat besides him and he called the waiter to bring back our food because it had came and he told them to take it back. 

We finally got our food and we dug in.

Luke:So how long will i wait for you?

I looked at him dumbstruck 

Luke:i mean now that you had that traditional thingdon’t think it’s only fair.

My mind was tryna process everything his saying to say i’m shocked is a understatement. I know exactly what his talking about we haven’t even been dating for that long and already he thinks he can talk to me like this wow. 

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