Kayla’s diary
Author Name:Noks


It was now Saturday and i was wearing my white beaded skirt with no bra only the animal skin and beads. We did the dance it was all fun. Finally late i had my sweet 16 party my aunt Lunele and My uncles Langa and Mom’s twin Uyathandwa bought me a car it was a range rover sport😭 black rims dimmed windows and it was white damn. My grandparents bought me a G-class. I was so happy. I’m only going to drive my cars when i’m in SA only.

So finally after 3 weeks we went back to New York SA was dope i spent most of my time with my cousins.

We got back home mom and dad had already permanently moved back to SA so it was just us they stayed back.

We landed and we were jet legged so we got home and slept. So the following day was Thursday and i had a date with Luke. Luke is cute no lie i woke up and made breakfast for everyone since mom was gone. Our helper was coming back on Monday the others woke up as i was dishing up.


He said kissing my cheek so did Kwandile

Kwa:You good

Me:All the time you guys?

Them:We good 

I gave them their food. We sat on the high chairs and ate while having a conversation.

My phone rang and it was Luke.



Luke:Hey babe how are you?

Me:i’m good you?

Luke:i’m all good now that i’m hearing your voice.

Me: so before you weren’t okay

Luke:Not really There’s something about your voice.


Luke:are we still on today?

Me:yess we are

Luke:i’ll pick you up later then. 

Me:ayt cool.

Luke:Bye my love

Me:bye babe.

****end of pc***

Luke can be boring sometimes.

My brothers were looking at me the whole time

Khwezi: we just hope he doesn’t break your heart 

Kwa: otherwise we’ll fuck a nigga up

Me:Nothing is guaranteed in this world.

Kwa:Thats true but still.

Me:Nothing is ever guaranteed in life all you do is cry and move on. Holding on to the past will only hold you back you will never find a way forward if all you do is think about the past and what if. You can’t change the past but you can fix the future. 


We laughed

Kwa: you way too intelligent for your age.

Me: I never felt my mothers love so i choose to love myself and teach myself things my Mom failed to do. 

They gave me a pity look.

Khwezi: kuzolunga(it’ll be okay)

Me:it’s too late.

Khwezi: it’s never too late

We chuckled.

Kwa: so Luke hhey.

Me: yeap

Khwezi: when he breaks your heart we’ll be there for you.

Me: i know

We laughed.

Kwandile washed the dishes. I went to my room to freshen up Dad called before i could do so


Dad:Princess how are you

Me:i’m good my king and you?

Dad:i’m good now that i’m talking to you

Me:you too sweet Dad

Dad: i’m the one that holds your heart

Me: if only i could find a man who is half the man you are.

Dad: Not until you done with School kayla.

Me: You can’t change destiny dad.

He chuckled.

Dad:Wow. Just date when you ready.

Me:i will trust me

Dad: will always. So you guys okay?

Me:all the time.

Dad:i miss y’all

Me: we miss you too

Dad: i’ll be coming month end

Me:ayt dad

Dad: i love you take care.

Me:i love you too

Dad:Bye baby. Lemme call your brothers

Me:Bye dad.

***end of pc***

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