Kayla’s diary
Author Name:Noks




Luv:Smiley how are you?

Me:i’m all good and you?

Luv:topslisten later lets go to my friends party.


Luv:at his place Layla.

Me:ayt cool i’ll talk to the others.

Luv:aytwhat you doing

Me:on my way out

Luv:enjoy i love you.

Me:i’ll see you later bye i love you too.

***end of pc***

Luvuyo is my aunts child his a twin. My mom and his mom are sister’s but his mom is older.

After cutting my sandwich i sat in the kitchen and got caught up on my phone. Mom came as i was on my last slice she just looked at me.



 Voice:MaKhumalo iyakhuluma ingane(The child is talking)


Dad gave her a intimidating look.

Mom:Ya Kwanele

Dad:Uyabongwa (mom’s.name) don’t piss me off so early. Hey baby*he said kissing my cheek*

Me:Morning dad.

Mom rolled her eyes sometimes i wonder what i did to her. I got up told dad i was going i took my wallet and my car keys and drove off.i met my friends at the mall we were first going to watch movies play games then eat. I finally got to the mall after picking up my friend chanelle. We found the others waiting for us. I have 4friends being Chanelle Keysha Sasha and Jasmine. My best friend’s are my brothers and cousins and my dad. 

We greeted each other and hugged. We then bought movie tickets as we were walking to buy munchies i bumped into some guy.



Me:next time watch where the fuck you going. No lie the guy was cute.

We bought everything that we needed then went to watch the movie. Guess who i sat next too? yeap it was the guy i bumped into.

Guy:Hi again


Guy:i’m Luke


I focused on the movie.

Luke:You have very weird eyes.

I looked at him intensely.

Me:Tell me something i don’t know.

I turned back to the movie.

Luke:They turn dark grey when you annoyed i’m guessing when you angry too.

I looked at him again

Me:Please shut the fuck up.

I turned to the movie again.


I was now in SA for my birthday also because i’m having umhlonyane. My sweet 16 will be here i was with my cousins in my room we were at my grandparents house. Even thou i’m a James we all do our traditional things kaKhumalo my mom’s parents that is. My grandparents are thee Bayanda Jayden Khumalo and Lungile Yamkelwa Buthelezi. 

They dope grandparent. So we were all smeared with ibovu my friends were here also it was a good time.

My phone rang we were singing songs i answered without checking who it was.



Voice:Babe hey!

Me:oh hey babe 

Luke: How are you my Swiss German African Queen.?

(I blushed)

Me:i’m good babe and you?

Him:i’m missing my girl

Me:shame babe you’ll be fine few more days.

Him:it’s fucken 3weeks

Me: it’s not that far.

Him:it isbecause i miss you like hell.

Me:i miss you too. Babe i have to go.

Him:bye babe i love you.


I hung up


Well Luke actually goes to my school but his in the 11th grade. So he persuaded me for a while and finally i gave in. The reason why i didn’t say i love him was because why use these word i love you when you don’t mean themi’m not saying i don’t love him but my gut doesn’t allow me to say i love himuntil i find that one person that will make me say those three words i’ll know then my heart is taken.

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