Kayla’s diary
Author Name:Noks


We changed into our pjs. Well the boys had boxers we were in Kwandile’s room.

My brothers have dope bedrooms no lie its your sophisticated bachelor room. They very neat if i didn’t know them better i’d say they OCD.  

I’ll try and describe their room they almost have the same room. It has those shiny dark brown wood floors. It’s huge has a bed in the middle. A walk in closet ensuite with a huge shower and a tub in the middle. It then has a huge curved plasma screen. And family picture. With a study table with his electronic gear and a mini photograph studio. He loves taking pictures and his talented. The only difference in Khwezi’s room is more like a lab since his into programming. We watched The purge i love movies. We ate laughed i think we watched half the movie and we dozed of with laughter. We slept i think at 2am. We all slept in Kwandile’s room with me in the middle. We were woken up by Kwandile’s alarm we woke up and we went our separate ways.I did my daily hygiene routine i lotion my body then wore my short skirt with sheer stalkingsmy shirt tucked in and my blazer and tie. I then wore my school shoes tied my hair into a neat bun. I sprayed perfume and put on my watch. Then take all my school things and phones then i went downstairs to have breakfast with the family Khwezi had a morning class. We found dad making breakfastits not something you see everyday.

Me:Morning boys.

I said smiling and kissed everyones cheek.

Them:Morning layla!

Dad:you have practice again today?

Me:Dance class.

He nods his head. I’m a very good dancer sometimes i post videos on youtube.

Khwezi:Damn you straining your body.

Me:i can manage my body don’t worry about it.

Kwa:Friday you playing?

Me:yes i am.

69 69);">Khwezi:we coming

Me:like y’all ever miss a game

Dad:they’d never either.

Kwa:True. We’d do anthing for cuddles.

He said squeezing my cheek as i was sitting in the middle of them. We had a full english breakfast. Mom wasn’t around i think she was sleeping.After eating we parted ways.

The week went by quickly so it was Saturday and i was going out with my friends. My dad and my brothers did come to my match and as always we won. It was raining so i woke up took a bath and listened to Ella Mai-Trip

I took a long bath just relaxing after a while i was done with my hygiene routine. I wore black skinny jeans with a olive green hoodie and a black bomber jacket on top with olive green nike air force. I then tie my hair in a messy bun. I put on my watch and also my bracelet i always wear because it was a gift from my dad since when i was 12 it’s very sentimental to me every year my dad adds charms they all have a meaning in my life. It’s custom made it’s white gold and has my name engraved on it.  and spray perfume. I walk downstairs it was already 11:15. I found Khwezi in his boxers with junk in the lounge relaxed with a throw.

Me: so early?

I say to him. Everyone wakes up late in this house we love to sleep.

Khwezi: ima be like this the whole day.

I laughed at him

Me:No you not

He eyes me and then he faces the tv again

Khwezi:what will stop me

Me:because we going out later.

Khwezi:siyaphi?(where we going)



I left him like that since he was focused on the movie he was watching. My phone rang as i was making a sandwich.My cousin Luvuyo was calling 

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