Kayla’s diary
Author Name:Noks



Kwa:sis omncane (little sister)

We fist bump.

I greet his friends also.

Guy1:wassup layla

Me:i’m just tired 

Guy2:aren’t you always

We laugh.

Kwa: snack?


They laughed. We went to some pizza place i was the only girl. I was sitting next to Kwandile. He always says some of his friends have a crush on me Kwandile is very popular at school because my brother is hot no lie Khwezi as well. His friends are chilled no lie we had pizza and milkshakes we then parted ways.

I got in my car and we raced home and i won. I’m a very good driver by the way.

I parked my car and took my things out.

Kwa:you were lucky.

He said coming to help me with my kit.

Me:aren’t i always.

 I pat his back.

We laughed. And walked inside laughing. We found Khwezi in the kitchen since we came through the kitchen door.


They fist bump i just walk passed him and he pulls my arm.

Khwezi: you still angry at me.

Me:sawubona Khwezi

Khwezi:sorry. Hey 

Khwezi:i’m sorry


I walked to my room dad wasn’t back yet so i won’t greet mom she can miss me shame(my mom does work guys). I stripped of my basketball kit and took a bath. I had slightly cold water to sooth my skin and bath salts.

After 30mins i was out i wore my short pjs and went to do my home work in dads study. Dad came when i was studying for science. 

Dad:Hey baby

He kissed my cheek

Me:hey dad.

Dad:how was school?

Me:same old



He eyes me

Dad:Fitness was rough

Me:too much. My body is stiff

Dad:you’ll be fine. When is your next game?

Dad always attends my matches mom doesn’t my brothers always come also. Whereas mom has went to each and every game my brothers have ever played. 

Me:Friday. It starts at 16:25pm

Dad:i’ll be there

Me: you never miss a game

Dad: i don’t plan too. 

69 69);">He sat down and helped me study.My dad is very intelligent so is mom. So that makes their kids smart you get it?

After a while i was donei skipped yet again supper. As i was about to doze off Khwezi walked in my room with food.

Me:i’m full actually

Khwezi:i’ll personally feed you

I smiled at him.

He sat Besides me and i face him and he feds me. 

Khwezi:i’m sorry

Me: i forgive you

Khwezi:thank you.Uyazi nawe ukuthi (you know)i love ya

Me:sometimes i doubt your love

He stared at me and sighed

Khwezi: it’s the last thing i ever want you to doubt me about. My love for you is unconditional.

Me:Actions will always speak louder then words Keith. Sometimes i think you take sides you are gullible.Very easily influence by mom***i shook my head and held his hand and stared into his deep ocean blue eyes****.The sad part is you don’t even realize it.

I couldn’t read his emotion’s he finds it very had to express his feelingsbut when he does just know it’s real.  

He cupped my face and stared into my Very! Weird light grey eyes.

Khwezi: i’m sorry if i ever made you feel this way. 

Me:it’s okay Khwezi.

Khwezi: from now on i’ll try by all means to not be biased. I hate to see you cry everyday i miss your lame jokes during supper when we hardly hear a thing because you’d be still laughing the previous scene. Where you always snap those flop moments. I miss KAYLA KWANELE JAME’s. Dad’s princess Kwandile’s cuddles and my chubby cheeks.

I was in tears. He gave me a warm hug and kissed my cheek.

Khwezi: i love you

Me: i love you too bro.

We did our handshake and we laughed.

Khwezi:Ice Cream.

Me:mini slumber party would do..

Khwezi: it’s sibling night.

Me:and we camping in your room.

Khwezi:Hell No. i’ll buy

Me:Kwandile it is.

Voice:Kwandile it is what?

Kwandile said he cane in.

Khwezi:Party in your room

He shook his head slightly smiling.

Kwa:Ayt cool.

We cheered. I quickly changed to shorts and a tshirt. 

We took Khwezi’s car while Kwandile sat in the back because the princess of course  takes the front seat. We went to the nearest junk store and bought junk. We then bought a chocolate tub ice cream. We drove back home listening to 6lack-pretty little fears our jam.

We finally got home we found dad in the kitchen.



Me:slumper party.


He said walking awayhe looked stressed.

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