Kayla’s diary
Author Name:Noks


Voice:You know crying will led to having a headache.

I knew it was my dad.

He pulled me to him i rested my head on his shoulder. My dad smells good.

Me: i can’t take it anymore James. 

He chuckled

Dad:i’ll whip your ass

We laughed

Dad:it hurts seeing you cry Layla. I only want to see you smile it brings joy to my heart. How your eyes sparkle when you laughing. How beautiful you look when smiling and showing your dimples. Seeing you cry pains my soul.

Dad knows how to sooth my pain.

Me:i’m sorry

Dad: don’t ever apologies for being sad.

I smiled.

Dad: ice cream?

Me:yes please.

I stood up and pulled him up 

Me: you getting old Kyle(his name)

Dad:i’ll seriously give you a beating Kayla. Respect...

Me:will take you a long way.

Dad: thats my baby.

We walked to the ice cream shop around the corner. We bought ice cream and then walked back home laughing my dad is amazing 

Dad:so school tomorrow


He chuckled

Dad:you love school but you hate waking up

Me: true. I love my sleep

We laughed. I go to Williamsburg Northside School. It’s a private school. 

Dad:2 more years then you done. Off to university

Me: don’t even remind me James.

Dad: i’m proud of you!

Me:thanx old man

Dad: always know that i love you 

Me: i love you too timer.

We fist bump. We got back home i passed everyone and went to my room i skipped supper as well i took a long shower. I wore my pjs and slept immediately.

In the morning i woke up and did my daily hygiene routine. I then lotioned my body and wore my uniform and took my things and went downstairs.

Me: morning

I said kissing my dads cheek

Dad:morning baby you slept well?

Me:i did i  slightly had a headache but i’m okay

Dad: you skipped supper again last night

Me:i’m sorry my king.

69);">Me:i’m sorry my king.

Dad: don’t starve yourself. Now sit and wait for breakfast.

Just then my brother Kwandile came downstairs wearing his uniform. He is doing his 12th grade. Next year he’s going to university. While Khwezi does his first year in Financial technology in New York university.

Kwandile:morning princess

He kissed my cheek

Me:wasup bro.

We fist bump also just then mom calls us for breakfast.

Mom: morning Kayla


She dished up for us. And we had breakfast over a light conversation.

Mom:how long should we keep up with your shit Kwanele.?

I stared at her blankly 

Dad:junior No!

Mom:No babe k’mele azi uKwanele(Kwanele need’s to know) not everything is about her. Life doesn’t revolve around her she must stop seeking for attention and throwing tantrums.

I stood up without finishing my food and walked out.

Kwandile:Layla stop!!

He said trying to catch up with me i ignored him and walked away. I took my car keys and drove to school. Yess i have a car and a temporary drivers permit(learners) till i turn 16 I was driving my matte black BMW M4 with black rims and a maroon interior design. With my name on the seat. I speeded to school. On my way to school i was playing deep house. I’m a huge deephouse fan i love “The god Fathers” they bless my soul. I love music in general. My phone rang as it was connected to the bluetooth my dad was calling me. I answered.


Dad:baby are you okay?

Me:i’m fine James.

Dad: please don’t cry. Be strong for daddy princess i love you. And i’ll talk to your mom

Me:myeke dad it’s not worth it anymore

Dad:***he sighed deeply*** i seriously don’t know what to do anymore it hurts seeing my favorite people fight over nothing. 

Me: dad i really need to go i’m driving

I wasn’t in the mood for him anymore.

Dad: i love you

Me: love you too bye.

I hunged up before he can reply.

After sometime i got to school. I’m doing my 10th grade by the way. I first went to my locker and got my things. Kwandile came just as i was about to walk away he pulled me before i could say anything to a less noisy place.


Kwa:i’m sorry for what mom said.


kwa:Stop shouting phela.

Me:i’m sorry.

Kwa: its cool. Listen Kayla i know it hurts mom is always against you i get that.Stop letting her get to you

Me:its easy for you to say. It’s not the same with you guys i’m always the bad person Kenzo it hurts how my own mother fails to give me the same love as y’all. I’m not saying she must love me more but atleast half the love she gives you guys. Is it too much to ask?

He pulled me to his arms as i was crying. 

Kwa:i’m sorry Layla.

Me: ayikho into ongayenza(There’s nothing you can do)

Me: i need to get to class.

He nodded. He kissed my cheek and we parted ways. I went through all my classes then went to Basketball practice. Sport is therapeutic for me  i love playing sports it gets my mind off things it puts me at ease. After 2hrs of fitness we were done. Kwandile was waiting for me i don’t understand why because we all have our own cars but we always wait for each other when one of us has practice. Oh before you think i’m a loner i do have friends. I went to Kwandile who was with his football team and some of his friends. Kwandile is the football captain.

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