Kayla’s diary
Author Name:Noks


I played fifa with them. I love my brothers so much we share a very strong bond. 

Kwandile:i ain’t even going to entertain it.

Me: this is just fucked up.

We laughed. 

Dad came and called us to the living room. We followed behind him we set on the couch 

Mom: i know you guys don’t want to move to SA so nizokwenza njani?


Mom:Kwanele since you the perpetrator why don’t you elaborate for us how y’all going to live.

Me:why don’t you ask Khwezi or Kwandile why you always assume it me.

Mom: because my babies will never protest against me. It was your idea you influenced them.

I chuckled

Me: i ain’t got time for this. Bathathe uhambe nabo(take them with you) i’ll stay here alone its clear i’m the problem.

Dad: Kayla No.

Me:No dad. Why is it everytime it has to be Kwanele. can’t Khwezi or Kwandile come up with ideas by themselves its always me.

I stood up and went to my room.

Dad came and sat next to me on my bed.

Dad:i’m sorry princess

Me:i’m tired dad it’s always Kwanele ayi no its enough now.

69 69);">Dad:i understand. I personally don’t want to move but because i love your mom i’m compromising. What i want to know is i’ll let you guys stay but how will you guys take care of your selfs. 

Me: i was thinking we stay here. Everything else will fall in place dad. 

Dad:as long as you guys take care of your selves and take care of each other i see no reason for saying No. i’ll talk to your mom

I jumped on him

Me:Thank you so much my king

Dad:i love you my princess 

I smiled he hugged me and kissed my forehead.

He was about to go out the door when he stop and said.

Dad: stop fighting your mom please my baby

Me:i’ll try

He chuckled and blew me a kiss then walked out. My brothers walked in after.

Khwezi: you really have to stop fighting mom

I looked at him

Me: yazi Khwezi if you want to go to SA y’all can go stop trying to make your self holly la. 

Khwezi: how did i do that?

Me: why didn’t y’all tell your mother that it was “our” idea not “my” idea?

He scratched his head

Me:i’m sick and tired of how y’all never stand up to her i’m always the bad person. you are her Babies nxa.

I walked out living them in my room. I walked our the gate and took a walk. 

The reason why i never get along with my mom is because she feels as if dad loves me more then she loves her. She feels like we competing for dad’s love. She has neglected me ever since i could remember. Even when i started my periods few weeks ago dad had to be the one explaining what was happening. It was awkward for him but he tried shame i personally admire him. I was now sitting on the pavement looking at how busy New York is. I was so caught up in my thoughts 

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