Kayla’s diary
Author Name:Noks


Monday was school. 

At break i was with my girls catching up when Luke came to our table his very popular so am i so the attention was turned to us. 



Luke:can we talk please


He held my hand and we walked somewhere quite.

Luke:Look i’m not trying to put pressure on you.

See what i mean’t 

Me:then what were you trying?

Luke: i can wait for you till you are ready. 

Me:No you can’t.

Luke:What do you mean?

Me:You won’t be able to wait for me Luke its either you going to cheat on me or you’ll keep pressurizing me.

Luke: so what is your point.

Me: i’m saving us both the headache here lets walk away before it gets deeper.

He scratched his head and shook his head.

Luke:don’t do this to me Layla 

Me: i’m not doing anything Luke. It’s for the best.

69 69);">Luke:but i love you Kayla

Me: you love the thought of me not me.

Luke:Don’t please

Me:i’m sorry.

I walked away i was heart broken no lie my first boyfriend and this is how i end things wow. I got back to my friends 

Keysha:you okay?

Me:i’m fine 

Cha: you’ll talk about it when you ready.

I nod. 

Kwandile calls i can see him where his seated but his calling me on my phone i answer.


Kwa:Ngathi ufuna ukukhala(it’s like you want to cry)

Me: ibuhlungu inhliziyo yami(my heart is sore)

Kwa:kwenze njani(what happened)

Me: ngizokutshela ekhaya(i will tell you at home) 

Kwa: i love you bye

Me: i love you too.

****end of pc****

My day carried on but i felt my shoulders were heavy. I skipped my last class and went home i found Khwezi. 

Khwezi: Are you okay?

Me:i’m fine

He didn’t look convinced but he let me be. I walked to my room and went inside the shower and cried i wasn’t crying because of Luke but what i’ve been going through my whole life not having a mothers love i felt as if everything was  on my shoulders taking care of my brothers not having anyone to turn too. I know my dad and brothers are there for me but trust me every girl needs a mother. After a while i walked out and dressed in my pjs and cooked dinner after i was done i went to sleep.  

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