Kayla’s diary
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We all have had our fare share of heart breaks i wish you can just know who your prince charming is before kissing a few frogs it sucks really. Having to cry for a guy is totally not nice at all especially when you gave the relationship your all. Let me take you through my journey of how i met my husband like any other people i had to pass through a few heart breaks but here i am today happy. 

Voice:Layla wake up

I stretched myself damn i hate waking up.

Me:i’m up

I looked at my dad and he smiled i’m daddies princess no lie everybody knows that. Which brings me as to why i don’t really have a close relationship with my mom i prefer my dad over her she’s never been there for me so why stress about her too.

Me:morning dad

Dad: hey baby

I went to the ensuite and did my daily routin after i was done i wore my below knee black dress with nude block heels and tidied my hair into a neat bun. I then took my phone and headed downstairs for breakfast. I found everyone already seated.



Well let me formally introduce myself i am Kayla Kwanele James. Daughter of the wealthiest man Kyle James and the famous Uyabongwa “Khumalo” James. My dad is a business man well known born and raised overseas and his Swiss german. My mom is black so i’m mixed race she is from South Africa. I have a older Brother Khwezi Keith James who is currently 19 and my other brother who is 18 Kwandile Kenzo James. And i’m 16years old well turning 16 in a few months it february and my birthday is in April 23.

69);">I’m very close with my brothers we have a strong bond. We live in New York soho. Born and raised here my mom wants to relocate back to SA and i’m not keen no lie. I do love SA but i’m fine here.

I’m light skinned not to light i’m average height i have a medium ass almost big. Perky tits hips and curves in all the right places i have nicky minaj’s body but with natural boobs and ass and a slightly smaller ass then her. I have a tiny waist and a figure. Flat tummy i do go to the gym my body is well maintained fo a 16year old. I have natural long hair perks of being Swiss german plus my mom has long hair also so i guess i inherited everything from her because we do look a like plus she has a great body too no doubt. 

After having breakfast we went to church. It was a great service i enjoyed it. We hardly go to church but we do have strong fait in him. 

We got back home it was now 12:15pm the service is 2hrs and i’m tired already last night we went to a party with my brothers it was lit. Teenage parties you know how they are we try everything to fit in that includes doing things you shouldn’t be doing but due to peer pressure you do them just so you can be considered cool. I don’t understand why we always feel the need to try and impress other people whereas you came in this world alone i personally think the only people you have to impress are the ones that bought you to earth stop trying to please other people in life its not worth it you’ll never be worthy in front of their eyes people will always be there to judge you no matter what they always find bad things to say even when something is good or you’ve done well for yourself they’ll always be a “But”. 

I stripped my clothes off and changed into shorts and a baggy T-shirt. I then went to Kwandile’s room who was playing fifa with Khwezi. Yeah we the triple “K’s” we actually call ourselves

 the kool “kay” kids. Even thou we are rich we never look down on other people at the the end of the day what we always say to each other is its our parents money we just ask them for money akuyona eyethu. But you’ll find other rich kids bragging and saying. “My money is getting finished” i’ll be looking at them like gurrl have you ever worked in you life because last time i checked we still in school. Which is the truth thou. 

I did mention my mom is from South Africa right? So i can speak isiZulu very well.

Kwa: wassup layla

Me:mom still on about moving 

Khwezi: mxm i ain’t moving 

Before you get confused Layla is my nickname pronounced as “Lie-lah”

Me: me too

Not that we don’t like SA i mean come on its dope but we grew up here you know we can’t live memories our lives are practically here. We visit SA anytime we want. 

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