Flash back.

Voice:Get the hell out of my house you good for nothing child i don’t ever want to see you again you disgust me.

Me:But i didn’t do anything ngiyaxolisa(i’m sorry)

Voice:Yeyi ungilinge phuma la kwami (don’t you dare

get out of my house) you whore you seduce older men and claim to be raped fusegi. 

I cried as i slowly walked out the gate of the only home i knew. If you asked me what did i do i wouldn’t answer you because i also don’t know what i did wrong. Tears blinded me as i walked out with no direction as to where i’m going all i was doing was praying silently to god to protect me from all the dangers of the world i have suffered enough i’m dying on the inside as god is my witness but i’ll never lose faith in him. 


I’ve been living on the streets since i was kicked out by my own mother from the only home i knew because i had told her that her brother(my uncle) has been raping me for the past 4 years i kept quite but the day i finally decided to put a end to it i get kicked out till this day i can’t believe my own biological mother kicked me out and my brothers stood there and watched me being humiliated in front of the whole community. My father was at work that day i’m sure he has even forgotten about me either way i thank god that i’m still alive yet another day even though my life is not all roses i still make the most of it. My life on the streets has been a journey and i pray one day god will remember me and bless me with  a good life. Where i come from we were not poor nor were we rich we were financially stable i was the only girl amongst 5 boys and yes i’m the last born me and my brothers had a strong bond but my mother didn’t like that i don’t understand why. Let me take you through my journey fasten your seat belts because it’s going to be a long one. 

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