Scelo’s pov

Hearing her say that shows she’s been through a lot my heart cracked a bit after she said that hearing the way she said it was just enough for me to know the pain she’s been through. I’ll ask dad what’s her story because she keeps telling it to me bit by bit.

Me:everything will work itself out eventually.

Luh:memories never fade Scelo. Just be grateful for what you have not all of us grew up phansi kophahla olunothando olungaka (under a household full of love)

Mhm and right then my heart bled a little it’s like i can feel her pain. I didn’t even know what to say to her after.

Me:please sing for me

She laughed a bit i was tryna break the tension and also because i want to hear her sing again.

Luh:You serious?

Me:like a heart attack

Dad:whose having a heart attack?

He asked walking in the kitchen

Me and Luh laughed

Me:Nobody i’m just askin Luh to sing for me

Dad:she can sing?

Me:like a angel timer

Dad:wow lemme call my wife

I chuckled he went to call mom and they came back

Dad:okay you can sing now

She cleared her throat honestly i thought she’ll be shy singing in front of mom and dad.

Luh: Nkosi ngiqalil' uhambo lwakho olungiqondisayo luvela ezulwini

Sengehlukene nezwe lokona

69 69);">Ngobekezela jesu Ngobekezela.

She sang in a more slow version everyone was in awe. Mom and dad clapped they hands and she smiled mom even had tears.

Mom:wow you have a nice voice Luthando

Dad:you should join the choir at school

Luh:i will thank you

Mom:Scelo when did you hear her sing

Me:the first time i met her.

Khona la engithinteka khona mayecula uLuh (i get touched when i hear Luh singing) 

Luh’s pov

The song i just sang speaks volumes to me i heard it this one time in town till this day i’ll never forget the lyrics. Mom even had tears in her eyes i held mine back honestly i really wanted to cry this song has always been my healer whenever i felt down on the streets or if i had not eaten that day i’ll always console my self with this song life is really a journey if few years ago you’d have told me i’d be living in a house full of love i would’ve not believed you it’s amazing how someones life can change within a blink of a eye. I remember how my mom would hit me if i spilled milk but when my brothers did something wrong she wouldn’t reprimand themto tell you the truth i lived in a cruel household where i only felt love when my dad was around can you imagine how young i was i’m talking about being a 7year old mtase life was really hard to tell you the truth i’d rather live on the streets then to go back to that hell hole i call home. My thoughts were interrupted by Scelo


Scelo:are you okay you crying

I touched my face and indeed i was crying

Dad:you okay?

Me:i’m fine dad

Mom:don’t cry my love 

I smiled and asked to be excused mom said she’ll wash the dishes. I got in the shower and cried i remember how my own mother bashed me i still have marks on my back even thou they slowly fading it’ll still be internal scars. 

After gathering strength i took a real bath then dried myself and put on pjs and immediately dozed off after praying.

Days went by everything was cool exams started and trust me i studied more then ever because i did start school late i mean it’s June and i’m in grade 11 Scelo helps me a lot eventually he went back to his house and he visits every now and then. Everything was going well for me i can’t complain mom and dad treat me like a egg i tell you to a point where they’ve influenced Scelo too anyways i was writing my last exam paper which was Life science after 2hrs of writing i was done and it was the start of my holidays for me i hope i do well i gave these exams my all. I found Scelo waiting for me i haven’t seen him in a week he went to Joburg said he was going to a business what what and he’ll come back with his brother i guess thats him next to him.

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