Scelo’s pov

The only reason i wanted her to give me a hug is because i want her to be comfortable around me she was so tense when she gave me a hug it’s like she was scared or something so i held on for a while also because she smells so good. I decided to treat her to lunch so we went to Macdonalds i was craving for a burger so i drove to Pav (Pavilion) while we were listening to Rnb after a while we got there since we were very close i parked.

Me:lets go get food

She nodded and we got out i took my wallet and phones then locked my car then we went inside straight to Macdonalds we stood in the que waiting to order and she was right beside me.

Me:so what are you going to eat?

Luh:whatever you having

Me:what if i’m only having fries

Luh:then i’ll also have fries i don’t mind i’m not picky as long as i eat even if we had buns only i wouldn’t mind.

I looked at her and to be honest with you some girls would be complaining about even eating here at Macdonalds because i have money but she’s different. I ordered Macfeast meals for us and coke then we found a place to sit it wasn’t that full since it’s during the week.

Me:so how was school

Luh:Not bad considering i even made a friend

I chuckled 

Me:really is she pretty

Luh: yeap

She said not even bothered i thought she’d be jealous when i ask about her friend.

I nodded and we continued to eat after eating i decided to go to office London and get myself new sneakers. I also told her to choose 2 pairs at first she was hesitant but after convincing her she took the adidas Nmd and superstars. We paid then left she couldn’t stop thanking me and that brought a smile to my face we then drove to my house first i needed a few things then drove back home.

Luh’s pov

69 69);">I love my new sneakers no doubt i can’t believe he actually bought them for me i mean come on they expensive but i’m grateful. We got home and i immediately changed and put on sweat pants and a sweater and flops maGumede had left already dad and mom weren’t around also i did my homework since i already ate guys i can’t cook so thats why i don’t cook because y’all know i lived on the streets so how will i know how to cook but i asked Mom to teach me so i can cook when she’s not around. Scelo helped me with my maths homework his really smart i must say mom and dad came back and i was already done with homework.

Mom:Luh baby how are you

Me:i’m good mom you

Mom:i’m good phela i didn’t see you in the morning

Me:but i did send you a picture wearing my uniform 

Mom:i got it sthandwa sami iyakufanela (it suits you my love)

Me:thank you

Mom:i’ll go cook. Have you ate?

Me:yes Scelo took me out

Mom:lucky you.

We giggled then she went to freshen up then started cooking i helped her dad and Scelo where somewhere around the house after cooking we dished up immediately because it was already late she served dad while i served Scelo

Scelo:Thank you

I smiled at him and then went to eat my food in the kitchen but soon Scelo followed me.

Scelo:why you sitting alone?

Me:i’m not used to eating with family 

Scelo: okay i’ll join you then

I just nodded and he joined me we ate in silence. 

Scelo:are you always this reserved 

Me: this is all new to me Scelo so i’m trying to process everything thats been happening to me. Life hasn’t been all glitzy and glam for me sometimes you’ll see a person smiling but you don’t know the pain he/she is going through on the inside.

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