After we were done with everything we bought takeaways and we went back home mom was already at home we greeted her.

Mom:how did it go?

Me:well i’m going to school next week

Mom:i’m so happy for you

We shared a hug. I promise you when i make it in life they’ll be the first people i spend my money on uyazi umuntu akuthathe ungena lutho akwenze umuntu ( you know when a person takes you from nothing and makes you something) they’re a doing a good job at it i can already see myself in the future and i must say it’s look bright.

Me:i’m excited 

Mom:i’m sure you are my love 

I smiled at her then i went to my room to put my stuff away and i started going through my phone heh this is me Luthando carrying a iphone woah praying is power i laughed alone. 

I started taking pictures with it i looved iiittt 


Scelo’s pov

I’m driving to my parents house again today lol yeah don’t even say it. I had a long day i also want dad to help me with something plus i’m hungry maMkhize took a few days off i can cook but i’d rather not. So here i am driving home playing deep house today i arrived shortly and went inside i found my parents all lovey dovey.

Me:kid coming through

They laughed

Dad:you do way more then what i’m doing

Me:awu Nkosi how do you know?

Dad:you just admitted it to me

We laughed

Me:how are you good parents

Mom:we good Scelo you?

Me:i’m okay. 

Dad:what brings you here again?

He gave me that don’t lie look

Me:come on timer i miss you guys

Mom:wow thats a first phela wena we had to drag you here sometimes

Me:well that’s going change from now on

Mom:i’m glad to hear that

I’m still waiting for Luthando i can’t seem to see her anywhere

Dad:looking for someone

He said with a smile on his face

Me:uhm not really

He chuckled

Dad:she’s in her room probably going through her phone. 

Me:who said i’m looking for Luh

Dad:you just said mos 

I laughed

Mom:Luh is going back to school next week

me:really where?

I was excited for her dad looked at me and shook his head 

Mom:westville girls’

She’ll be closer to me i said in my head

Me:thats nice.

She finally graced us with her presence and oh boy she looked good in jeans i guess i was staring because dad bought me back to earth



Mom:Luh is greeting you kwenze njani

Me:oh you did?

I say looking at her

Luh:sawubona Scelo

Me:hey how are you

Luh:i’m good yourself


She asked mom if she should dish up

Mom:yess but there’s only food for 3

Luh:i’ll share with Scelo ma ayikho inkinga (there’s no problem)

She is so kind and humble guys if only y’all can see what i’m seeing.

Mom:okay baby

Dad:mlandele Scelo (follow her)

I gave him the wtf look and he smiled i followed Luh i don’t know for what 

They were having take aways from ocean basket which is duh fish and chips.

Luh: do you mind if we share a plate or?

Me:it’s cool

She nodded then afterwards she put food on the tray and took it to mom and dad then she came back and we sat on the high chairs next to each other she smelled so good. We then started eating together.

Me:so can i have your number?

Luh:what for?

Me:so if it happens one day dad can’t pick you up and you stranded i can fetch you

Luh:oh okay

Me:yeah also because i live in Westville so it’s closer.

Luh: no need to explain so much i’ll give it to you

I chuckled. I kept stealing glances at her gosh she has pink juicy lips 

Luh:you know staring is rude

She said still not looking at me

Me:i’m sorry

Luh:maybe you should try taking a picture apparently it lasts forever 

I laughed did i hesitate hell no i took out my phone


She turned and smiled for me

Luh:okay no more staring


We ate afterwards she washed the dishes and excused herself i also went and talked to my dad in his study.

69 69);">Dad:whats eating you up?

Me:there’s a car thats been following me for a while now and i’ve been getting threatening messages to sell my company

Dad:and you only telling me this now why?

Me:hawu come on timer i thought it’ll get off my back as time goes by

Dad:since when do you not listen to your instincts and since when did you become so sloppy

Me:eish timer...

Dad:you slacking Scelo and that well get you in trouble clearly they can see that

Me:i know

He gave me that look that will make you shit yourself and right then i knew he was on Skills mode.


me:i’m sorry

Dad:Nxa tsek. I’ll get to the bottom of it

Me:Thank you

Dad:but you have to stay here for a while and stop going to work till we know who we dealing with i’ll also ask Lungile to help us track down who’s been following you

Me:as in “Killer” Khumalo

He nodded

Dad:starting today Scelo you can’t go back to you place 

I sighed 

Me:my clothes

Dad:we’ll go tomorrow morning


Part of me was excited because i’ll see Luh everyday. He then poured us Jameson and we gulped it down then we went back to the lounge Luh had already changed into pjs and she was watching movies kanti what is it with this girl and movies.

Dad:goodnight kids

Us:Goodnight dad

He smiled i do have some clothes nyana here so i went to my room that i sleep in when i’m here and took a quick shower then i found my boxer shorts and a vest i also put on my gown it was cold phela. Then i joined Luh in the lounge. 

Me:why you always watching movies?

Luh:because it’s my first time watching them 

Damn who doesn’t watch movies

Me:why didn’t you watch them before

She looked at me like i’m asking a stupid questions

She sat up straight and looked at me.

Luh:you don’t know anything about me do you?

Me:if i did i wouldn’t be askin

Luh: i was kicked out at home at a very young age so i’ve lived on the streets till your dad bought me here few days ago.

Then she went back to sleeping on the couch like she did not just drop that bomb on me i don’t know what i felt but i became sad.

I let her be and we watched movies the whole night then we slept around 23:20 

Luh’s pov

Days went by Scelo was still living with us and everything was cool between us. So it’s monday and it’s my first day at school i’m excited and nervous at the same time i wore my uniform which suited me perfectly i looked good i even took a picture then went to have breakfast i greeted maGumede

MaG:Wow look at you waze wamuhle (you look beautiful)

Me:ngiyabonga ma (thank you)

MaG: bab’Nkosi uthe uvuse uScelo he’ll take you to school sebehambile bona (they said you should wake up Scelo he’ll take you to school because they gone already)

Me:okay ma

I ate then went and knocked on Scelo’s room

Scelo:Ngena (come in)

I went inside and he was still sleeping

Me:Scelo please take me to school

He opened one eye and looked at me

Scelo:where’s dad 

Me:gone already

He groaned

Scelo:give me 5mins 

I nod then wait in the lounge for him

He takes longer then expected then comes out wearing sweat pants and a sweater and sneakers 

Scelo:lets go

I took my bag and said bye to maGumede and we left using dad’s Mercedes. Scelo was listening to hip hop it was silent in the car only music playing his grumpy in the morning i’ve noticed so i let him be we arrive at school and he accompanies me inside since we a bit late well at least he didn’t live me because i don’t even know where i’ll start this school is big. He took me to the office and gave me pocket money

Me:thank you

Scelo:i’ll pick you later bye


And like that he left the principal called the head girl to escort me to class shortly we got there i thanked her then went inside jah neh all girls’. I had to introduce myself  and then i found a seat next to this pretty girl and we got along immediately. Well i’m doing physics geographyLife science and Maths break time came and i sat with the girl i was telling you about she was also new her name is Zama we bought food then we sat down in our quad.

Zama:so where do you live?

Me:Yellow wood park

Zama:oh i live in New Germany

Me:i don’t know where is that

She laughed

Zama:you will trust me

I smiled at her she’s forward she reminds me of Zipho

We spent break getting to know each other i didn’t tell her that i used to live on the streets thou we not on that level yet. She told me she has a boyfriend they’ve been together for 2years i wasn’t really interested in dating. So hours went by and it was finally time to go home i found Scelo already waiting for me he was leaning on his car this time and he looked like he came from work because he was wearing a perfectly tailored suit he looked dashing i won’t lie.


Scelo:Hawu no hug nyana

Me:since when?

Scelo:since i’ll be you chauffeur 

Me:say what?

He laughed

Scelo:yeap you heard right so everyday when i pick you up i expect a hug and a kiss on my cheek

Me:now you just taking it to far

Scelo: it’s either that or you take taxis baby girl

I looked at him i don’t know what game his playing. He opened his arms and i gave him a hug i tried escaping but he held on for a while then he kissed my cheek.

Me:okay enough

He let go and smiled then we went inside and drove off. 

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