Voice: i can’t believe it’s been years since i saw Lwandle (Luh)i lost my husband 2 years ago (Luh’s father) due to a heart attack when i told him why Lwandle left the house i guess he couldn’t handle how i treated heri really hate Lwandle she reminds me of my sister i hope she’s suffering wherever she is.Truth is Lwandle is not my biological daughter i had a twin sister and i killed her because she had everything that i didn’t she got married to Wesley (Luh’s father) every girl wanted a piece of him but he choose my sister and i got jealous and killed her she still haunts me even today and it’s hard sleeping at night i then used witchcraft on Wesley to not tell the difference so he thought that i’m the one who died i don’t have any kids all the kids are my sisters and Lwandle is the last born i killed her immediately after giving birth to Lwandle. I call her Lwandle because my sister loved calling her that while she was still pregnant. Things aren’t going well for me all my son’s left me they don’t send me money sometimes i guess karma is a bitchsince the day i kicked out Lwandle things were never the same i stared getting sick everything just went south. Truth is i’m the one who told my brother to rape her actually i used muthi on him to do that for years i wanted him to break Lwandle to a point where she leads herself to suicide but i guess kicking her out too was the best option because she held on she’s really strong i admire her strength being raped at such a young age i hope nobody marries her she’s damaged goods i hope everything falls apart in her life i hate her also because every cent my husband had is written in her name she own’s everything my husband had i was angry when i saw the will Wesley only wrote his kids nxa what a selfish man he left nothing for me while i cooked and washed for him and still satisfied him and this is what i get nxa his a lucky bastard he died otherwise if he was alive i would’ve made his life a living hell.

Luh’s pov

I slept really late because i watched movies almost the whole night i mean come on guys this was the first time i watched movies. I woke up and only dad was around


He looked at me and shook his head

Dad:it’s already after 12 Luh

I was shocked no lie


He laughed a bit

69);">Dad:go take a bath and come eat we have a long day today

I nod and go take a shower i then lotion my body and wear black high waist jeans and a grey polar neck i tuck it in then i wear my black vans and ruff up my hair and i also wear a black bomber jacket then i go eat my food after i’m done i then tell dad we can go. MaGumede was not around by the way.

This time we got into his mercedes ML 4matic i know all of this because firstly i love cars and remember i lived on the streets i saw every car and also i loved those car magazines so yeah we first went to home affairs and i did a id i didn’t even have to stand in a queue dad had connections they said they’ll tell me when its ready then we went school haunting and finally he managed to get me in at Westville girls’ grade 11 imagine when last did i go to school life neh it’ll challenge you to a point where you’ll feel like giving up but never let it get to you take each day as it comes. I don’t even remember going to school i was so excited that we bought everything needed as i’ll be starting next week Monday from uniformschool bag and stationery i was beyond happy.

Dad:ayi Luthando ungakhali namhlanje (don’t cry today)

I giggled

Me:umusa eningitsengisa wona baba unkulunkulu uzokwandisela (the kinderness you’ve shown me is beyond god will continue blessing you) 


We laughed

We then drove to the pavilion i’m slowly getting used to malls we ate lunch at spur then he insisted on buying me a phone even though i didn’t want it he bought it for me anyways i was jumping like a kid in a candy store i’m telling you it was a iphone 7plus and it was pink.

I gave him a tight hug

Me:Thank you so much

Dad:its my pleasure my child

God is good all the time i’m telling you he never disappoints. 

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