She stood up yet again but this time she went to the kitchen i could hear shuffling so i assumed she was also making something to eat i then focused back to what i was watching but i was disturbed by this angelic voice i stood up and followed it and it lead me straight to the kitchen i stood by the entrance as she sang her own version of great is your mercy by Donnie McClurkin.

Luh: Great is your mercy towards me lord your love and kindness towards meeee. 

Great is your mercccyyy great is your merccy

(She started softly and as she gets to great is your mercy she went to a high note)

Damn this girl can sing she then had tears in her eyes i clapped my hands for her she quickly wiped her tears and looked at me


She half smiled 

Me: you should enter idols


I chuckled 

Me:why not you have a nice voice

Luh: ngiryt (i’m okay)

Me:come on Luh i’m sure you’ll win scratch that you will win

She smiled and oh the whole world stopped for a second she had a great smile she had dimples.

Luh:i’m not interested

And like that she went back to the lounge i followed behind her and she changed the channel i let her be and we sat in silence till my parents came back.

Mom:what a surprise Babe come see who decided to come home

Me:Stop exaggerating ma

I stood up and gave her a hug she then kissed my cheek dad came and we shoulder hug

Dad:what brings you this side

Me:can’t a son visit his parents 


We laughed they so dramatic but i love them 

Dad:you’ve met Luh?

Me:Yes i have she’s been keeping me company

I smiled and dad looked at me intensely like he was reading me and smiled shaking his head

Mom:Luthando is now part of the family consider her your little sister.

I wasn’t disregarded by what my mom just said i’ll wife her she’s worth me changing my ways...

Wait did i...oh yes i did just say that.

Me:okay maNkosi 

Mom:uyaphapha wena (you too forward)

I laughed. Dad asked to see me in his study while Luh and mom went to cook.

I followed my dad and we sat down

Me:what is this about timer

Dad:Luh. Listen i know i said i won’t go back to my gangstar life but circumstances force me

I looked at him shocked yeah my dad was or still is a muffia but he stopped when he had the calling. 

Me:who dared and messed with “Skills” Nkosi

Skills is his gangstar name 

Dad:Luthando’s family

I was so confused maybe they have a personal vendetta 

Me:enlighten me 

He poured a class of Jameson for himself 

69 69);">Dad:All i can say is she’s been through a lot Scelo and i want you to make her feel welcomed don’t treat her like a outsider 

Me:kodwa baba kanjani lentombazane ingisanganisa ingqondo (but dad how this girl is driving me crazy)

He chuckled

Dad:maybe she’s the one you’ve been dreaming about son

I looked at him

Me:is she?

Dad:angazi (i don’t know)

He gulped down his drink shrugging his shoulders i hate it when he does this he’ll give you a hint then drop you.

Me:so you want me to keep a close eye on her

Dad:phela ungamnamatheli njengo shingami (don’t stick to her like gum)

I laughed my dad though

Me:okay. Manje what does she do

Dad:i’m still trying to find her a school 

Me:how old is she

Dad:ngathi usubuza imibuzo eminingi manje i(you starting to ask a lot of questions now)

Me:oh well i’ll ask her

He laughed

Dad: since when are you interested in knowing a girl wena

Me:since i saw a african Beyonce

We laughed 

Dad:good luck she seems like a tough cookie

Me: i’ll use my Nkosi charms

He chuckled and patted my shoulder while saying..

Dad:like i said goodluck Scelo

And like that he walked out doing that grootman walk that walk yama razo my dad is a sly fox i tell and i look up to him. I laughed following behind him and went to watch soccer in the lounge having a few beers my dad is very chilled but mess with him yho hell will freeze.

Dad:when last did you speak to your brothers

Well i have 2 brother Sbonelo being the first born who’s in America i haven’t seen him in a year and Smiso who’s in varsity in Wits whom i speak to almost everyday his doing his first year in Business management.

Me: i last spoke to Smiso yesterday and Sbonelo it’s been a while

Dad:Sbonelo will learn the hard way i’m telling you let him be but he’ll regret ever living.

There’s more to this i know but he won’t tell me. I always listen to my dad even though sometimes i might not agree with some of the things he says but i know better then to not listen this one time he told Smiso not go to a party but he sneaked out and he was in hospital for 2 weeks and from there on he started listening my dad doesn’t control our lives but when he speaks you must listen or you’ll regret it. Later mom and Luh served supper i won’t lie i kept looking at Luh she was just too pretty if you know Steph Curry’s wife then you’ll understand the type of beauty i’m talking about. We ate while having a general conversation mom asking me about work i then helped Luh with washing the dishes after we were done eating i was rinsing while she was washing them.

Me:how old are you

Luh:19 why?

Me:just askin 

Luh:how old are you

Me:turning 23 in August 

Luh:you not that old

I chuckled

Me:you thought i was old

I looked her with a raised eyebrow

Luh:you look old suke wayibuka esibukweni (have you looked at yourself in the mirror)

She giggled and that was music to my ears

Me:mina old never! 

we laughed 

After washing the dishes i then said my goodbyes and went back to my house i think i’ll be visiting my parents house more often. I got to my house and immediately my bed was calling me i changed then slept with a smile on my face thanx to Luthando.

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