In the morning i woke up with a smile on my face for the first time i woke up knowing what i’ll eat for the day for the first time i knew i was safe for the first time i belonged somewhere i cried silently.

Me:Thank you lord for making it possible i’ll forever be grateful.

I took a long bath and then i wore one of my new dresses it was a below knee black long sleeves dress and i wore flops. I then joined the family it even feel great saying that i found myself smiling i joined the family in the kitchen  bab’Nkosi was sitting on the high chair smiling at his wife as she was moving around in the kitchen.



I smiled and joined bab’Nkosi

MaNkosi:ulale kahle sthandwa sami? (Did you slept well my love)

I smiled this woman is beautiful guys no lie

Me:yebo ma 

Bab’Nkosi: Luthando tell us about yourself how did you end up on the streets. 

Me: can we talk about it after we eat you guys might want to get comfortable for that conversation.

Bab’Nkosi sighed and nodded. MaNkosi dished up breakfast for us and we ate over a general conversation afterwards i washed the dishes maGumede doesn’t come on sunday’s and maNkosi said we skipping church. So after washing the dishes i gathered courage and joined them in the lounge and i sat on the 2 seater couch while they sat on the 3seater couch.

Me:Firstly i’d like to thank you for welcoming me into your house i’ll forever be grateful for what you did for me.

They smiled and i took a deep breath.

Me: my name is Luthando Lwandle Amber Khoza and i turned 19 on the 10th of June that was Thursday. I’ve been living on the streets for the past 8years (they gasped) i was kicked out at home because my uncle was raping me and when i told my mother she called me a whore who seduces older men (MaNkosi already had tears) so thats how i ended up on the streets since then my life has been on the streets i’ve also had nyaope boys molesting me but i went to the clinic as soon as possible and they cleaned my system so i’m clean and thank god i’m still alive life hasn’t been roses for me but by gods grace i’m here with you guys.

Bab’Nkosi’s face was hard like he wanted to kill someone maNkosi stood up and gave me a tight hug

MaNkosi: no child should ever go through what you’ve been through Luthando i’m glad my husband found you you are a strong young lady nobody will hurt you here i promise you.

Me:Ngiyabonga maNkosi (Thank you)

MaNkosi: i’m your mom now

I giggled i was still in her arms and she smelled really good.

Bab’Nkosi:Luthando you are safe now

I nodded. They both stood up said they going somewhere after comforting me so i watched tv i kept pressing any number on the remote phela i’m not used to tv the only tv i ever seen was the one on display in shops so shoot me for not knowing how to operate this thing. I finally managed to put on a movie after having a difficult time.

Scelo’s pov

It was a boring sunday for me plus i had a hangover so i decided to go to my parents house yesterday i had a lot to drink it was my friends party. I took a quick shower then i lotion my body i put on my black adidas tracksuit and black nike air force i guess i was all black i then took my car keys and drove to Yellow wood park listening to Luther vandross i love slow jam i got there and opened the gate since i have my own keys i went in and parked then went inside i could hear the tv playing since i came through the kitchen i walked towards the lounge and i saw a girl sleeping on the couch i looked at her. Her thighs were visible i’m talking about fresh thighs she looked so peaceful so i left her like that maybe she’s the new maid i went and made myself food then went back to the lounge i think i woke her up because i dropped the remote she jumped looking startled.

Her:Who are you?

Beauty doesn’t define what i’m seeing in front of me she is flawless let me give you a quick description of her she’s average height not too tall not too short either but i’m taller then her. She’s not a yellow bone she has that caramel smooth complexion she has short hair which suits her perfectly and its ruffed up she has a great body she has a tiny figure and she’s a bit thick waist down and curvy in all the right places she has a bright future behind her lord let me just say ime kahle ingane yabantu and the dress she was wearing damn. I was bought back to earth when she raised her voice


Me:Uhm sorry i’m Scelo and this is my parents house

69);">Her:Oh i’m sorry for shouting at you

She was suddenly shy guys yinhle lentombazane (this girl is beautiful)

Me:Wait...haven’t i seen you before

She shrugged her shoulders

Me:you bumped into me this one time

She looked at me

Her:oh yeah the jerk ass

I chuckled

Me: what?

Her:uhm nothing

I sat down 

Me:so what’s your name


I looked at her with a raised eyebrow


Me:nice name 

Luh:thank you

She then went down the passage i checked her out damn this girl is it i continued eating and just browsing through the channels she came back and sat on the opposite couch

Luh:but i was watching a movie

Me:no the movie was watching you

Luh:whatever i still got here first

Me: and now i’m here 


She folded her arms i’ve never came across a girl who’s not intimidated by me

Me:so where you from

I said looking at her she looked at me like i just spoke a foreign language 

Luh: the streets

I chuckled but as soon as i saw how serious her face was i stopped 

Me:you for real?

Luh: ucabangani wena (what do you think)

She said annoyed she then focused back on the tv i looked at her and right then i wanted to know more about her. 

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