In the morning i woke up really early and had a bath it was Saturday today and i didn’t want to disappoint bab’Nkosi on my first day so i took a shower and then wore some of the clothes maNkosi gave me yesterday they a bit big but i don’t really car about that i then went to the main house i found another elderly woman in the kitchen preparing food.

Me:Sawubona Ma.

Woman:Unjani (how are you)

Me:Ngiyaphila unjani (i’m good and you)

Woman: i’m good. Bab’Nkosi has told me about you and you can help with cleaning around the house and i’ll do the rest since you knew here.

Me:Okay ma. I’m Luthando by the way

Woman: i’m maGumede

We shook hands and smiled at each other 

I then started cleaning and Bab’Nkosi and maNkosi came down looking beautiful the compliment each other

Bab’Nkosi:Sawubona Luh


MaNkosi: ulale kahle (did you sleep well)

Me:Yebo ma ngiyabonga (Yes thank you)

She smiled then they went to the kitchen while i cleaned around the house. After a while i was done so i asked maGumede if she needs help and she too was done so she gave me food 

I literally had tears in my eyes.

Me:Ngiyabonga (thank you) 

She smiled and nodded and we ate after saying a silent prayer.

I didn’t realize i had zoned out till i saw maNkosi in front of me

MaNkosi:why you crying is everything okay?


MaNkosi:okay finish up so we can go get you clothes that fit

I was shocked no lie i just nodded. I ate then we went to gateway mall she was driving a bmw x6 i got to learn that she’s a lawyer while we were driving to gateway she talks a lot shame so i was listening to her and i would reply here and there. We started at Mr price then she took me to woolworths and she also took me to H&m and top shop in my whole life i’ve never had someone spend so much on me so much i even stopped her because i felt she was going overboard this was just overwhelming i cried as i thanked her.

MaNkosi: come on Luh you’ve been thanking me 

Me: this is to much maNkosi

She smiled at me

69 69);">MaNkosi:you like a daughter i never had.

Me:thank you again

She shook her head and we left after ordering pizza i’ve never had pizza in my life can this day get any better she also wanted to buy me a phone but i stopped her she has done a lot already i’m grateful for them my life suddenly has a new chapter.

We got back home and i was so happy that i put on a show for maNkosi and maGumede wearing everything i bought and i must say everything suited me perfectly

MaNkosi: everything looks like it was made for you

Me:Ngiyabonga futhi maNkosi (Thank you again)

MaNkosi:ngizokushaya ke manje (i’ll hit you now)

We all laughed

MaGumede: umuhle Luthando (you beautiful)

Me:thank you.

Later i was eating in the main house with bab’Nkosi and maNkosi as maGumede had left she doesn’t live here she comes in the morning. 

MaNkosi had cooked a delicious meal we had pizza a long time ago.

Bab’Nkosi:Luh we’ve decided that you should no longer work for us but be part of our family

I think being shocked was a understatement 


MaNkosi: say yes Luthando 

Me:this is too much you have done a lot for me already

Tears we falling already

MaNkosi: Luh i’m sure you’ve noticed that we alone here. We only have boys one is in America the other one stays in westville he has his own house the 3rd one is in varsity they only come when it suits them please Luh.


Bab’Nkosi: as in...

Me:i’ll be your daughter

MaNkosi gave me a warm hug it ended up as a group hug i’ve never felt such love in my life i hope they never change.

We then continued to have dinner afterwards i washed dishes and went to sleep in the main house maNkosi said i’ll move my things tomorrow. My room was so nice it was simple but it looked good the colors were greywhite with a bit of baby blue i kneeled and thanked god because he has been good to me then i slept i wonder how is Zipho i miss her.

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