Guys’ pov

My name is Scelosenkosi Brian Nkosi i’m 23 and i’m a owner of a construction company and other small businesses. Today when i was putting fuel in my car this girl bumped into me i won’t lie i was pissed but to be honest with you she caught my attention when our eyes met i felt something. Truth is i’m a fuck boy i don’t have time for relationships they draining and you can’t really trust some girls some only want your money so i just got back to my house yes i have a house in Westville and i found one of my hook ups wearing lingerie this is what i hate women who think we in a relationship.

Her:Hey babe


I don’t even remember her name because i thought she would be gone by now.

Her:why you being so cold

Me:i’m really tired so if you’ll excuse me i’d like to take a shower and sleep i had a really long day


She said disappointed. I walked to my room and stripped then took a long shower i got out and she was sitting on my bed and she was fully dressed

Her:can you atleast give me money for a cab

i took our R300 from my wallet and gave it to her.

Her:thank you

Shame she seemed like a nice girl but i just don’t do relationships my focus is my career.

I slept after that i wasn’t really hungry but after locking the doors. 

In the morning i woke up panting i had a weird dream and i was getting married can you believe it mxm. I woke up and did my daily hygiene routine and then wore my maroon tight fit suit i’m a very classic man i like looking clean i found my dad in the kitchen eating breakfast i have a helper so she makes everything easy for me


Baba:Nkosi unjani (how are you)

Me:ngiyaphila wena (i’m good you)

Baba:I’m good. So tell me...

Here we go again with that when are you getting married

Me:baba i’m rushing to a meeting

MaMkhize(helper) giggled she knew i was lying  

Baba:don’t you dare lie to me

I sat down as maMkhize dished up for me 

Baba: you not getting any younger Scelo

Me:i know but i’m not ready

Baba:the dream you had wasn’t just a dream Scelo and by the looks of it you’ve met her already 

I know my dad is a traditional healer 

Me:but i don’t want to get married

Baba: Scelo you need to stop changing girls more then you change you underwear it’s time to grow up.

Me:Yebo baba.

This is going to be a mission impossible. Anyways we parted ways after eating i got in my range rover sport and drove to work.

Luh’s pov.

It is yet another day for me on the streets i decided to go and look for a job as a cleaner i know i’ll find one since i don’t have any qualifications i was in Berea knocking on people’s door y’all know there’s mostly flats in town so chances of getting a job are slim i was alone i don’t know where Zipho went to. I finally gave up around 4pm as it was getting late as i was walking back to where i sleep i bumped into someone

Me:I’m so sorry

Man:it’s okay 

I looked up and it was a elderly man.

I nodded and i was about to walk away when he spoke

Man:you’ve been walking around the whole day i think i can help you.

I turned to look at him stunned 


Man: i was driving around and i saw you 

He said before i can finish my sentence something about him felt right i don’t know i felt like i could trust him

Me:i’m looking for a job sir

Man:maybe i can help you


I said excited he smiled at me

Man:come with me

I followed him to his car he was driving a Audi Q7 he must be a family man i thought to myself 

We both got in the car then i suddenly got nervous my palms started swearing what if his going to kidnap me or his into human trafficking 

Man:relax i won’t hurt you

He could sense i was uncomfortable 

He started the car and drove off

Man:i’m bab’Nkosi by the way

Me:i’m Luthando but you can call me Luh

He smiled at me again we drove to his house Yellow wood park i know this because i saw a sign written Yellow wood park we finally arrived at this nice house i wasn’t to big it was not small either i got off mind you i had nothing with me only the clothes i was wearing.

Man:Let’s go inside 

I reluctantly followed behind bab’Nkosi and we got inside the house i won’t lie to you it was really beautiful i felt so out of place you can just tell i don’t belong here.

Bab’Nkosi: Honey i’m home

Voice: in the lounge 

The woman shouted back we walked further in to be welcomed by this beautiful elderly woman she already had her gown on bab’Nkosi kissed her cheek.

Woman:Love who is this?

She says looking at me i can’t read her emotions

Bab’Nkosi: she’s going to help around the house Ntokozo

She frowned a bit

Woman:isn’t she too young

Bab’Nkosi:she has no where to go nkosikazi (wife)

Woman:Okay she can stay. 

Unjani mntanami (how are you my child)

Me:Ngiyaphila ma wena?


Bab’Nkosi:Luthando this is my wife babe nguLuthando lo but you can call her Luh

We shook hands

Wife:Ngiyajabula ukwazi (nice to meet you)

Me:Nami futhi (me too)

I gave her a shallow smile afterwards i was shown a back room that i was going to occupy maNkosi gave me some clothes to sleep in and more blankets to keep me warm i thanked her and bab’Nkosi and they left going to the main house i first thanked god for this opportunity then i took a quick shower firstly i couldn’t figure out how to use it but i finally did when last did i have a proper bath with hot water and soap even. Afterwards i dried my self and wore warm pjs can you believe it and then for the first time in ages i slept in a bed a very comfortable one for that matter Thank you lord i said before i dozed of. 

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