I love this time of the year call me stupid since i don’t have enough to maintain myself but i love winter. I woke up to a cold breeze hitting my skin i was sleeping on cardboards and a few blankets i got from handouts i smiled and silently prayed and thanked god for seeing another day i always pray in the morning for better days did i tell you guys that i was raped yesterday oh yes i was by 2 nyaope boys and i did go to the clinic and i was checked so i’m clean. I folded my blankets and stashed them in corner so other street kids don’t steal them where i live it’s survivor of the fittest if you are weak trust me you won’t survive. I then walked to the nearest garage and took a bath on the sink i’m a very neat person like i said i might live on the streets but trust me i make the most of it.  As i was walking back out i bumped into this handsome not too dark chocolate guy.


I realized i had spilled coffee on him

Me:i’m so sorry please forgive me sir.

He then looked at me and our eyes locked for some time.


And like that he walked away okay i guess his a arrogant jerkass. One thing about me is i don’t take bullshit but if i’m wrong i admit my mistake. I then walked around the streets of Durban i was actually going to get food there’s a home were they give away food 3 times a day i met with my friend Zipho i love her so much she’s always there for me i found her here on the streets she too has had a tough life.

Zipho: mnganiii (friend)

She’s excited about something

Me:woza nazo mtase (tell me all about it)

Zipho:Lalela mtase(listen) i made a few bucks

We started dancing not everyday you get money people are stingy out here

Me:thats good news 

Zipho: and i’m going to spoil you phela its your birthday.

I gave her that bored face look i hate my birthday because thats the first time my uncle raped me.

I left her standing there and walked ahead she pulled my arm.

Zipho:come on Luh mfethu.

Yes guys my name is Luthando Lwandle Amber Khoza

Me:Zipho theres nothing to celebrate please mtase iyeke lento (please live it alone)

Zipho: mtase it’s been almost 8years 

69);">Zipho: mtase it’s been almost 8years 

Me: memories will always be instilled in your brain they don’t go away mtase don’t you get it. Everytime this year i remember that day like it was yesterday when he came in my room i thought we were cool you know we had that uncle and niece relationship then he locked the door.


Me:Ukhiyelani umnyango malume (why are you locking the door uncle)

Uncle:shhhh ungamemezi (don’t scream)

He started forcefully undressing me i screamed and shouted and pleaded with him but everything fell into deaf ears he took out his knife said he’ll kill me if i scream so i cried silently while fighting him but he was just too strong he had undressed so quickly he tore my panties and rammed into me son of a bitch didn’t have mercy i screamed...


Me:NO ZIPHO IYEKE (live it)

I couldn’t carry on with the story i was now crying and Zipho held me in her arms.

Zipho:uxolo(sorry) mtase ngelinye ilanga inkosi izosiphendulela(one day god will remember us)


We giggled and she wiped my tears.

Zipho:atleast lemme buy a small cake 

Me:Eishh awulaleli Zipho (you don’t listen)

She laughed

Zipho: ayi mtase phela ikhekhe ngilifuna mina kade ngagcina ukulidla ( i want cake i haven’t had it in a long time)


She started jumping


me:unomsindo ( you making noise)

We both laughed and went to eat then later she really bought cake she bought 2 bar one slices and yho it was good no lie.

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Ntutu 2019-03-06 02:37:29

Wow even tho you have a hard life i love your positive outlook on things

Palesa 2019-03-05 11:42:53

Please post more

Nokubonga 2019-03-04 19:02:30

I'm loving it already please don't keep us waiting for too long...we are waiting for more