" I guess it was never meant to be

But it's just something

We have no control over

And that's what destiny is

But no more worries

Rest your head and go to sleep

Maybe one day we'll wake up

And this will all just be a dream

Now hush little baby don't you cry

Everything's gonna be alright

Mommy's here to hold ya

Through the night"

My name is Mmathapelo Tlou am 23 years old. Growing up life was easy getting everything i wanted i was living with my mom and grandma. My father died in a car accident when i was 10 years old. We were Christian both my mom and grandma were prophets.

I was told that I have a similar gift as theirs it's going to take time for it to come into my life and make a change. I finished high school and am doing my 2 year as a law student.

Life just took a hard turn everything started to break. My mom and grandma got in a car accident. A truck hit the taxi my family was in. The day before this happened i dreamt of it and i prayed so hard for it to not happen but it did.

For me to believe that this accident was caused by someone spiritually everyone in that taxi lived except for my family. Everyone had minor bruises but my family died. Out of everyone in that taxithey died. During the time of their death i was pregnant i was 4 months pregnant. My mom came to me in my dream the day before her burial.

I saw her standing next to me trying to tell me something but she couldn't talk. She opened her mouth wide openas i was about to look into her mouth i woke up. I buried both of my loved ones

it was so painful for me to adjust to the whole thing. Accepting that they were gone was one of the hardest things ever.

Few weeks later i had to drop out of college because i couldn't pay for my funds. I also kept on having that weird dream i couldn't sleep at night. The bond house we were living in wasn't fully paid so i had to take all the money that i claimed from the insurance company for both of my parents and paid the house.

It's now mine and doesn't belong to the bank. I was left with two cars and the house. I sold my car for R500 000 it was still new. I didn't sell my mother's car because i wanted something of hers that is going to last for a long time. I wanted something that was going to remind me of her.

I loved her with all of my heart. Then the lawyer came and told me that my mom left 13 million for me and my still to come new born baby. I was so happy i paid my annual fee at the University. I gave birth to a beautiful strong girl. Her name is Lethabo Regina Tlou. I  named her my baby lethabo because she brought happiness into my life. 

I have a friend Bontle Makgatho. We have been friends for like two years now. She's 25 years old and she's doing law a family lawyer. My life is full of ups and downs meeting new and fake people every day. Having a princess to take care off i mean my daughter. And loads of school work house chores and other things. I just have to juggle everything everyday


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