I asked bontle to buy me a white cloth candle and incense. She brought them to the hospital before I left. Abigor came back with lethabo from wherever they were lethabo looked happy. He brought me new cloths.

Abigor: oh they fit you well 

Me: yeah how did you know my size?

Abigor: just guessed okay let's leave 

Me: can i get few things from my house first?

Abigor:  yeah

We went to my house and got my clothes. I asked him and lethabo to wait for me in the car. I went to my room to do everything mom told me to do. I wrapped the white cloth on my head and and sat down on the floor. I thought kneeling would be better. I lite the candle and burned the incense.

Me: Dear god am here today praying am trying. Mammy asked me to do this. Please protect me and my daughter. Guide me in everything i do. Show me the way the right way. Mom told me that i have a gift if i really do have gift please help me by opening my third eye. Help me please. (Crying) Mom please come in my dreams and tell me what i should  do. I miss you and grandma so much. I never had a chance to tell you how much i love and to say goodbye. I found a man and he wants to merry me mom. I really don't know if he is the right one or not. I don't know if am making the biggest mistake of my life or not.Please give me signs show me something please.  (Crying) i miss you mom i miss you  so much. I have no one besides lethabo. So i did what you asked me to do mom am praying and you know know that i don't know how to pray. I am leaving the house for few days only I'll be back. Amen 

I stood up and wiped my tears i moved around the whole house with the incense the smoke was all over the house. I took my bag and left. I got to the car 

Abigor.: wha- (breaths heavily) wha-

Me: are you okay? 

Abigor: yeah am okay let's go

Me: okay



Grandma: she did it! 

Me: she did but the fact that she's going to that demons house. I won't be able to enter the yard

Grandma: you can try to talk to her in her dreams 

Me: I'll try but the fact that she's going to that demons house. I won't be able to enter the yard

Grandma: you can try to talk to her in her dreams 

Me: I'll try i don't think he will be able to maintain her. He will chase her out of the house. 

Grandma: maybe let's just hope they don't have sex because if they do there's gonna be a lot of trouble 


Is mmathapelo using black magic? Or is she protected? When she got into the car i couldn't speak for a while i had to avoid her until I was feeling better. We got to my house i took her to the guest room and lethabo was playing in the backyard. Mmathapelo was unpacking in her room i went to my prayer and went to the spiritual realm to talk lord BALAAM 


BALAAM: you have to sleep with her tonight

Me: i can't i can't sleep with her tonight. When i get close to her-

BALAAM: i know you can't touch her

He gave me a flower 

BALAAM:  give her this everything will be okay

Me: okay 

I woke up the flower was on top of my bed i went to her room and put the flowers on top of her bed . I went downstairs and found mmathapelo cooking 

Me: you shouldn't be doing that

Thapelo: i can't be sitting in the house doing nothing 

Me: i know that but my mom is around and she will help

Thapelo: i know that i don't think she likes me 

Me: she likes you 

Thapelo: am not sure about that anyway am making dumpling

Me: mmm that's why it's smells so good in here

My mom came downstairs 

Abigail: smells good in here

Me: my wife is cooking 

Abigail: oh "my wife is cooking" Abigor you never told me that you have a girlfriend. Now she's cooking in my kitchen and living in my house

Thapelo: i think i should leave abigor thank you for letting me stay here 

She went upstairs to her room 

Me: how many fucking times do i have to tell you that am in love with this woman? How many times? This is my house! My house! If you want to stay here you will have to behave mom. 

Abigail: she's protected!(Whispering) i can't  stand her 

Me: I'll handle this tonight

Abigail: you better 


me: fuuuuckkkkk! 

Voice: ahh (groaning)

He slipped his finger deep down in my pussy while licking my clit. He take out his finger grabbed both my thighs and pulled me towards the end of the bed. He pushed his tongue deeper into my pussy hole. He got up and pushed his dick in me he was hitting it so good. He flipped me now he was getting it from the back. 

To be continued 

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