Am all alone in this room and it's dark. I have a very wild imagination. I imagined a snake popping out of the bed or a zombie trying to eat my brain. I watch a lot of horror movies as i was imagining all of these things i remembered everything my mom said. Could it be true or it's me who was creating her in my head. I have heard a lot about this kind of stuff witches using someone's image to do sinister things to others. What if it was a witch and she or he whoever the witch is is trying to make me do evil stuff. I don't know when i get discharged am going to consult with a traditional healer. The police came and i told them everything that happened. Thanks god no one besides me got hurt. 

It was 6am got my breakfast. The food here is so delicious. As i was eating bontle and lethabo walked in.

Lethabo : mommy are you okay? Aunt bontle told me that you got injured

Me : yeah but I'll be okay my love

Bontle : are you sure about that? 

Me : yes am very sure thank you for bringing her here 

Bontle: no problem I'll see you later

Me: okay bye

Lethabo am i were talking looking at her and seeing her smile is the best thing. I need to start praying for myself and my daughter. Now i have a man who i love so much i love him but i don't want to look like am desperate for his love. Speak of the devil he walked in holding a bunch of red roses a purple teddy bear and a plastic bag and i think it also had things inside. 

Lethabo: more visitors mommy my best friend is here!

Wait! Lethabo is now calling abigor her best friend. From when are they best friends.

Me: i can see

Abigor: good morning i thought of buying you this flowers. Roses for the beautiful lady and the teddy bear is also yours 

Me: thank you you really didn't have to buy all of this things

I took them

Lethabo: mommy grown ups don't play with teddy bears so can you please give me yours

Abigor and i laughed 

Me: I'll think about it if you are a good girl I'll give it to you

Lethabo:  okay mom

Abigor:  i also bought a new phone for you and fruits

i spoke to your boss and told him about the accident and you won't be coming in until you are  okay. 2 weeks leave

Me: thank you thank you 

Abigor: lethabo can you please sit on that couch i want to speak to your mom about something. 

Lethabo: okay best friend 

She sat opposite to us playing with the teddy bear.  

Abigor:  i am really sorry for what i have said to you. Can we be friends? Because i know that we started off badly 

Me: i really didn't like the way you spoke to me. Felt as if you are doing a favor for me by marrying me. I don't want to be with someone who will treat me like a piece of trash or make me feel like am owned. It's okay we can be friends i don't mind only if you don't want me to be your wife

Abigor: you want to be my wife?

Me: yeah 

Abigor: okay thank youthanks


This thing of Abigor having a fiancee is bullshit. How can he get married to someone who is very protected by angels this girl will destroy us. I went to the spiritual realm to talk to BILÉ. I can't  stand her mmathapelo.


Me: she needs to go! 

Bilé: you know that i can't kill her Abigor will kill me first 

Me: fuck! 

Bilé: why don't we use her? The day Abigor and her have sex they will a soul tie

Me: then we can use her and make her a member of our family 

Bilé: yes! Her mother will open her third eye we will drive her insane 

Me: she would have to make a blood sacrifice

Bilé: her daughter! 

Me: i love this plan but her mother will keep on interfering

Bilé: Abigor is going to marry mmathapelo so we her mothers spirit won't be able to enter the yard and we make sure her mother doesn't try to contact her when she's outside the yard. She won't be able to even see her

Me: i love it when an evil plan come together  but when am around her i feel weak and i just wanna fuck her up

He gave me a portion and told me to drink it whenever am near her. I went home and found my mom making breakfast 

Me: smells nice in here

Mom: you know that the food i always make smells and tastes good

Me: yeah i know that

Mom: where are you from? 

Me: i was just taking a walk 

Mom: okay sit am almost done



Raphael appeared out of nowhere he had that something bad is about to go down tonight 

Me: getting a visit from you means something is going to happen to my daughter or I've done something wrong 

Raphael: there's a big storm heading both you and your daughters way

Me: what storm? Raphael what storm?

Raphael: prepare yourself and make sure you are ready for a fight. I think grandma might be great help

Me: okay thank you 

He disappeared he never gave me a straight forward answer. Mmathapelo is taking longer than i expected. I think it's time to make another visit because her going to a healer will take more time. 


We had a very long talk then i was told that i will be discharged in the afternoon. Abigor insisted we spend a week at his house until am feeling much better. Then it was time to go to his house it's quite a long distance. On the way i felt sleepy so i slept. I dreamt of my mom telling me the same thing she told me yesterday and this time i have to hurry because there's a big storm heading my way. I didn't know weither to believe her or not. Am choosing to believe this and if this doesn't work I'll blame myself. 

To be continued 

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