What have i done? I shouldn't have spoken to her like that. I got home everyone was leaving. Abigail went to her i switched on the t.v. and went to the kitchen to wash the dishes. I heard there was an accident on the road a female. Her car hit the tree and lost a lot of blood. Out of curiosity i went to see if they mentioned the name of the driver. It might be bast.  The reporter was still talking then they should the car it looked exactly like mmathapelo's car. I tried calling her but wasn't  going through i took my things and left. Triedcalling several times but it was still not going through. I got to the place where the accident happened i tried getting to the car but the officer stopped me

Officer: sir you can't go through!!

Me: i want to see if it's my wife's car. I tried calling her but wasn't it wasn't go through.

Officer: okay wait her for a minute.

He went to his fellow officer  and came back.

Officer: what's your wife's name sir?

Me: Mmathapelo Klou

Officer: oh it's her car. They have taken her to Muel Med Hospital she lost a lot of blood.

Me: thanks 

I drove straight to the hospital i got to the ER and they took me straight to her. I had to stand outside the the room because she is doing surgery. I waited for 4 hours finally  they took her to another room.

Dr: you are? 

Me: Abigor Samson her husband 

Dr: ok come with me. Please fill in this form for her

Me: ok will she be okey?

Dr: it's hard to tell right now. She lost a lot of blood  when she hit the tree she damaged he brain. Blood had to be remove from the brain and her leg could've been amputated if the ambulance brought her late 


Shit !! My head is in pain. I looked around i was at home. Outside my house i got in and found my mom cooking. 

Me: mom !? 

Mom: hello sweetie i missed you a lot 

She was crying

Me: where's grandma?

Mom: not here. Sweetie i want you to listen attentively to me. You know very well that your grandma and i were gifted spiritually

Me: yes i know that

Mom: you also have the same gift but yours is way to powerful. I need you to buy a white cloth white candle and incense. Wear the white cloth on you head light the candle and pray. Leave the candle as it is and burn the incense. Walk around the house with it and leave it at the door.

Me: is there something wrong?

Mom: a woman will come to you she's a prophet and she will help you. Prepare for the worst my child. I have to leave now

Me: no mom wait!!

She left just like that. I heard machines beeping and felt someone holding my hand. I opened my eyes and a bright light was blinding me. I looked on the side and saw something horrific. A person who's face was black and the skin was coming off. I closed my and opened them again

i saw Abigor. 

Him: are you okay? How are you feeling? 

He stood up 

Him: am calling the doctor

Me: no! Don't do that . What happened? 

Him: you hit a tree the doctor said you will be okay 

Me: i hope so oh lethabo! 

Him: was she with you?

Me: no she's at my friends house

The doctor walked in. He was smiling 

Dr: oh you are awake! 

Me: yes i am 

Dr: what happened on the road?

Me: i also don't know. I saw a woman covered in blood standing on the road 

Dr: you have to tell the police this

Me: i will

Dr: your husband here was scared am sure he wanted to cry

Abigor: i wasn't going to cry

I looked at Abigor. So this guy lied again. From fiance to wife he likes lying a lot. The doctor left and it was just the two of us

Me: husband? 

Abigor: it was just to get information 

Me: am no longer your fiancee am your wife

Abigor: am really really sorry for the way i spoke to you. I shouldn't have said all of those words to you. I know that we just met and all of that. We are still getting to know each other. I want you to be my wife i would totally understand if you don't want to be. I think i should leave I'll come back tomorrow to check up on you. Bye


I didn't know what to say to him he left. Ahh i felt the guilt. I asked one of the nurses to borrow me her phone so that i could call bontle. 

[On the phone]

Bontle: hello

Me: hi bontle it's mmathapelo

Bontle: hi sweetie why aren't you using your phone?

Me: i was kind of involved in a car accident am at MuelMed hospital. Can you please bring lethabo here

Bontle: okay sweetie I'll bring but are you okay? What happened?

Me: I'll tell you when you get here i love you 

Bontle: i love you too

I hung up 

PALESA (mmathapelo's mother)

Me: we need to protect her! He is going to destroy her. He is going to kill lethabo and you know very well that mmathapelo's strength lies in her

Lerato: i know that we need to protect her but for how long are we going to do that? She's needs to know that she has a gift

Me: i told her that

Lerato: you didn't tell me that 

Me: i forgot but that's not the case

Lerato: lethabo was always meant  to die not because we want to hurt her. Lethabo dying will help her in a way she will have all the power and strength to fight this demon

Me: we don't know how strong he is in fact i bet he is very strong. We all know that BALAAM worshippers are strong. Oh my god this is going to be very bad very bad

Lerato: you need to know that god will always be with her she is very well protected by us and all her angels. Stop making a fuzz out of everything . I need to sleep


I had to persuade her make her believe i would do anything for her. I already  love her but my love for her is not enough to make her fall in love with me. I really want to merry her and make her feel like a queen. 

To be continued 

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