We got home  i started cooking and mom helped. I really enjoyed my day with them bianca was busy with her phone as usual. Abigor told me that his mom is also here. So why not have dinner together. 

          [On the phone]

Me: hi why don't we have dinner together with our families 
Abigor: on the same table?
Me: yeah why not?
Abigor: okay my house at 7
Me: okay bye wait! Should i bring something?
Abigor: yeah wine 
Me: okay 
I hung up 

Told my mom and sister we got ready and left. We got to his house and found two new cars. It was Abigail's car and another females car her smell is very familiar. We got in and Abigail  welcomed us in. She knows me and i can say she likes me. 


 Breakfast turned into lunch and almost turned into dinner. We enjoyed our day he has a very strong connection with lethabo than me. She likes Abigor. Am jealous a little of jealous. Then we had to leave the bill came back high. I insisted on sharing it i don't want to feel like i owe him or something. He walked us to the car and we shared a kiss and left. We got home and i played my favorite song. We beling together by Mariah Carey 

" i can't sleep at night 
When you are on my mind
Bobby Womack's on the radio 
Singing to me 
If you think you are lonely
 now wait a minute  
This is too deep (too deep) 
I gotta change the station 
So i turn the dail
Trying to catch a break 
And then i hear babyface
  I only think of you
And it's breaking my heart 
I'm trying to keep it together 
But am falling apart "

I love this song.
Lethabo: he is a nice man
Me: he is?
Lethabo: yes i like him and i know you like him
Me: yeah i like him
Lethabo: no you like like like him
Me: yeah i do

I smiledshe went upstairs to her room. I prepared food for dinner then Abigor called. He invited me to join him and his family. So i took  lethabo to bontle's house i asked her to take care of lethabo just for the night. I left and went to Abigor's house. I got in he came to me and hugged me 

Abigor: thank you for coming 
Me: thank you for inviting me 
Abigor: let's go to the kitchen
am finishing up. 
Me: need any help? 
Abigor: no only left with the potatoes 
Me: okay

He pour some wine for me and asked me to go to the dinning room and have a sit. 3 minutes later i heard people walking in i guess people will be joining us for dinner. I heard them talking in the kitchen then came to the dinning room. I got up to greet them.

Me: hello
Bast: hello am bast and this is my mom Nicole and little sister Bianca 
Nicole and Bianca: hi
Me: i am mmathapelo 


As we walked in i felt this unsettling presence someone in this house has is protected by her ancestors. This person needs to go. We got in found Abigor in the kitchen and we went to the dinning room. We found a lady sitting in there she's mmathapelo and the unsettling presence got stronger. I can't stand her she irritates me even thou I've never seen her before. Abigail came followed by Abigor.

Abigor: let's move to the eating table 
Me: what have you made?
Abigor: you'll see

Moved to the table and everyone was sitted. Started eating and it was a little bit of awkward

Abigail: mmathapelo right?
Mmathapelo: yeah
Abigail: where are you from?
Abigor: mom! 
Abigail: oh okay do you work?
Mmathapelo : yes i do work i am a lawyer
Me: what's your relation to Abigor? My best friend 
Mmathapelo: am his..-
Abigor: fiancee

Food almost choked me to death. How is she his fiancee. 
Nicole: congratulations 
Bianca: yeah
Abigail: i thought bast was your girlfriend 
Abigor: how many times do i have to tell you that bast is my best friend! She's not my type and i don't see myself with her. Am in a relationship with mmathapelo and am going to marry her. That's finally
Abigail: no one is fighting with you! 
Bast: you bearly know her 
Abigor: who's problem will that be? Mine not yours. Stop interfering in my love life. Nicole and Bianca it was nice to meet you. 

He got up and left with mmathapelo. 


I almost had a heart attack what Abigor said in there really shoked me. I felt undermined by his mother and bast i regret coming here. We left in my car i parked my car not far from his house. 

Me: what the hell happened in there?
He kept quite
Me: answer me!!
Abigor: will you merry me?
Me: what?
Abigor: I've never felt this sure about a women. The first day i saw you i fell so deep in love with you. I love thapelo and i want you to be my wife. I know that we just met but i feel like I've known you for a very long time.
Me: i have to think about it 
Abigor: think about what? What's there to think about? I just told you how i felt and you're saying you will think about it! 
Me: get the fuck out of my car! (Yelling)  Firstly i don't know you i haven't got the chance to sit down and see how i feel about you. You pressuring me to  merry you! What if you are a devil worshipped and want to kill me and my daughter?
I laughed
Me: i said get the fuck out of my car ( Yelling)

He left

Unbelievable! I don't even know him and he just wants to merry me. On my way to bontle's house i was thinking all about what he said. As i was driving i saw a person covered in blood standing in the road. They scared the hell out of me i tried my best not to hit them. Little did i know i was heading straight for the tree. 

To be continued 
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