I drove to the nearest dumping siteset the car on fire and left. I called an Uber to come and pick me up. I got home and cleaned up the mess as i was cleaning i heard the door open. I took out my gun under the couch and waited for the person to come a little bit closer.  As the foot steps were getting closer i went to see who was it. I pointed the person with the gun. People should learn how to knock in other peoples houses i killed her. My mom can be irritating sometimes

Me: what are you doing here?

Mom: am here to check up on you? I haven't heard from you for a while 

Me: oh?

Mom: yeah i missed my boyhow are you? 

She gave me a strong tight hug and a kiss on the cheeks. She had a big suitcase and a she didn't come here with her car. 

Me: where's your car? 

Mom: i left it

Me: did you guys fight again?

She exhaled and smiled

Mom: yes he's such an asshole.  He only thinks for himself and doesn't respect me.  Yesterday he came back home from wherever he was drunk. He urinated on top of the couch and the argument started. I decided to be the bigger personi left. That's why am here

Me: okay you know where your room is

She went upstairs and put her bags came back and sat down on the couch with me. We watched t.v in silence 

Me: i found a wife 

She looked at me and laughed

Mom: you what!?

Me: i found someone i want to marry 

Mom: oh! Are you serious? 

Me: yes she's a good person hard working and has a..... 

I coughed 

Me: a child!

Mom: a child? You want to raise another mans child. Are you mad? She doesn't love you ! She's just using you! You know very well we are a well known family in this country. Many girls tried trapping you with pregnancy

Me: i know that mom she's different. She's a lawyer so she is a independent women. I chose her 

Mom: what does BALAAM say about this?

Me: he gave me permission and his blessings 

Mom: what? I have to meet her first before you merry her

Me: I'll arrange that 

Mom: am hungry!! 

Mom: where's Bilé? 

Me: she's with her family. Why are you asking about her?

Mom: just asking why can't you see the poor girl is in love with you? She has feeling for you!

Me: and how many times do i have to tell you that she's not my type? Am not that interested in her


The following

i got up early took a bath put on a red bra and red lace panty. Did my hair make-up and put on a long dress red dress with black high heels. Lethabo was also awake she also took a bath and put on her white sneakers and pink dress I did her hair. We waited for the car to come and pick us up went to this fancy restaurant 

We walked in and went to the receptionist 

Me: good morning

Voice: morning ma'am welcome to Gusto Lounge how can we help you? 

Me: can we have a table for 3?

Voice: oh ma'am today we are fully booked and you have to make a reservation first

Me: oh we are here to meet up with someone Mr Samson. He told us to come here

She checked her book

Voice: do you mean Mr Abigor Samson?

Me: yes

Voice: he is waiting for you

She called someone and a waiter came to us and lead the way. I looked around at everyone in the restaurant these people look like they are rich. We got to our table Abigor was there having sipping his whiskey or whatever. Looking handsome as always. He got up and hugged us

Me: how are you?

Abigor: am good and uu?

Me: am good

He looked at lethabo

Abigor: and what's your name angel ?

Lethabo: i am lethabo but you can called me princess 

Abigor: why princess?

Lethabo:  my mom calls me princess  and i love the name. I am a princess 

Me: oh i see 

Lethabo: yes and what is your name  sir?

Abigor: i am Abigor Samson 

Lethabo: oh thank you for the gift mommy told me that it was from you

Me: can we have order something am hungry 

Lethabo: am also hungry 

Abigor:  me too

To be continued 

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