I enjoyed my day with my familywe had lunch together and went to the mall to buy few things for them. Then i ran into Abigor my dearest best friend. 

Abigor: hi Bast!

Me: sweetheart

We shared a hug and a kiss on the cheeks. 

Abigor: what are you doing here? 

Me: what kind of a question is that?

Abigor: i know that you don't just wake up and decided to go shopping

Me: oh yeah you are right am here with my family. This is my mom and little sister Nicole and Bianca. 

Abigor: oh it's nice to finally meet you two in person. I've heard a lot of good things about you

Nicole: we also heard alot about you

Me: we will talk later I've to get this done with

Abigor: okay bye and enjoy your day

He left and my mom couldn't stop talk about him

Me: he is not my type mom

Nicole: he is he is tall and damn he is hot

I laughed

Bianca: give me his numbers I'll call him he will be mine

We all laughed 

Me: he has a girlfriend

Nicole: man don't just fall down from trees

Me: can we please go home and make dinner am hungry

Bianca: why don't we just eat here or buy takeaways

Me: no i feel like cooking today

Bianca: okay if you say so


At least lethabo is finally awake. I miss my bubbly girl. I prepared food for her took her to the dinning room and gave her food.

Lethabo: thank you mom

Me: anything for my cupcake how are you feeling?

Lethabo: much better i thought I was going to die that's why i was crying

Me: you are way to young to die baby girl you won't be going to school for the next two days

Lethabo: but am okay i feel good again mom. I want to go to school.

Me: you can't go there you are still sick. Until i see you looking better than now

Lethabo: but mom i- 

Me: no buts lethabo! You are not going to school

Lethabo: okay mom

As we were watching TV i heard a knock on the door. It was a delivery man.

Voice: good afternoon ma'am i have a delivery for mmathapelo klou

Me: that's me!

Voice: can you please sign here!

  Giving me a pen and paper to sign then he gave me my packages

Voice: thank you enjoy the rest of your day ma'am

Me: you too

He left

Two boxes and a flowers wow i wonder who are they from

Lethabo: who was that?

Me: the delivery man!

I put the boxes and flowers on the couch next to lethabo

Lethabo: red roses mom you love red roses

Me: yes i do oh there's a card 

Lethabo: read it! Read it! 

Me: "for the most beautiful woman i fell in love with the very first day i saw her i hope your little princess is getting well. I hope you enjoy your day. And ohh tomorrow am taking both of you for lunch. Xoxo 


I was blushing smiling from ear to ear. Abigor is so romantic and caring.

Lethabo: who is Abigor?

Me: a friend of mine

Lethabo: mmm open the boxes mom

Me: okay

I opened to the boxes there was a big teddy bear which was in purple. And a pair of high-heels i guess they are for me.

Me: the teddy bear is yours 

Lethabo: thank you thank you thank you mom it's so beautiful

Me: yes it is indeed beautiful

Lethabo: am going to my room to play with it.

Me: okay goodnight!

Running up stair she yelled goodnight


I sent mmathapelo and lethabo few gifts. I hope she loves them i want to call her but I can't. It would seem like am desperate or something I'll wait for her call. I locked at the time it's 22:45pm why hasn't she called yet i want to know what she think about the gifts. Am going to be mad this waiting makes me more anxious. My phone vibrated it must be her

[ On the phone ]

Me: hi how are you?

Mmathapelo: hi am good and you?

Me: am also good 

Mmathapelo: uhm thank you for the gifts

Me: no problem anything for my queen

Mmathapelo: where are we going tomorrow?

Me: there's this fancy restaurant i know they make good food for the best people

Mmathapelo: i can't wait to eat there you can send me the address I'll meet you there

Me: I'll send a car to pick you and the little princess up

Mmathapelo: oh okay thanks for the gifts again

Me: no need for you to thank me a lot goodnight my queen

Mmathapelo: goodnight 

She hung up

I felt goosebumps this is the woman am going to marry. After talking to her i went to the other side of town where gangsters and prostitutes stay. I got two prostitutes and took them to my house. I have to have sex with them first. Their names are Lisa and Vanessa.

A threesome it is Lisa got on top of me and started riding my dick. Vanessa put her pussy on my face i was sucking it as if it was the last thing i was going to see. She got off me i turned and got on top of her(Vanessa). I fucked her so hard then i had to merge them. Spiritually and make them become one person this is going to be very painful for them. Their souls are going to combine together they will fell like something ripping their chests open. 

As i was on top of Vanessa lisa was on the side rubbing her pussy and breasts. I put my hands on their foreheads and prayed to God BALAAM  

"Xízë âkïræ gkökë BALAAM  BALAAM djâsë öëkârë. Bâlorë!!  Bâlorë!!  Bâlorë!! Xízë âkïræ gkökë BALAAM BALAAM djâsë öëkârë. Bâlorë Bâlorë Bâlorë Xízë âkïræ gkökë BALAAM  BALAAM djâsë öëkârë. Bâlorë!!  Bâlorë!!  Bâlorë!!"

Lisa: ah!! (screaming) what's happening? What are you doing?

Vanessa: get off me! Get off me! 

Both of them were screaming to the top of their lungs unfortunately no one is going to help them. 

Lisa: help! Help!

A lightening stuck three times the candles were one and the merging just got started. As both of their were merging i took out a knife to slit their throats. Took a wine glass slit Lisa's throat and put the glass next to her throat. For the blood to fill the cup i did the same to Vanessa. Then Bilé appeared 

Bilé: drink of blood and the rest bath with it 

Me: okay 

Bilé: God BALAAM is going to be pleased with you

Me: i know he will be pleased

Bilé: throw them next to the police station so that they can be found

I laughed

Me: can i chop them into pieces

Bilé: your bodies you can do whatever you want

I took them to the warehouse to my grinding machine. I removed their heads and grinded their bodies. Poured their shit inside a two dustbin bags and put their heads on top of their shit. THE FOLLOWING DAY

 I took one of the stolen cars at the back of my house and drove to the station. There were many people going in and out of the station. I threw those bags straight at the door. One of the plastic opened up. There was blood and a head on the floor people were screaming and i just drove off


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