I am going out for lunch with the guy i like and I don't know. But i think it's going to go well. So i worked as fast as i could i did my best. I got a call from my daughter's school

[ On the phone ]

Me: hello?

Voice: good morning ma'am am calling from SA Girls School are you Mmathapelo Klou?

Me: yes how can i help you?

Voice: your daughter Lethabo Klou is very sick can you-

Me: am on my way

Voice: thank you

I hung up

I packed all my stuff took a half day and went to my daughter's school. She was weak and crying. I took her to the hospital they said it was food poisoning she will be okay. They gave us medicine i hope she gets well soon. When we were done at the hospital we went home she drunk her medication and she just dozed off. She's going to stay here at home for 2 day then she can go to school.

As i was busy with my stuff i got a phone call from an unknown number

[ On the phone ]

Me: hello

Voice: hi it's Abigor

Me: oh how can i help you?

Abigor: you forgot about lunch

Me: oh shit! Am really sorry i had an emergency at my kid's school

Abigor: is she okay? 

Me: i hope she get better just weak 

Abigor: what happened?

Me: food poisoning

Abigor: that bad i hope she gets well soon

Me: i hope so too sorry for not being able to have lunch with you

Abigor: nah it's okay we can still do this some other time

Me: yeah

Abigor: why don't i come over to your place?

Me: i still don't know you

Abigor: what do you need to know about me? Go to the internet and Google me 

Me: I've done that already

He laughed

Abigor: you did? Wow 

Me: can i ask?

Abigor: yes you can

Me: i am way way out of your league why me?

Abigor: when i got close to you i felt this warmth i just felt this instant connection

Me: oh 

Abigor: yeah send me your home address i wanna give you something

Me: okay we will talk later i have to go 

Abigor: bye

I hung up


At least she had a valid reason for not showing up. I mean her daughter was sick and she can't choose between us. Whenever i speak to her or get close to her i get this sensation I've never felt before. I am falling for her. Falling for her hard i need to secure the bag. I went to my prayer room i have to talk to Bilé. Whenever i want to get in touch with Bilé i go to the spiritual realm. There's a third dimension but i can't go there only upper and the strongest demons are allowed there. 


Bilé: look who decided to visit

Me: i need your help with something

Bilé: what do you want?

Me: i want to be connected with her

Bilé: mmathapelo?

Me: Yes

Bilé: you need to sleep with her so that you can have a soul tie with mmathapelo-

Me: i know that already

Bilé: can you let me finish! After having a soul tie with her then you will have a bond a strong bond with you. You will feel and know everything about her 

Me: thank you

Bilé: there's something about her i find very strange

Me: what is that?

Bilé: I don't know yet but I'll tell you when i find out

Me: okay am leaving

I left

am leaving

I left whenever i come back from the spiritual realm i kind of become dizzy. I'll get used to it.


Life is really good on my side. I live alone in both the spiritual realm and the normal world sometimes i get visited by my mom and little sister in the normal world. She doesn't know that am a goddess an evil goddess. Today i had to hide the prayer room and other stuff. It's very hard to hide to the prayer room i have to make the door invisible and then move the cardboard and put it in front of that door. Even if it's invisible. I love my mom and sister to death I'll do anything for them. I sold my soul to the devil because i wanted to be able to provide for them. I have two big fancy houses fancy cars and a well known insurance company. My sister's name is Bianca and my mom's name is Nicole. I heard a knock on the door i guess it's them

Me: mommy dearest!

Nicole: my lovely daughter

We shared a hug

Bianca: big sister still making it big in life

Me: still making it how are you guys?

Bianca: we are good just decided to visit you

Me: well make yourself feel at home!

Nicole: bast we need to talk

Me: did i do something wrong?

Nicole: no! You did nothing wrong

We went to the living room and things looked intense 

Nicole: what's the deal with you and your dad?

Me: nothing!

Nicole: why aren't you no longer sending him money? He needs that money for chemotherapy

Me: and that's my problem because?

Nicole: he is your father! He needs to get well

Me: he ain't getting shit! This is my money. He has a wife and children-

Nicole: I know that but-

Me: but what!? Why should I pay for his chemotherapy? He never cared about me! He never wanted me and now i have to give him money? Mom he left you while you were pregnant with Bianca and i was only 7 years old. He didn't bother to even call over text just to see how you are holding up. Or to see how Bianca is. Mom he used to beat you up and leave you there on the floor to clean yourself up. He never gave a shit about me you or Bianca. This thing that calls himself a MAN can't even pay his hospital bills. He wants his daughter to do that. I will never ever do anything for that piece of shit!

I got up and went to my room i wasn't feeling okay. I was getting mixed emotions. I was angry at my "father" and Mom and I was also sad and broken. I looked at myself in the mirror

Me: i am strong i am fierce i am beautiful and unstoppable. I am BAST the goddess of pleasure i won't let a nobody break me. I kill whoever dares to challenge me or stand in my way. I am going to let him suffer and eat him alive

Someone knocked on the door it was Bianca

Bianca: you should never give him the power to break you. He was never there when we needed him and i don't think I'll ever need him in my life. All he wants from you is money nothing else i hope he just dies. 

Me: God Bal- will deal with him he will suffer a slow painful death.


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