I asked my friend to accompany me to the mall. Bast is her name I've known her for 4 years. I met her at a meeting a Witch Meeting. Bast is a goddess of pleasure represented by a cat.

Bast: what are we really doing here?

Me: hunting!

She laughed

Bast: hunting for what?

Me: a woman a beautiful strong woman! 

Bast: so we are woman hunting?

Me: yes! 

We walked around looking for a woman suitable for me. Then i got hungry i wanted to eat.

Me: let's get something to eat am hungry

Bast: yeah me too what about we have ice cream? I love ice cream

Me: you can have ice cream i want meat!

She laughed Bast is beautiful and attractive but not in my eyes. I don't like her Lord Balaam asked me to merry her but i can't. Imagine two devils in the same house the worst combination ever.


We finished eating and went to the ice cream shop. There was a long line i promised lethabo ice cream so I had to buy it. As we were standing in the line a tall well built man stood in the line behind us. I looked at his hand there was no ring. I smiled then I was a woman talking to him i guess they are dating. Hai i am so stupid to even think a man like him would date someone like me. I turned and looked forward. Am way out of his league. The line start moving fast then we got to the counter

Worker: hi pumpkin which flavours would you like?

Lethabo: chocolate vanilla and bubble gum with chocolate chips

Worker: hmm i love those flavour


Lethabo: me too! 

Me: how much?

Worker: R40

Me: okay

I looked at the man behind me the last time and left. I swear I've seen him somewhere maybe on TV or somewhere.


We got to the ice cream shop we stood in the line. As we stood there i felt this warmth. My body got warm

i walked around the shop. Walking around in the shop my body was okay but when i stood in the line again it became warm. I saw the lady in front of me looking at me then i realized it was her. She had a thing for me. She has a child that's okay i can work with that. She's beautiful. I am going to make her my wife. They bought their ice cream and she left.

Worker: oh shit! She left her purse her!

Me: I'll give it to her

Worker: thank you

Bast bought her ice cream and we left. I opened her purse took out her ID. Mmathapelo Tlou is her name. I also found her business card. So interesting she is a lawyer and a good friend of mine is  the owner of the law firm she works at. I went home and prepared something for myself to eat then Bilé appeared from nowhere

Me: fuck! You scared me 

Bilé: stop being a pussy

Me: what do you want?

Bilé: i heard you want to get married again

Me: okay

Bilé: so is it true?

Me: yes 

Bilé: congratulations but you know that there are things you have to do before you get married

Me: i know that!

Bilé: a blood sacrifice

Me: okay I'll do that

Bilé: and your new wife will have to be a member of the BALAAM family

Me: okay

Bilé: you are really taking this lightly am leaving

He disappeared he left.


We got to the car and went home. I prepared food for me and my little princess. After eating she took a bath and went to sleep. I prepared clothes for tomorrow am going to work and she's going to school. I took a nice long sleep

The following morning 

I dropped lethabo off at school and gave her lunch money. I got to work and saw Bontle busy with her files in her office i got in.

Me: good morning

Bontle: morning

sweetie how are you?

Me: am okay and you?

Bontle: am good i heard the boss is looking for you

Me: yoh i did nothing wrong

I know that the boss never calls for anyone unless if he wants to fire you are give you a written warning. I went to my office to put my stuff then pinky got in. She's the bosses PA

Pinky: he is calling you

Me: is he going to fire me?

Pinky: i also don't know

We got to his office he was with someone else. My heart was beating up fast. We call him Mr Grumpy because he is always grumpy. His real name is Steven Moloto.

Pinky: here she is! 

Grumpy: thank you pinky you can leave now

Me: good morning sir

Grumpy: oh Mmathapelo please sit down

I looked at the man who was sitting next to me then I realized that it's that guy i saw at rhe mall. The tall well built man. He smiled at me and I smiled back. Mr Grumpy stood up and left.

Voice: mmathapelo what a beautiful name

Me: thank you but do i know you?

Voice: yes we met yesterday at the ice cream shop but we never really spoke to each other

Me: oh okay

Voice: yesterday you left your purse on the counter and I decided to bring it today

Me: thank you i never really noticed it was missing thank you 

Voice: the pleasure is all mine mmathapelo

Me: i never got your name

Voice: Abigor Samson

Me: Abigor Samson it's nice to meet you. I have to get back to work 

Abigor: oh yeah are you dating someone?

Me: what?

Abigor: nevermind it's just a stupid question

Me: am single and i have a daughter.

Abigor: can we go to lunch together 

Me: today?

Abigor: yes

Me: okay i have to go 


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