Years Later


Lethabo: mommy what time will we be going to church?

Me: 10:45 we need to be there by 11:00

Lethabo: okay mom am done bathing

Me: do you feel like going to church today?

Lethabo: no some of the kids there always make fun of me

Me: oh really! Why would they do that to you?

Lethabo: it's because i don't have a father and they have fathers 

She started crying i saw how hurt she was. Her father her father is dead. I met her father when i was still at/in high school. We were the best couple then when we were doing matric we decided to have sex unprotected sex. That unprotected sex gave me lethabo. 

Me: oh baby don't cry

Lethabo: am not crying

Me: i can see tears on your face

Lethabo: am just having a reaction

We both laughed

Me: today we are not going to church we are going to have fun

Lethabo: thanks mom

Me: what do you want?

Lethabo: i want ice cream cake lollipop a big teddy for me and mom and new clothes

Me: okay let's go to the Mall then


Grew up in a filthy rich family a family that is very known in the underground. The Samsons are witches very powerful than many. I am the only child my mom's name is Abigail Samson and my father's name is Thembinkosi Samson. I own 3 companies. 2 Logistic companies and a taxi business. I am a businessman

my mom's name is Abigail Samson and my father's name is Thembinkosi Samson. I own 3 companies. 2 Logistic companies and a taxi business. I am a businessman i do anything i see money in. All of them bring in money. I've made a name for myself in this industry through hard work and dark powers. Evil played the most part in this. We are devil worshippers 666. 6 years 6 months 6 years. I was once married before her name was Melinda. She was a Christian but i asked her to stop going to church or i will leave her. She would hang out with her friends often. One of her friends never liked me as if i care. Because she loved money she stopped that's how my god managed to get to her. For 6 years and 6 months she got everything she wanted and everything she never needed or deserved. During the last 3 months she changed. She started praying secretly and going to church. On the last day of the 666 the almighty God BALAAM possessed her. Her god couldn't help her. Used her as a weapon i sold her soul to the devil and i got a lot of money in return. I killed many prostitutes for money and am still going to do that. Today am with Balaam 

Me: i think it's time to find a new wife

Balaam: i knew you were going to say 

Me: and this one won't be used as a sacrifice I'll get you this prostitutes

Balaam: fair enough

Me: thank you 

Balaam: am leaving I've got many people to kill


We got to the mall bought a clothes and shoes. Most of them were matching outfits lethabo likes to wear matching outfits with me. Imagine a 7 year old telling you that she wants to wear the same clothes as you. I have a crazy daughter. When we were done shopping we went to Ocean Basket i bought fish and chips with shrimps on the side and she just got fish and chips. 

Lethabo: mom!

Me: yes?

Lethabo: can i also have ice cream?

Me: okay we will look for am ice cream shop and I'll buy you one

Lethabo: thank you

She giggled and then smiled. Seeing my daughter happy like this makes me more happy than anything. Am turning 30 next month 07 June and my daughter is turning 7 on the 25 of December. I've been single for years now i don't want a man.  Things have been hectic at work I've got 3 difficult cases to deal with. I've to work hard to get more money


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