Chapter 9 

We had a blissful love-making night specialised with roses strawberries and Jhene Aneiko's pure voice ringing to the depths of our souls. 

I woke up with her sleeping peaceful beside me. Shame she looks tired I did one hell of a job! I carefully sneak out of bed. 

I run to my mom's room and knock. 

"Mah I need your help" I told her with my voice risen she doesn't flinch I pull the blanket off her head. 

"Leave me alone I'm still having my beauty sleep" she said sleepily and yanks my hand away. 


"Mah please I need your help with Nozipho's breakfast" I begged hearing Nozipho's name she quickly sit up looking at me with wide eyes. 

"She is here? Oh my God!" she exclaimed kicking off blankets and running to the bathroom to wash her face. 

"Does she have allergies in anything?" she asked as we rush to the kitchen. 

I'm tempted to roll my eyes but I refrain myself cause I'm in her mercy. 

"No except Chinese traditional food" 

She makes toasted slices of bread bacon grilled tomatoes fried mushrooms scrambled eggs and black coffee. 

She then put it neatly on the plates and the new tray. 

I find her still asleep. I kiss her forehead her both cheeks her nose then her chin when I'm about to kiss her lips she moans and open her eyes. 

"Good morning sleeping beauty" I greeted and lean down to give her a kiss but she shakes her head. 

"I haven't brushed my teeth since yesterday afternoon" I frowned and kissed her again. 

"Who cares? Now sit up so that you can eat and get the energy phela last night I was Christian Grey" 

"Says who?" she asked giggling. 

"Ela wena are you testing me?" I slap her arm slightly she giggles even more. Cute giggles I can listen to them daily! 

I go fetch the bowl of warm water she wash her hands and take the fork. 

I snatch it away from her and fork a piece. 

She grinned when I put it near her mouth " Aybo open your mouth" 

She opened it slowly and chewed shly. 

"Babe I can eat by myself I'm not a baby" she complained before opening her mouth for the second piece 

"Too bad cause I will be feeding you whenever I like because you are my baby. Now enlighten up and eat normally because these slow chewings and blushing are really turning me on" 

She chucked and loosen up. 

After feeding her we both go to shower I first showed her I'm Sbusiso in various ways. I bless

that’s what I do. 

After 45 minutes of dressing lotioning and make-uping she is finally ready to go. 

My mom is in the lounge. And she is wearing her formal blue two-piece and white heels she looks elegant but what's the special occasion? Dramatic!! 

As we approach her I feel Nozipho's hand getting sweaty in mine I tighten my grip on it. 

"Good morning mom" I said she doesn't even look at me her eyes are glued on Nozi. 

"Oh darling I'm so happy to finally meet you. I didn't believe it when Sbusiso came to ask me to make you breakfast. You know I've been asking him to bring you over for decades now that you're here we can...." she blabbed out I had to stop her. 

"Mom!!" I cut her and tried to introduce them 

"Nozipho this is my mother mom this is my..." 

She cut me again "..girlfriend the one you were afraid won't agree to go out with you because she is rich and famous" 

I give up and let her be. I just cross my fingers she doesn't reveal any drastic detail. 

"I'm so happy to finally meet you Mrs Khoza" Nozipho said handing out her hand for a handshake but my mom pulled her for a long tight hug instead. 

"See you have the beautiful nice body reminds me to go to the gym soon" my mother complimented her. 

"Aybo Mrs Khoza you have the incredible bodyI would kill to have a body like yours in this age". I see she has loosen up a bit my mom's free spirit friendzones anyone. 

" Please call me Veronica or Mom" my mom said and winked at her. 

I excused myself as they continue complementing each other. I go make myself a cereal I can hear my mom's high voice and Nozipho's giggles. 

My two favourite women in the world are getting along I’m blessed. 

I returned to them and asked Nozi if she is ready to go my mom gave me a dead stare I ignored her. 

They hugged my mom said "Next week Friday neh!" 

I frowned they ignored me Nozipho assured her that nakanjani. 

"So what's happening next week Friday?" I asked as soon as we get out the door. 

"I'm coming for dinner curiosity is not cute" 

"Please don't steal my mom you have your Thembi remember" I said jokingly. 

"Speaking of which you have to meet my parents. My dad wants to play detective on you" 

I cleared my throat I’ve never met any girlfriend's parents before and I'm not sure I want to but it looks like I have 

to and prepare myself a speech like; "I love your daughter I won't hurt her and yes I have serious intentions for her." 


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