Chapter 7 

I punched myself and decided to be brave and call her God knows how much I've refrained myself from calling her. 

Don't ever jump to conclusions you moron my mind tells me. 

She picked at the 5th ring I sweet talked her and she agreed to meet up for lunch at two. 

The watch is surprisingly slow today2o'clock exactly ticked with me entering the restaurant. I wait for her in the cosy table in the corner. 

Twenty minutes later she arrives looking like she is attending Durban July. 

I stand up hug her and pull the chair for her. 

"Thanks for coming" 

"Oh your rudeness is on flight mode today unjani?" she asked putting her purse on the table. 

I smile "I'm good now that you're here" 

"Ok lets order I'm starving" 

We ordered. 

"So what your boyfriend going to say if he finds out you are hanging out with hot guys?" I just asked to test water. She laughs great I make her laugh! 

"First of all I don't have a boyfriend secondly I haven't hang out with any hot guy" 

I frown she laughs even more. 

"What do you mean you not hanging out with hot guys? Hellooo" I waved my hand in front of her she laughs. 

"Get over yourself Sbu. Anyway tell me about yourself who is Sbu?" 

"Well I'm the hot assistant marketing manager I'm 25years old. I’m the only child I live with my mother and I have three crazy friends. Oh and I'm girlfriend-less" I told her with a mischievous smile. 

"Mmmh I'm sure google told you a lot about me I’m a 24years old fashion designer and I'm also the only child" 

"Well you look 22" I said and she smiled proudly. See I told you this about women and the age thing. 

Our food arrives we eat and chat like old friends. 

She reach out her hand to my face and rubs something off my lips with her thumb. 

I look at her she looks down regretful. 

"Nozi" I said breaking the silence. 

She sip her juice nervously and look up 

"I know maybe it too soon for me to say this but I've been restless the whole week. No matter how much I try to think you and I are too different and may never work out. My heart just beat against it I’ve fallen inlove with you" 

She blinks rapidly. I don't know if it my eyes but her hands are shaking a little. 

"I know I came to you as a rude naive boy. The first time I set my eyes on you

ok not the exactly first time maybe 5minutes after I first set my eyes on you I knew you were the one I've been looking for. I promise you I can be the best boyfriend if you can give me a chance. My heart just beats for you Nozipho Faya" I begged with the low deep voice. 

She stood up. Did I push too hard? 

Before I know it soft thick lips smashed against my lips. I hold her neck and suck her lips deeply. 

We break it after a moment our foreheads are still pressed together with our eyes glued to each other. 

"My heart beats for you too Sbu" she said half whispering. My heart went "gigigigigigi".I whisper " Thank you" 

Suddenly the restaurant come back to life. WTF! These people have been staring. 

>>>>The next day 

Sundays are always boring they down my spirit maybe I'm supposed to go to church one of these days. 

I've been in bed chatting with Nozi since I woke up. Love is in the air! 

Don is calling I wonder why do I deserve the honour. Don doesn't call people ever since WhatsApp was invented. 

I pick it up; 

Me : Donald Mngoma 

Don: You sick bustard! 

Me : Whoooah what's up? 

Don: How can you keep us in the dark? We are your friends bruh. You should tell her to hook me up with her sexy friends. 

Me : Ayi wena man who are you talking about? 

Don: Nozipho Faya damnit! 

Me :Wait hold it there how did you know are you stalking me? 

Don: Mxm fokof just because you made Sunday Times headlines doesn't mean you are a stalkable thing. I my man stalk girls like...." 

I cut the call what the hell is going on? I'm in the headlines how? For what we only started dating like 12hours ago? 

I take my laptop and search it. 

Oh my God! Somebody took a picture of us kissing in the restaurant. 


I shut the laptop down and lie on bed. I knew this day would come I just didn't expect it to be so soon. I’m sure Nozi already knew this but being used to be the gossiper's headlines it doesn't bother her anymore. 

"Sbusiso" my mom knocked. 

I go open the door she get in "I hear you are in the papers with the Fayas daughter" she said. 

"So you've seen?" I asked throwing myself on bed. 

"No Lydia just called me apparently you are trending" her voice sounds a little excited I must say. 

I corrected her "No Nozipho is trending it's Nozipho Faya kissing with her hot rebound guy" 

She gives me a disapproving look. 

"If Nozipho is the girl you've been telling me about I think you should prepare yourself for people's opinions but don't make them matter to you. What should matter to you is proving your love to that girl. Being famous and rich can't be easy I'm sure she has been used by many men for her status. Man up for her and stop overreacting." 

"Okay mah but I'm not using her I don't even like to be famous. If I wanted to be I would've became a singer." I told herher eyes melt. 

"You love her don’t you?" she asked. I nodded she smiled and hugged me tightly. 

"Careful now with somebody's assets" I pushed her away playfully. 

"Mxm only if she knew you snore in your sleep" 

"She told me she loves me for me" I stuck my tongue out to her. 

"So would I say If I were to find myself a hot rebound guy" 

I widen my eyes and we burst out laughing. 


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