Chapter 6 

I've been chilling with Thapelo and Don the whole day. I haven't called or texted Nozipho I'm not sure about us. 

My life has been drama less ok maybe it's have it's own drama. Just not dramatic in that way of having the newspapers scattering my name. And I know once I start going out with her journalists will fish for a story. 

I go home early because tomorrow is Monday. I eat dinner with my mom and her stories and gossips. 

I went to bed and logged in WhatsApp. Nozi has changed her profile picture now it a picture of her and Lloyd the famous actor. Her head is leaning on the guy's shoulder something slice my heart apart. Her status is "Day well spent with mom &dad celebrating 23years of marriage". 

I log out and play Chris Brown Roses turn blue till I doze off. 

The week goes quickly. The good news is we got the Jemin's deal. Friday afternoon Thapelo goes to Ballito with his new girlfriend Mandla is having a bonding dinner with his wife and Don is attending a certain pool party. I decide to go treat myself with a dinner in the restaurant. Mom calls sigh! 

Mom: Sbusiso 

Me :I'm eating dinner in the restaurant. 

Mom: That’s fine I'm going to visit a friend I'll be back in the morning. 

Me :What friend? I thought Lydia was out of town 

Mom: None of your business your dinner will be in the microwave. 

Me :I'm eating dinner nje 

Mom: So I will find this food still here in the morning? 

Me :Mxm enjoy your outing at a FRIEND place 

Mom: I plan to bye 

Me :Bye 

I laugh at the possibility of my mom having a boyfriend. I order another drink just to pass time. 

Then I notice Nozi with the same guy she was with in the WhatsApp Pp I close my eyes to collect my nerves. She is not my girlfriend just a nice girl I only saw once. I have no reason to be angry so I turn my back on them and concentrate on nothing visible. 

I feel her scent behind me 

"Hey rude boy" she greets me with her boyfriend scrolling down his phone beside her. 

Ok I'll be a gentleman. 

"Oh hi Nozipho" I fake a smile. 

"You have went MIA the whole week I even thought you died and the government buried you" she said. 

Like I don't have an insurance I will be the government's burial case. This rich girl is trying to embarrass me in front of her boyfriend. 

I reply calmly "Trust me if I die my insurance company will cover it. Anyway how are you?" 

"I'm good. Why are you so moody?" she asked with a fake-concerned face. 

I chuckled and told her I'm not moody and asked if they came for dinner. 

"Ummh yes it was nice seeing you again Sbu. Lloyd let just order takeaways" they left and I let out a long held breath. 

I suddenly don't feel like going home just yet so I ring Don to ask for directions of where he is. 

I arrived to a packed party with girls wearing almost nothing and drunk men. I join in and drink with no mercy. 

This is Don kind of life I've always been contemptuous to it but today I need some stress reliever. 

I manage to get myself a Jessica chickI go home with her.Trust me to drive under any circumstances. 

We arrive home and do steamy sessions which I will hardly remember being drunk like this. 

The sun shine fiercely through my eyes I rub and open them. A knee poked my butt. What?! The girl is naked

sleeping peacefully next to me. Oh the Jessica one fuck! 

I shake up "Aybo wake up hey" 

She grunts angrily and open her eyes. I hear the plate falling downstairs hell! 

"Good morning sexy" she smiles and lean forward to kiss me. Fortunately I duck her kiss on time. 

" Ey my mom is downstairs hurry up and leave" 

She looks at me and says "No I will shower first". Tjo I never thought girls from the club carries drama too. 

I let her go shower she take good 20minutes. 

She finally comes out and ask for breakfast. I give her R100 to buy it at Mugg & Bean. 

" No morning glory no breakfast in bed cha you boring shame" she complains as we head downstairs. 

As we approach my mom looks at us with "WTF" look. 

"Good morning Mah" I said. 

She doesn't respond she just looks at us funnily. 

"Good morning mommy" Jessica said very loud and boldly. 

I nearly throw up did she just called my mother "mommy"? 

My mom raise her eyebrows and laugh out. She then said "Good morning what's your name?" 

"Jessica but you can call me Jess". I just want to drag her out the door by her fake long hair. 

My mom smiles " OK Jess nice legs you showing in those shorts" 

I suppress my laughter and tell the smitten Jessica we have to go. 

I drive her and drop her in town as she instructed. She insisted on giving me her number I told her I left my phone at home. She wrote it in the piece of paper. 

I throw it out the window as I drive back. 

"Jessssssss" my mom said as soon as I get in. 

"Mom I've had a terrible morning please" 

"Your breakfast is in there" I thanked her and ate without saying a word. 

"Baby what's wrong?" my mom asked pulling a chair opposite me. 

I decide to lie and say it work. 

"You know you are a terrible liar but it ok you don't have to tell me. I just hope whatever it is works out" I smile and go upstairs. 

I haven't touched my phone since yesterday afternoon. I have tons of messages and emails. 

I go through them most of them are from work colleagues and Thapelo praising my drinking level last night. 

There is one from Nozipho. 

Nozipho: I didn't even get a chance to introduce you to Lloyd my cousin one can never tell with your rudeness. I hope you are good and less-moody.Goodnight :* 

Fuck my dramatic ass!! 


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