Chapter 4 

My mom arrives late in around 7 o'clock I've ordered takeaways for dinner. She looks tired but doesn't go to bed just yet. I get to hear the whole Groutville trip. 

I kiss her cheek and go to bed. 

I feel like sending Nozi a message but I'm not sure what to say. I check her WhatsApp and she is online. I view her profile picture it a picture of her in the swimwear. She is so sexy I save it. 

I decide to send her a "Hi there" two minutes later it's blue-ticked yay! 

Then we text each other; 

Her: Hey rudeboy 

Me : You even reply late mxm 

Her: Lol whatever hud? 

Me: Not good at all :( 

Her: Aybo Sbu what's wrong? 

 Me : Today I saw a beautiful girl and I was accidentally rude to her only to realise I like her like really like her. 
Her: Ncooh shame now what's are you going to do? 
Me : I don't know she looked like a forgiving person 
Her: Don't judge a book by its cover 
Me : You don't think she will forgive me? :/ 
Her: I don't know..... 
Me : Last time somebody refused to forgive me I drank 50comprals with 1litre paraffin. I woke up in the comma after 3weeks the doctor recommended that people must always forgive me #seriousface 
Her: Hahaha nice try try buying her something nice coz your tale stories are farfetched. 
Me : Mhhh noted! Kiss kiss 
Her: Goodnight 
Me: Ok goodnight late-bride. 
I read our conversation over and over again. She is just different from any other girl I've met before. 
She is gorgeous calm funny and sexy what a combination! 
 For the first time I close my eyes with a girl in my mind. 
I am in love! 
....chapter 4 continues 
The weather have changed out of the blue. I'm waiting nervously with my eyes fixed in the entry Mandla pats me courageously on my shoulder. The wind has started whirling furiously sweeping leaves across people's faces. There is a dark cloud approaching slowly from the east I pray Nozi makes it to the aisle before the storm. 
Oh there she is in a white long dress. I look around to her mother's face but she is not here. Her father is holding her hand as they take slow steps toward. 
I feel my eyes soaking with tears. A man
in a white long dress. I look around to her mother's face but she is not here. Her father is holding her hand as they take slow steps toward. 
I feel my eyes soaking with tears. A man whose face I can't see throws me a white handkerchief to wipe my eyes the girls behind him giggles. I rise my eyes to see my bride coming but the storm start and the strong wind blows her dress off. 
It flies up the sky she is left in her birthday suite. I rush towards her but before I can reach her Mandla's mom signals me to stop and cover her with a colourful bedsheet. 
"Thapelo lost the rings" Mandla's panicking voice shoot through the crowd. 
I cry out loud "Noooo" 
I open my eyes my chest is panting tears are trolling down my cheeks. 
Damn! It was a dream. 
I check the time it 05:45am.I turn on the lights. I sit down trying to put sense to my dream. 
Maybe these things happen when you sleep thinking about a girl. I can't sleep anymore so I decide to take my laptop and do some work. 
But first I decide to check the Fayas online surely their lives are tabloids piece of cake. 
There are so many articles about them they are real famous indeed. 
I scroll down and there she is. She in a blue body-hugging dress in what looks like a formal dinner party. 
I shut the laptop down. What was I thinking? This girl obviously date high society people why would she degrade to a assistant marketing manager? 
Even if she does give me a chance I would only be her good-looking rebound guy. 
I closed my eyes to digest all this then went to shower. I put on my casual clothes and push-ons and head downstairs to make myself breakfast. 
I make myself a bowl of cereal and sit down. After eating I decide to make another bowl for my mom and a cup of coffee just like she likes it. 
I knock and push her bedroom door. 
"Morning Mom" 
She grunts and pull the blanket off her head. 
"Sbusiso it's not even 07:00 I'm still relaxing my muscles" she complained yawning. 
 I brought you breakfast in bed. Do you know how lucky you are? Most women out there only get breakfast in bed when they are in hospitals" 
She sit up and smile shaking her head. 
"Thank you my boy why are you up so early anyway?" she asked sipping her coffee. 
I decide to tell her about the dream withholding names. Ad expected she knows what it means. 
"I guess it the way of God to show you have to get married" 
I chucked and sat on her bed. I have a lot to talk to her about regarding my crush.  


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