Chapter 3 

I've done anything I can to stay unbored it just so impossible. Mom left before I even pee my first morning water I woke in an empty house. Good thing is she made breakfast before leaving. I found it in the microwave. 

I've eaten twice after having breakfast watched the full hour movie log into all social networks I have but still these Fayas aren't here. 

It already 11:45 and I feel like a prisoner. I go freshen up and put on a t-shirt and a jean. 

I wash the plates I've been using then dry my hands. My patience have run out these cake-people will suit  themselves. I am going to town to meet with the guys there is a soccer match we want to watch later. 

I pick my phone and car keys and walk out. 

"Oh hey" 

I turn around with my hand locking the door. It a tall light skinned girl with big sunglasses on. 

"Can I help you?" I'm so irritated my voice carried so much irritation and rudeness. 

She took the sunglasses off and blinked dramatically. 

"If this is Khozas residence you surely can help me with a cake" she responded with the obvious rudeness. 

I look her up and down before unlocking the door and tell her "You can come in next time stick to the agreed time. We don't sit around waiting for people to show up whenever they want" 

I get in without waiting for her to get in first. She followed me and stood by the counter I don't bother telling her to take a seat. 

I take it out and try putting it in the white cupboard she is just standing there with folded arms not even helping rich kids! 

I finally put it inside and close the cupboard. "Here" I handed it to her but she just continue folding her arms. 
"Aybo sisy take your cake" I said looking her in the eyes they look familiar. 
"Are you always this rude or it just me?" she asked making me even more ruder by asking useless questions wasting my Saturday even more. 
"Are you always taking people's time by taking your time or it just me?" I asked back. 
She looked at me for about a minute and then ordered me to give her water. No please no can I have
no can I have just the plain "give me water". 
" Maybe you are mistaking me with your errand-boy. Bottled water is in that fridge tap water is there. The glasses are in the cupboard" I told her and put the cake in front of her and pull the chair to sit down. 
"No I want you to give me water this is your house" she said also pulling the chair and sat opposite me. 
"Aybo sis what do you want from me" I asked her. 
"Just plain water" she replied with so much authority tilting her head to the left. 
 Still water or sparkling water?" I asked to mock her rich ass but she doesn't notice. 
"Whatever you had bath with this morning" 
I decide to go get the damn water just to get away from her big snow-white eyes. They are a little turn-on if you keep staring at them. 
I return with a glass of water and put it in front of her. 
She smiled one dimple showed on her right cheek. Wow she is beautiful! 
I stared at her until I realised she was looking at me funnily. I cleared my throat. Geez this girl takes my time as well as my breath. 
"Maybe we can do this again" she said and stood up. 
She walks out the door I’m lost. 
She knocks like what the heck is she doing? I go to the door and she smiled up my word! 
"Hi I'm Nozipho Faya I'm here to get the cake" she hold out her hand and I can't help it I smile and shake it. 
"Hi I'm Sbusiso please come in" I open the door wider to make a way for her. 
We sit down again smiling at ourselves this is hilarious! 
 She looks at me and say "you see this is how you should've treated me" 
I like her lips excuse me God. 
"Ayisuka that how I would've treated you if you came on time. Anyway how are you?" I won't lie I feel a little bad for being an asshole to her she seems like a good girl. 
"I'm good just tired from running up and down since yesterday" I guess she is referring to the ceremony preparations at her home. 
"So how long your parents have been married?" I asked. 
"Twenty-three years I'm just one year older than their marriage" 
That long time they deserve the blissful anniversary. 
"So do you want to get married in the future?" My mouth just blabbed out without my mind's consent. I mean that was a too-friendly question I’ve known her for only fifteen minutes. 
She hesitate for a moment "Umhh yeah I would love to" 
"Okay then I will marry you" 
My mind again is shooting my mouth with rubber bullets for saying things without permission. 
To my surprise she just laughed at me and told me she will definitely arrive late to the aisle. 


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