Chapter 2 

I drive back to Durban from PMB I get in the offices around two o'clock. I start at the head director's office and brief him about the presentation we all holding our breaths to get this Jemin's marketing deal. Fridays being the shortest days of the week before I know it is already four o'clock. I pack my belongings and butt out. 

I ring Mandla to ask where they are and drive to Dinangwe's lounge. 

Mandla is my best friend he is the only married guy amongst us.Thapelo Don and I are still living to see the next sunrise. 

My mom somehow believed I was going to follow in Mandla's footsteps and take a wife in young age but I told her to hold her horses. 

But mom being herself didn't back off she opened a fake account under my name on Love net and searched for a "ready to settle down young successful woman". I bless the day I heard the last of how I messed up with the girl she hooked me up with from that website 

I hang out with my guys drinking and chatting about guys' stuff. There were a few girls trying to hook themselves with us Mandla and I weren't interested. Thapelo and Don on the other hands were having an early Christmas. 

Mandla and I decided to leave. I like girls and sex but when a girl throws herself on me I hate it. I don't like cheap stuff I believe in a guy approaching a girl first theory. 

" Bura can I ask you something? " Mandla asked gulping down a can of beer. 

I always get startled when someone ask to ask a question. I just nod for him to go on. 

"If you were to know your biological parents would you build a relationship with them and leave Veronica?" he asked and no lies his question catches me off-guard. 

I've never been comfortable talking about my biological parents. 

After gathering my thoughts I reply "No Veronica is the only parent I know. I just have some questions for them like I really wish I knew my real surname. My kids will call the Khoza surname but that's not who they will be. I'm the beginning of the " lost generations". I don't have any true roots." I babbled out I have never voiced my concerns to anyone. I think this has to do with the whisky motivation. 

He nods looking deep in thoughts. 

 "So this adoption thing affect you only traditionally?" he asked again. I get the feeling that this is not about me but it for his own information. 

I tell him that Veronica Khoza wouldn't be traded for anything in this world not even the woman who pushed me out her pussy. 

Again he only nods it like he is packing everything in the corners of his mind. 

"Are you guys considering adoption?" I asked him. 

"We might" two-words answer is not what I'm going to get after pouring my heart to this guy. 

"Why? I mean you are only 28 and Phumla is only 26 you guys have plenty time to conceive" I asked taking the route driving towards his house. 

He sighs and says "Phumla and I have been trying since I was 24 besides my mother is growing old I want to give her a chance to be a grandmother" 

I still think they can have their own babyI mean babies are a blessing not a goal. 

I side-glance him "I hope you are not trying to fill a void of your sister to her" He swallowed I know I'm right. 

Mandla's mom lost her baby-daughter 2days after giving birth. She went in the toilet leaving the wrapped baby near the door and came back to find an empty blanket. 

Ever since she have been the unwell woman with a broken spirit. 

Mandla thinks giving her grandchildren will somehow console her. 

"How is Wendy?" he asked me as I drive through the driveway of his house. 

"I don't know we broke up she was nagging" 

He laughed and asked if I will ever grow up and settle down. I told him not everyone will find their soulmates at 22 like him. 

"You are not even searching how is Vivi?" I nearly forgot I was sitting next to my mom's biggest fan. 

"She is fine just excited about baking the Fayas wedding anniversary cake. Apparently they are the " famous for being rich" kind of family and she thinks they are her golden ticket" Mandla face me with an astonished face "You mean the Fayas as in Anthony and Thembi Faya?" 

"Aybo Mandla I don't know if it is the Fayas as in what but she did mention the Thembi person complementing her" 

He gives me the look that says I'm stupid for not knowing these Fayas people. 

"For your dumb-head information Anthony Faya is our own Bill Gates." he opened the door and jump out calling me the stupid alien. 

I laughed and told him to go fuck his wife. 

I drive home and as soon as I open the door my mother called me in the kitchen. 

She gave me a piece of cake to taste I wasn't feeling like eating anything sweet but I know she will never take no for an answer. 

"Mhhhh wow so fucking delicious" I said between the chews. I would have complimented it however it tasted anyway but it really is nice. 

"Language!" she warned and take the saucer away. "Aw Mah can I have more piece?" I begged the self-satisfied teenage-like woman doing the happy hip-swaying dance. My mom though! 

"Oh sorry my boy if you decided to come home early you would have got yourself a big tasting piece. But you decided to go out till late and you missed the Fayas who came to taste their cake" 

I kiss her cheek and hurry upstairs before she start elaborating the whole cake- tasting incident. 

"I'll tell you about it when you finish bathing" Oh God! 

I finish bathing and find my mother warming my food. I realise how hungry I am when the sizzling mouth-dribbling smell fill my nose. 

I am dipping down on my plate as she goes on and on about the Fayas. You don't have to put any effort in her conversations like nodding she just goes on as long as somebody's ears are present. 

I yawn and tell her I'm off to bed. 

"Can you please make sure you are here tomorrow morning at least until 11.The Fayas will come for their cake" she asked as if she is asking but I know she is telling me to do just that. 

"Where will you be?" I asked. 

"I'm going to Groutville I'll be there till late" 

"They better be here early I have plans for this weekend" I walk up the stairs. 

"Fine goodnight" she load the dishes in the machine 

"Goodnight I love you" no men says that to their mother's everyday before bed but I do. She deserve to hear it everyday life is too short. 


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