Chapter 1 

*25 years later* 

"Sbusiso wake up this minute or I'm pouring cold water all over your lazy body" 

My mother is the worst alarm ever I asked her to wake me at 06:30 it only 06:05 and she is banging my door shouting. 

"Okay May I'm up" I said as I pull the duvet over my head. I need at least five extra minutes of sleep. 

"Why is your voice sounding like you are still under the blankets? Don’t make me iron the opulent white-dotted shirt please" She is blackmailing me threatening to iron my not-so-favourite shirt. 

She knows I hate that shirt with passion. It one of the ugliest shirt I have but I keep it anyway.

You know the kind of clothes you hate and not wear but you don't throw them away just to spare yourself long unproductive speeches from those who bought them for you. 

It stays in the corner of my closet. Lydia mom's longest friend bought. I only wear it if she comes for dinner at our house. According to her it one of the opulent hard-to-find stylish shirt I reserve my opinion at that. 

I jump up "Mom no I have an important presentation at PMB I can't rock up looking like Mandela in the 80's" 

She does her victorious laugh and tells me she will be making breakfast downstairs. 

I kick the blankets and head to the bathroom. 

I take the usual 10minutes in the bathroom ya I'm a fast bather! 

I wrap the towel around my lower body then goes to my room and lotion myself. 

My mother opens the door with my ironed clothes perks of being the only child. 

"Thank you Mah" I said and put on the vest she doesn't walk out as expectedly for someone who is done what she came to do. 

I look at her questioningly. 

 "You need to take the gym seriously" she shake her head and walk out.

Mothers are supposed to think their children are attractive no matter what mine though! 

I know as soon as she get free time she will start looking for nearby available gymnasiums. Or even worse hire me a personal fitness trainer. She is that dramatic. 

I find her in the kitchen humming a certain gospel song. Full English breakfast it is! 

"Why are you so happy?" I asked as the humming go louder and louder. 

She quickly pull a chair and sit opposite me with a huge smile I know she just wanted me to ask. 

"Guess who has been appointed to bake the Fayas wedding anniversary cake? she beamed her voice filled with so much excitement. 

My heart just ignite my face with a smile

I know she just wanted me to ask. 

"Guess who has been appointed to bake the Fayas wedding anniversary cake? she beamed her voice filled with so much excitement. 

My heart just ignite my face with a smile I  love seeing her happy. Her baking are her second love ever since she retired from nursing. 

" Don't tell me someone asked your old hands to mould their cake" I teased her. 

She waves her hands in front of my face and ask me to take a good look. 

 "Okay okay they are beautiful hands but they are still old" she click her tongue and I laugh at her. 

"So how does these Fayas know your baking science?" I ask to enlighten her up women don't like being told they are ageing. 

When they say their real age you have to convinced them they look younger than that. 

She start explaining for about 10minutes how her ex-collegue who she baked for a while back referred the Fayas to her. Trust me my mother should've been a radio presenter instead of a nurse she talk unstoppable. All I'm doing is eating my breakfast and nod where necessary. 

"You know how Fayas are famous right?" she asked so I look up at her. 

"Umhh not really what are they famous for?" 

"They are famous for being rich alien" Famous for being rich the world we live in! 

I reply with a "mhhhh" to show I have no interest in the "famous for being rich" kind of family. 

"Don't be like that they are good people. Thembi the mother even promised to put a good word for me on her friends" She said and typically like my mother everyone who do one single good thing to her is officially a good person in the continent. 

I laugh thinking about it. " What's funny?" she asked and I ignored her and asked if she will need help with the cake. 

"They asked for it to be perfect" she said sarcastically. 

"Aybo so what I can help make it perfect everything I touch turns into perfection" 

"Can you make a pancake Sbusiso?" this woman have no faith in me whatsoever. 

"That's not the point Mah" I defended my kitchen skills with no alibi. 

"That's exactly the point my dear. Now unfasten the last button on your neck you need to look sexy in that boardroom. Who knows what women will be there" 


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