Chapter 9

Chapter 9


He was able to sleep with Ndondo in a guest room downstairs. His alarm was set for 4am and he'd wake up and go to Fuze upstairs. When it goes off Ndondo opens her eyes and looks around in confusion. He is up on his feet and putting his T-shirt on. Why has God forsaken him? How is he going to get out of this situation? Ndondo wasn't supposed to come here last night and Fuze was supposed to go to her parents house earlier this week. Why can't both these women listen to him just for once?

“Where are you going?” Ndondo asks.

Why is she awake again? Couldn't she let him tiptoe out wake Fuze up and sneak her out of the house before waking up? Everything is a mess.

“I have a headache. I want to eat something and take a pill” he lies and holds his breath as pity swallows her face. 

“I'm sorry if you need anything wake me up” she says and turns to sleep on the other side.

Relief! That was close. Now he needs to come up with another lie to get Fuze out of the house.

It's just a few minutes after 4 why is this one also awake? She's under the covers and watching one of her favourite American rich family reality shows.

“I thought you slept out” she says when her eyes land on Ndabuko walking through the door.

“I did” he says sheepishly and sits on the bed. Where do he start now?

She lowers the TV volume and takes a huge breath.

“I tried to call you” she says.

He looks away. Things aren't going well between them both of them know that they have emotionally detached but they're still holding on. They need each other and he can't just dump her. Not after finding out that she miscarried their baby.

“I had to call the doctor after you left. I was in so much pain my womb hasn't recovered and I keep having these cramps and weird discharge.”

“I thought you said everything was okay” he says as guilt blind his vision with tears. Again he wasn't there to support her.

“The doctor said it will take time to heal and gave me painkillers.”

“I'm sorry” he whispers and brushes her hand.

“It's fine you're here now.”

He can't do it. He can't tell her to leave. It would be cruel and unfair.

“Do you need anything?” he asks. 

“I need you” she says.

His heart takes the jab. Can he give her that right now? What about Ndondo downstairs?

“I need to fetch my phone downstairs” he says and kisses her cheek.

She nods her head and increases the TV volume as he walks out of their bedroom.

He cannot do this. He cannot solve this situation. He loves Ndondo and he knows that she'll leave for good if he even tries to ask her to leave. And Fuze doesn't deserve this not after everything she's been through for him.

Yes he's not a man enough to stand up for his shit. He cannot control his life that's why Nhlanzeko has to make decisions for him even in his grave. He snatches his car keys and leaves quietly. He can't be there when they wake up and meet each other. He doesn't want to see either of them being hurt by his lies and unfaithfulness.



Maqhinga opens the door with an annoyed look on his face. None of his girls came through for him. He's horny and hung over the last thing he needs is to be woken up by someone banging his door at 5 in the morning.

“It's you!” he says with a sigh as he opens the door for Ndabuko who looks like he's being chased by a bull dog.

“Ndoda I'm in deep shit” he says.

Maqhinga sighs; here they go again. He goes to the fridge and takes out a container of leftovers. He eats anytime of the day he doesn't have the eating timetable like Ndabuko.

He throws food inside the microwave and turns to the sweaty Ndabuko.

“What did she do?” That's Ndondo she's the only one who can make Ndabuko sweat like this before the sun even comes out.

“They're both in the house sleeping in different rooms and I don't know what's going to happen when they finally wake up and see each other.”

Maqhinga’s eyes widen. This is the kind of entertainment he signed up for. Yes it's about to go down! Why he never buys popcorn? This will be like a movie an action movie.

“Wait for me I need to put my clothes on and get a camera.” He attempts to jog away but Ndabuko furiously blocks his way. This is not a joke or a movie. It's his life!

“This is not a joke Maqhinga. I could lose both of them” he says.

“No you're just scared of Mrs Fierce. Bafo I honestly need to see this maybe they'll fight physically and I want to see who is stronger between them.”

He should've gone to Ndlalifa not this idiot. He leaves him in the kitchen and goes out to the balcony.

He calls Ngidi. He's the only parent figure he has and right now he needs the family to intervene.




I can't believe Ndabuko left me on bed and never came back. I only entered his kitchen twice the last time I was here we ordered most of our food. But today I have to wake up and find my way around the kitchen. I'm wearing a gown I found here because my bags are in his car and he left with them.

First I need a cup of black tea and then I'll see what I can come up with. Maybe eggs mixed with tomato relish and toasted bread. He'll have to get used to my cooking or join the take-out crew in my life.

Khosi is worried I have to send pictures of myself in a man's kitchen and wearing his gown to convince her that everything is fine. It looks like my best friend and boyfriend won't get along. Khosi liked him as my yardner not the taxi owner who lied to get into my life. And Ndabuko refuses to see Khosi for anything other than a bitch friend who sold me to the Nigerian guy.

There are footsteps approaching the kitchen. I thought I was alone in this house. Is Ndabuko back? I didn't hear any car driving in.

Is that Isabella Garcia I'm smelling? Who is….Oh she's here in her gorgeous self and staring at me with her arms folded.

Long relaxed hair tied at the back of her neck Chinese eyes and thin curved eyebrows. Slim waist wide hips and long legs.

I haven't been in the game that much but my instincts have spoken. I'm just lost for words. Where is Ndabuko? Is she the reason why he didn't want us to come here and ended up using the guest bedroom?

“Who are you?” I ask.

She was waiting for me to ask this question. She chuckles walks in and stands by the end of the counter.

“Zamafuze Ngcobo Ndabuko’s girlfriend” she says and smirks. Deep down I want to scream my lungs out and cry but I don't give people that much power over me.

“I'm Ndondo Sibi…” She rolls her eyes and waves her hand to stop me.

“I know who you are. Ndondo Sibisi and you're Nhlanzeko’s girlfriend” she says and cocks her eyebrow up as if she's challenging me to say otherwise.

You got it girl.

“Not really I'm Ndabuko’s girlfriend as well.” Gosh I'd never participate in these type of arguments. I'm too matured for this. To say that I hate Ndabuko would be an understatement. He had the nerve to travel all the way to fetch me from Himeville while leaving a woman in his house.

She blows out a sigh and walks around the table. It looks like she was ready for me she knows exactly what's going on and she knows how she's going to handle it.

“Nana your own man died. He's six feet underground in the Mngomezulu burial site. You're not Ndabuko's girlfriend I am. You're his dead brother’s so-called wife and you're here because he's been haunting my boyfriend.” She smiles and shakes her head. “And you own what belongs to the Mngomezulus. You have Bantwana Holdings Nhlanzeko's company.” 

Hand over the forehead. She breaks out a chuckle that sets my whole body in a flame of fire.

“You actually thought that you worked for everything that you have Miss Japan? No you're who you are today because of my boyfriend’s brother. You've never worked for anything in your life.”

Fight for your man

do anything you want but do not take my work ethic for granted.

“I have never received anything for free in my life. I worked my butt off to be where I am today.”

She rolls her eyes and goes to the fridge. She grabs a slice of cheese and throws it in her mouth.

“Really? Why don't you go upstairs to your boyfriend's room and check his drawers. I'm sure you'll realize how your so-called hard work was all handed over to you in a silver plate.”

Who is this Nhlanzeko? What is going on here? I'm trying to be strong not to give this girl satisfaction but my body is failing me. I feel weak my heart is pounding out of my chest.

“In the meantime I will go find my husband-to-be and take him out for breakfast. He can't eat this Japanese porridge you cooked here. Maybe dish up and take it to the grave…umh include boiled eggs I heard that your man loved them so much.” She turns around sways her hips and leaves.

I sink on the floor as soon as I hear the door closing. I don't have tears nothing can help me express what I'm going through at the moment.

My phone is ringing. I have no doubt that it's Khosi. She was right about Ndabuko. I don't know who he is everything I keep thinking I know about him changes weekly.

With my last drop of energy I drag myself up and go to the stairway leading me up. I don't know what I hope to achieve by going to this Nhlanzeko’s room that woman's words can't get out of my head. She could've just said all that for me to leave her man alone.

The key was left hanging in the keyhole. I guess she knew that I was going to believe her and come here hence she made it easy for me to enter.

My heart is heavy. Before I even enter this room its unsettling aura has me tearing up.

I turn the key and slowly push the door.

I step in with my eyes casted on the floor I don’t raise them until I'm in the middle of the room.

Deep breath! I lift them up and they land on the picture hanging on the wall.

Black leather jacket brown knee-length pant and Nike curved cap. Exactly how I know him. Exactly how he looked the first time I saw him.

Is this how he chose me to find him? On the picture-  In Memory Of Nhlanzeko Mngomezulu? Is this how he wanted us to meet again? Everything goes around in circles I can't keep up with my breaths eventually a wave engulfs me and throws me on the floor face downwards. Everything is blank after that…




His uncle lives in Thulasi at Mandeni. It will take him hours to arrive that's if he finds it in his heart to come. Relatives make all kind of speeches on your parents’ funeral all kind of promises that they never keep. The last time he saw some of his family members was when the will was read after finding out that everything belonged to Ndabuko they never cared to come back or check on him.

Ngidi has arrived and it looks like they'll have to leave. Ndlalifa and Ngidi can handle this on their own. They'll explain to Ndondo that her life is destined to be with Ndabuko. There has to be a gentle way that can make her understand.

“Ndabuko your car is outside” Maqhinga says walking in with a confused look on his face.

“Yeah so?” Ndabuko.

“The Land Rover” he says.

Fuze walks in before they can swallow the conversation. She hardly ever drives Ndabuko’s cars which is why they're all staring at her.

“Babe I came to take you out” she says looking at Ndabuko.

No reaction just widen eyes staring at her.

Where are her manners? She clears her throat and looks at Ngidi.

“Morning Baba ninjani?”

“We are well ndodakazi. Where is your sisterwife?” Ngidi is not about to mince his words they both love Ndabuko right? Polygamy is not something new so there's no need for drama and beating around the bush.

“My sisterwife?” Fuze frowns.

Ndabuko's breath is held up. They promised that this will be carried out smoothly with the utmost respect.

“I'm sure you've met her” Ngidi says.

“Well not really. Love let's go.” She's now looking at Ndabuko. He can't go out with her for breakfast knowing very well that Ndondo is back in the house. Whether they have met or not that will be sorted once they're all in the house.

“We have to talk” he tells her and looks at Ngidi and Nhlanzeko. They all stand up and follow each other out of the door. Maqhinga wasn't invited but he wouldn't miss out on the drama.



Someone was cooking. There's a pan on the stove and Ndabuko's sleepers on the floor. But Ndondo is nowhere in sight.

He checks the room they slept in. It shows that she woke up and took a shower. He takes out his phone and calls her number. Her phone is on voicemail.

“Where is MaSibisi?” Ngidi asks when Ndabuko walks back without Ndondo.

“I can't find her” he says and rushes to the stairway. Maybe she's somewhere upstairs.

“Hlase?” He yells out several times and looks in every room. Well except the locked one. She is definitely gone. If she didn't see Fuze in person she must’ve suspected that there is another woman. Maybe she came to the main bedroom and saw Fuze’s belongings.

He scrolls down for Andiswa’s number and calls her. He was hoping that she’ll say Ndondo is back in her house and he would've tried to fetch her. But as far as Andiswa knows Ndondo is in Himeville. Now he has to call that Khosi woman.

Sigh! Andiswa forwards the number and he makes another phone call.

“Yeyi bhuti! You took my friend and now you're asking me where she is? I want her home and safe. Do not test me!” With that said she drops the call.

Her clothes are still in his car she couldn't have somewhere far. But it's strange that she didn't even send him a text lashing out on him or confronting him.

Fuze has served breakfast and these people are happily digging in as if everything is okay.

“Babe sit down and eat” Fuze says. He's not surprised by her calmness she'll never put him on the stand no matter what. She's probably waiting for him to explain what's going on in his own time.

“I need to find Ndondo” Ndabuko says.

“And who is that?” Fuze with a frown on her face.

“I will tell you everything. Right now I need to find her and bring her back home.”

Home- doesn't sit well with Fuze but she lets it slide. This is her house her home.

“Ndlalifa?” Ndabuko says looking at Ndlalifa. He folds the last slice of bread shoves it in his mouth and gets off the chair.

“Do I have to ask you too?” He’s looking at Maqhinga.

“We are always running after her” Maqhinga mumbles as he pushes back the chair. Ndondo is going to be a task; every time they have to follow her around and fight people for her.

“Baba we will call you once we've found her” Ndlalifa says.

Ngidi just shakes his head and picks his hat from the table. This is going to be one hell of a journey. This is why he never got married women are hard to keep up with.

“Later MaFuze” he says and walks towards the door. He has things to do and Ndabuko’s spinelessness is costing him money.

Cars drive out and Fuze throws down her fork and take up the stairs. She knows that Ndabuko didn't bother checking in Nhlanzeko's room because nobody ever goes in there.

She pushes the door and it opens. Oops! There's a situation inside here.


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