Chapter 6


He led me through the double frosted glass doors up the architectural stairway between stainless steel banister and left me sitting on bed my feet sinking into the icy grey carpet with a glass of raspberry juice and some fashion magazine I've never heard of next to me. Who said I like magazines? I want to talk. He's been gone for almost an hour. So much for a first date! He knows that I will grill him with questions because he owes me answers. Who is he? What's his story?
At last he remembered that he brought a girl home. He stands by the door and clears his throat. I close the magazine and sits up straight with a glass on my lap. I was waiting for the minute he steps into this room and I'm not going to waste a second.
“Who are you?” I ask.
He chuckles and walks in. He sits next to me and stares at me; studying my face which is obviously pissed.
“Ndabuko Mngomezulu. You already know my background.”
“I don't know your background!” Did I just snap at him? The look on his face shows that he has grasped the seriousness of this conversation.
“I studied aeronautical engineering at Wits and worked at Airbus Industries for two years. Then I had to come back to KZN to take over my late brother's taxis” he says and stops as if he's explained everything.
“Why were you in my house Ndabuko?” This is what I want to know more than anything. He's obviously not short of anything and he's been lying to my face all this time.
“I was hunting down the girl I was shown in my dreams” he says.
“So you chose to do it in my house? Did you find her?” I ask. He scratches the side of his face with a finger and just stares at me.
“Ndabuko?” I'm trying to be calm here. As much as I want to leave to cut whatever ties I might've had with this man a huge part of me wants to spend the night with him. With his lies two lives and all he's still a snack and one night on his deceitful chest won't kill me. After tonight we can go our separate ways before I get attached to the idea of him. He's a liar we can never be together.
“I did find her” he says and picks up my fingers. He rubs over them with his thumb and keeps his eyes glued to me. 
“She's here in front of me and shouting at me” he says.
Okay first of all I'm not shouting at him. Secondly I wasn't shown to anyone's ancestors or anything like that.
I put the empty glass on top of the bedside pedestal and slide on bed. That's it for today we're done talking and covering up our lies. We'll do what both of us left the hotel to do and then go our separate ways. Andiswa needs to find another yardner and now I need someone professional to do the background check on everyone that enters and works in my house.
“Let's talk Ndondo please” he says after taking his shoes off. I just stare at the magazine in my hands and wait for him to get on bed.
“No I want to fuck.” I'm also shocked by this Ndondo. But lies annoy me more than paper straws. I don't care what he'll think of me at least I'm being honest.
“I love you” he says and looks at me; his eyes burning with hope.
“Are we doing it or you're driving me home?” I ask.
His eyes shift. He stares up at the ceiling with his hand over his forehead for a good moment then he exhales loudly and turns back to me.
“I was sick really sick. I wasn't coping at work the dreams wouldn't leave me alone I had to find you Ndondo Sibisi and I fell in love with you.”
You know what's the most confusing part? That he's dead serious.
“You seriously think that I'm going to believe you? I don't know who you are and what you wanted from my house. But I will fuck you and we'll never see each other again” I say.
He goes silent. I pull my dress out and lie on the pillow with nothing but lacy underwear and bare thighs out on full display.
“Angifuni” he says.
I'm thrown back. Did he just say no? I know that I don't have Kim Kardashian's body but I'm a woman and I'm half naked for him. Men don't need you to look a certain way not when you're on their bed what matters is what’s between your legs.
He gets up and storms out of the door. What the heck just happened? He's leaving me dry like this?

I type a text and forward my location to the driver. I'm so pissed by his lies and his ability to turn me down. The first man I ever offered my vagina on a first date without any expectations turns me down? I need a cleansing two white chickens and a fat goat.
The house is huge but I've been to places I wouldn't get lost in a double-storey. I find my way to the stairway and rush down.
I have my shoes in my hands I don't care what the driver will think I just want to get the hell out of here as soon as possible.
Which way to the main door? I think it was this one; we passed by this Guernica painting and turned…
Strong hands grab my waist. I'm forcefully turned around and fiercely stared at.
“Wenzani?” I ask
“Uyaphi?” he asks.
“Imibuzo ayibuzani.”
“Abantu bayabuzana.”
I let out a sigh. This is really not worth my energy.
“Can I leave?” I ask calmly but my question is obviously wrapped in a wave of anger.
“Didn't you say you want to be fucked first?” The way he puts it makes me feel like some Point corner-slut. But I own up to my words I'm that woman.
“I did and you turned me down” I say.
Inch by inch his arm has been pulling me and before I can even realize how close I am to his chest he scoops my legs up and lifts me up.
“Ndabuko I want to go!” I scream.
He kicks one of the rooms open and walks in with me. This “scooping up" thing happens a lot in romantic movies some women may find it cute but I don't. Angiqukulwa nje sdalo! If I want to go somewhere I walk on my own.
He puts me…no scratch that he literally throws me on top of the bed and charges back towards the door.
“Ndabuko don't you dare lock that door!” 
He goes against my word and locks it. My phone vibrates inside the bag. It must be the driver.
I'm fuming.
He strips his clothes off and pushes down his boxers. He's in his fine birthday suit and my anger seems to be slowly dissolving.
“That's voyeurism” he says as he unhooks his wrist watch.
“Huh?” I'm drooling over his body and my eyes keep going to the flesh-tool dangling between his thighs. I remember a song by Izingane Zoma- Wayigcina Nini Indoda Inqunu. Gosh has it been that long? My clit is dancing at the mere sight of a penis.
“Watching someone undresses for your own sexual gain” he says.
“Huh?” I’m still lost. What is he talking about?
“Voyeurism; the thing you're doing. It's a serious offence” he says.
I fight the urge to roll my eyes. He chose to undress in front of me if he has a problem he can take it to my clit.
My phone rings. What's wrong with this driver? I'm dealing with a serious situation here.
“So you planned this day? I saw that you're wearing some lacy cute thongs.”
“I didn't wear them for you” I say with a frown. What makes men think they're so special? I always wear good underwear. I haven't been with a man for over two years but that didn't keep me from the sexy underwear section.
“Oh you only brought me the cookie?”
Now he's annoying. All this interrogation for a penis?!
“I'm not desperate Ndabuko. I can just make a phone call I have people in my DMs and they'd be in my house with just a finger click” I say.
He's not worked up mission failed. He chuckles and climbs on bed.
“Ngeke uphisane ngesidlo sakwaMngomezulu” (You won't give away the Mngomezulu meal)
Someone kill me now! He went to Wits and mingled with men from other tribes. He should've learnt manners and how to be a gentleman.
“I'm not a meal!” I nearly bite his head off.
He laughs. I want to scream my lungs out.
“If you say something like that again I'm going to leave” I say. He better believe me because I mean it.
“How are you going to leave? The door is locked and your car has left.”
“I don't know but I will leave.”
He stares at me with his lip curved up into a sexy smirk.
“You're so stubborn. I hope you're stubborn like this on bed too.”
Didn't I tell him that if he says one more stupid thing I'll leave? What's this -stubborn on bed- thing? I'm leaving.
“Ndondo” he says and pulls me back on bed.
“What?” I snap and glare at him.
“Nothing.” He smiles and gently pulls down the arm of my dress. He plants a wet kiss on top of my shoulder and my anger instantly vanishes. He pulls down the zip at the back and pushes me on bed.
I'm a bit embarrassed when he takes out my soaked thong. It'll be even more embarrassing when I have to come into action your girl has never done those woman-on-top and reverse cowgirl things. Even when I see those women-to-women posts sharing ideas of how to master bedroom styles I always scroll past.
He pecks my navel and lifts his eyes up to me.
“I love you” he says.
He shouldn't be saying this. He knows that this is our first and last time together.
He doesn't take offence when I don't respond instead he bites his lip to suppress the smile spreading across his face. I hope he's not thinking about something stupid because I've heard enough of his ignorant remarks for the day.
“Asekhona nje amalahle? Awuvule ngibone” he says.
I pick a pillow and slam it on top of his head. How dare! Coals inside my vagina? Why would I have coals in the first place? He knows how to kill someone's mood I'll give him the credit.
He's choking with laughter. I think he's now annoying me on purpose.
He lifts my chin with his finger humour is still in his eyes he gives my lips a soft peck.
“I like how you make me feel when I'm around you” he says and his eyes suddenly go from humorous to emotional.
“Of all things he's done for me with and without consent choosing you for me will remain at the top. I'll be eternal grateful to have met someone like you.”
I don't know who “he” is and I'm not interested in this ancestor or dream lie he keeps talking about.
“Get a condom” I say.
Disappointment flushes across his eyes but he quickly blinks it away and leans down for a kiss.

He tears the condom foil with his teeth and I watch cautiously as he rolls it onto his erect member.
“You're beautiful” he says before deeply smooching the life out of my lips.
“Are you comfortable without a pillow?” he asks.
I nod my head. I'm not comfortable but him inserting himself inside me is more important and urgent than a pillow beneath my neck.
Regardless of my horny nod he picks the pillow and asks me to lift my head up and places it under my neck.
A seductive sloppy kiss leads to my leg opening wide like a tollgate and him positioning himself between. His hands leave my boobs and hold my legs up.
He pushes in stuck and pulls out. He pushes in again moves an inch in and then pulls out.
“Sthandwa sami” his rough-croaking voice breaks into my ear in a supposed whisper.
I'm not sthandwa to him but I don't have to spoil the moment with that so I look at him and flutter my eyelashes in response.
“I feel like I won't last very long here. Please borrow me this round” he says as he finally inserts himself in fully.
I'm also doing this for my pleasure there's no round-borrowing happening here.
“Yours will follow” he whispers.
“No” I hiss through my teeth as I cluelessly buck my hips up to meet his thrusts.
“You're punishing me?” he asks and pushes my legs to my chest. A deep stroke forces his name out of my lips. He furiously pumps in several strokes and then pulls out with a loud groan.
“No Ndondo” he says and reverses back on his knees. My thighs press on either side of his face and he peeks into my throbbing wet cookie. He's robbing me men and their tricks! 
He sweeps his tongue around my soft walls and gently sucks my swollen clit.
It doesn't take much just his finger dipping inside me and his tongue playing around my clit I explode and drift into a temporary world of my own.

I'm snapped out by a man grinding himself on top of me and cursing.
“Ndondo yami” -these are the last words to escape his mouth before his handsome face transforms into a baboon-squeezed face.
He falls on my chest and releases breaking moans. Eventually he just lies still and breathes heavily on top of me.

He has rest enough now. I push him to the side and roll to the other side. Even though I did release my steam but he robbed me. This was daylight robbery.
“I'm sorry” he whispers with his face buried on the bed.
“You'll pay me back Mngomezulu.”
He chuckles and lifts his head up.
“Come here” he says and pulls out his arm. I don't want to get attached to him I already have feelings I’m not sure if I will be able to bury as I move forward the last thing I should do is lie on his chest after sex.
“Please” he begs and I have no choice but to close the distance between us and lie on his chest.
He starts playing with my hair. His silence is too loud; it speaks a thousand words.
Eventually he clears his throat and plants a kiss on my forehead.
“Let's go take a shower” he says.
“Together?” My tone is unnecessarily too shocked and his eyes are like; “duh we just fucked.”

It was very awkward showering with a man whose di€k wouldn't rest down. I had to look over my shoulder the entire time and he'd purposefully get too close to my butt.
We just finished the snack and I want to at least watch the news before dishing it out again. But he's all over me he can't sit still even for a minute and I regret sitting on the same couch as him.
“Let's go watch the news in the bedroom” he suggests.
“Ndabuko get a grip” I say.
“The only grip I want is from your…” I shoot him a look and he stops. He's unbelievable I only want thirty minutes of the TV how hard can that be?
“Let me touch Hlasekazi they're still on the ad-break.” His hand sneaks under the gown I'm wearing.
We end up making out on the couch with the TV presenter reporting some important economic issues that affect every citizen.
Lord! What is the clock on the wall saying? 7:22 in the morning? I have a yoga class at eight. I was supposed to wake up before the sun came out and go to my house.
And where is this man? I drag myself out of bed and check in the bathroom. He did take a shower the clothes he was wearing yesterday are peeking out of the basket.
I wash my face and brush my teeth with the new toothbrush I suppose was left for me. But where the heck is my dress? I need to leave. I can't go all the way to Kindlewood in a gown.
Before exiting the bathroom I notice that he left water inside the bathtub. I'd die if someone did this in my house.
Wait…why is that thing soaking inside the water look like my dress? 
It is my dress and my bra and panty. His phone is switched off.

I'm shaking with anger. What am I supposed to wear? Is he now a laundromat?
I go through every room kicking doors open and yelling out his name. I can't call Khosi and ask her to send me something to wear because how would I explain my presence at the “yardner’s house?”
There's one more room next to the gym. Maybe he's inside. It's closed as if it's hardly ever opened and unlike other doors it's a fibreglass door with a rusty lever-latch.
I don't yell out his name this time I just lean by the door as my heart drenches in heavy melancholy that I can't explain and listen to my throbbing heartbeat with my eyes closed.
“Hlase…” I open my eyes to the sound of his voice and fly to his arms.
“Where were you?” I ask buried on his chest. I don't know what's going on but I'm not mad at him and somehow I’m glad he's here.
“What happened?” he asks and glances at the door behind me.
“You soaked my clothes now I don't have anything to wear and I need to attend my yoga class at eight.”
“I don't want you to leave.”
I lift my eyes up and meet his sulky stare. No he can't!
“Ndabuko we are not dating. Last night was great but…” A kiss shuts me up. By the time he breaks off I'm gasping for air.
“I wish it was simple but it’s not. I'm sorry I lied about who I am getting close to you is not easy Ndondo you're not an easy person.”
I lift my eyebrow. I'm not an easy person?
“Ndlalifa is the one who found you for me. Not exactly that he found you because his father knew you all this time but he made plans for me to at least step into your house.”
“You really dreamed of me?” This is getting scary. I thought he was just lying so that I’d stay.
“Nhlanzeko haunted me every night you'd appear in a young version of yourself wearing a school uniform and he'd just say; “bring her home.”
“Who is Nhlanzeko?” I ask.
“My brother. He died on the 12th of January in 2011. They shot him in his car on his way to…” He stops and pulls my hand. “I don't want us to stand here” he says. I guess we're standing in front of his brother's room and reviving sad memories.
“I'm sorry about your brother” I say.
He squeezes my hand in response and pulls me down to the kitchen where a table is laid for breakfast.
“Sit I will get your coffee” he says as if he knows exactly which coffee I like and it's already made.


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