In a rented flat in Pretoria Tshegofatso is preparing dinner for two while singing along to the music on his speaker. Ntsako comes out of the bedroom pacing with his ringing phone in hand and give it to him. 

The smile on his face when he sees the caller ID says it all about his relationship with the person calling. 

Tshego : (whispering) Please finish up here I'm coming.

He says to Ntsako as he disappears to the bedroom. She doesn't protest cause she's been told of the ins and outs of this certain relationship. 

Tshego : Hey pumpkin.

He says answering the phone laying on bed with his back then hanging his head at the edge.

Thandi : Hey bunny how are you?

Tshego : I'm good how are you?

Thandi : I'm fine. What are you doing?

Tshego : I was cooking I'm in the bedroom now cause I wanted to relax while on the call.

Thandi : You mean hanging your head at the edge of the bed while playing with your feet?

Tshego : (chuckles) You know me all too well. 

Thandi : (laughs) You are never going to change. Well I've got news for you.

Tshego : Really? me too you go first.

Thandi : I am officially going on a date this weekend.

She says squirming with joy but Tshego isn't so delighted. He had planned on confessing his love for her this weekend but he seems to be late. And also what date is this when she's never told him that she's seeing someone?

Thandi : Bestie.

Tshego : I'm still here. (clears throat) What's his name?

Thandi : Ayabonga we met in campus about three weeks ago.

Tshego : Okay I am happy for you.

Thandi : I'm sorry I didn't tell you I just wanted to see where it would lead before letting you know.

Tshego : (sigh) It's okay you deserve happiness and if that's what you're feeling when with him then go for it. 

Thandi : Thank you bestie. What did you want to tell me?

Tshego : That I'll be home this weekend but I doubt I'll see you since you'll be with Ayabonga. 

Thandi : There's no way you wouldn't see me. I miss you like hell so I'll come around and spend some time with you.

Tshego : Okay. Let me go eat my girlfriend is calling me.

He says that with the intention to make her feel jealous he can't be the only one hurting.

Thandi : Oh! say hi to her. Bye!

She hang up and he feels a sting at his heart. It's like she don't care anymore.

He honestly wanted to be her man since they met five years ago when she moved to his neighborhood. They spent two of those years as friends and on the third they became best friends. With all the rules to never fall for your bestie he's been holding himself even though they act like a couple and it hasn't been easy.

Him being two years older means he had to suck it up at being her man and become her brother but she's grown and with each passing year his feelings seem to increase.

Even Ntsako somehow resemble her hence he's with her now. Another thing is that he broke the promise to break their virginity at the same year but he did it in secret and when Thandi found out she got angry even to this day whenever that topic comes up she end up upset all over again.


Ayabonga is with his cousin Lonwabo telling him all about Simthandile. They're lying on the bed in Ayabonga's room.

Lonwabo came to stay with them a year ago cause of a better job offer he found this side. Since then he's never wanted to go home cause even before East London was never his favourite place. 

Ayabonga : She's so beautiful and just so funny and cute... 

He is failing to describe her as his smile reach the ears while he's blushing.

Lonwabo : You're lucky she's funny women are naturally angry. They just know how to laugh but never make others laugh unless they're gossiping.

Ayabonga : (raised eyebrow) Trouble in paradise?

Lonwabo : Which paradise? it's been hell since day one. I'm thinking of breaking up with her. Can you imagine this girl tells me how much of a low class I am.

Ayabonga : (laughing) Wait a minute are we talking about the same person?

Lonwabo : Yes my soon to be ex girlfriend. That girl is psycho. Anyway let me not dim your light with my depressing relationship. What's your plan?

Ayabonga : (smiling)I'm going to love her I'm going to marry her even.

Lonwabo : Whoa

I'm 27 and no way am I thinking of marriage and you're only 25...

Ayabonga : And have met the one I want to marry.

Ayabonga's mom knock on the bedroom then Lonwabo answers the door.

Lonwabo : Aunt!

Her : I told you to stop calling me that I'm Maria. You're making me feel like an old woman.

Lonwabo : Okay Aunt Maria.

She sigh as he chuckles hugging her while they walk to the kitchen. Ayabonga come behind them and they find the counter filled with veggies and all ingredients like they're making food for a gathering.

Her : I need your help here. 

Ayabonga : (washing hands) Go rest Mary my cousin and I got this. 

Lonwabo glares at him cause he doesn't like cooking but Aya chuckles winking at him as his mother goes to her room.

Ayabonga : How would we gossip with her around? come on so I can finish telling you about my soon to be wife.

Lonwabo : I'll be there to help you when she grate your heart. I'll be there.

Ayabonga : You're speaking like a wizard.

He hit his shoulder and they laugh while chopping the veggies. 


Later that night Simthandile is on the phone with Ayabonga while she plays with her bestie necklace. It's a half of a friendship commitment heart necklace the other part is with Tshegofatso.

Ayabonga : So what do you do in your spare time? I like to read a lot.

Thandi : Well I do read sometimes too. 

Ayabonga : What are you currently reading?

Thandi : Facebook novels Thembelihle's writings.

Ayabonga : Oh she's one of my favourites too. Except I only read on Visionary Writings cause there I get to finish the whole story at once.

Thandi : She's good straightforward yet thrilling.

Ayabonga : I'm glad we have something in common that means we will never run out of things to talk about.

Thandi : Yes. What do you think about male besties?

Ayabonga : I don't know. I've never been one so I wouldn't judge something I know nothing of.

Thandi : Would you be upset if you found out I have one but never told you?

Ayabonga : No that's your own decision and I believe you'll tell me what I need to know. I choose to trust you so even if you have him I will lean on trusting you to never hurt me.

Thandi : I hear you well I-

Her phone receives a message from Tshegofatso that she should call immediately. 

Thandi : Can we talk in a few minutes? there's something that needs my attention here.

Ayabonga : Okay you'll let me know.

She hang up and dial Tshego. He answers immediately with a low voice.

Tshego : Hey I was just missing you.

Thandi : You almost gave me a heart attack.

Tshego : I'm sorry. 

Thandi : You okay? Where's your girlfriend?

Tshego : She's gone she left after eating.

Thandi : Okay talk to me.

Tshego : I want you to come visit in a few months.

Thandi : Or you can come this side I'll be moving to a room near the college cause exams will be starting soon.

Tshego : No you first come this side then I'll come too. 

Thandi : Okay let's do this. I move to my place then I'll come from there. 

Tshego : Better. I miss you so much and I feel like this weekend won't do me any justice.

Thandi : Don't worry I'll make it up to you.

Tshego : Okay I love you.

Thandi : I love you too. Bye!

She hang up and send a message to Ayabonga so he can call back.

Meanwhile Tshego put his phone away as Ntsako walk into the room from bathing.

Ntsako : Sorry I took long the water was just so soothing. 

Tshego : It's okay. 

She put the towel on the chair standing in front of the mirror to lotion her body and Tshego comes behind her with a boner stretching his trunks.

He hug her from behind kissing her neck with his eyes closed imagining Simthandile. Ntsako moan parting her lips a little while holding on to his head. Tshego slowly trace her body with his fingers going straight at her folds as she part her legs giving him easy access.

There's only been a few cases where Tshego had sex with Ntsako and it was really her in his mind. In most cases it's always like this Simthandile in his mind yet it's Ntsako on his bed. She has also noticed the difference but she keeps brushing it off every single time.

She is lost in her own world as Tshego work on her his eyes still closed and would probably be like that until the end of the session.

To be continued...


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