It has been 3 days and she's just been holding herself from texting Tshego. It has proven to be so hard cause she miss him but at least she hasn't seen him since that morning.

She's just finished attending when her phone rings. It's her cousin Carol she hasn't heard from her in a long time so she smile answering. 

Ntsako : Cuz how are you?

Carol : I'm good how are you?

Ntsako : I'm great I swear it's gonna rain chocolates today.

Carol : (chuckles) Then you'll be blessed since you like them.

Ntsako : How have you been? this is a surprise.

Carol : I've been trying I told you I'm at this other college in Limpopo.

Ntsako : How is it going? The language barrier?

Carol : Oh my Pedi is quite good and besides we converse in English most of the times so I'm good.

Ntsako : You're in Limpopo and you never even came to my place.

Carol : That's why I called I wana see y'all. I miss my aunt.

Ntsako : She'll be so happy to see you she's been worried thinking you're dead or something.

Carol : (laughs) I'll come around when you're back cause I know you're in Pta now. Where's that nerdy guy you were dating?

Ntsako : (laughs) Oh my word such old news. We broke up I met another one and we broke up. I just got out of my second since that one.

Carol : Mjolo's got you by the tits girl shame.

Ntsako : I tell you and how is it going that side?

Carol : You know how I roll I got a guy I'm entertaining now but I saw this other one neh yoh!

Ntsako : You're still the old Carol never changing.

Carol : I'll change when I'm married please.

Ntsako : That's if you'll ever get married.

Carol : I will to both my man and my girlfriend. 

Ntsako : (chuckles) Don't say that in front of your aunt she'll baptize you with anointing oil.

They both laugh and continue talking about their love life and how they've been played.


He's finally got the hang of things but the hangover he had made him slack on work and he's now in his boss' office waiting for him to get off the call so they can talk.

Mr. Sambo finally hang up and put the phone down looking at Tshego.

Mr. Sambo : Mr. Moloi I have had complaints from your team this week. What's the matter?

Tshego clears his throat sitting up straight before fiddling with his beard as though he's searching for an answer there.

Mr. Sambo look at his watch before turning back at him with a questioning look.

Tshego : Uhm sir I just had some little personal problem that affected my work.

Mr. Sambo : Don't you think if we all brought our personal issues to work there wouldn't be any production. We all have problems Tshego but as soon as we get into these premises we leave the problems by the door.

Tshego : I'm sorry sir

it won't happen again.

Mr. Sambo : (taking out some pages) Anyway I talked with my partners and it seems you're needed on their side. Here's the contract since you're already finished this side. Look at it and sign if you're satisfied. (getting up) I have to leave now.

Tshego : Thank you sir.

He walk out scanning through the pages then go to his locker and put them in before returning to work.


She's with Aya at the mall doing some shopping. Not that she needed it but Aya insisted cause he's got a few papers to spend.

Thandi : I told you I struggle with sizes look now 30 is big on the legs whereas 28 is small on the waist.

Aya : Babe maybe it's just the type of clothes you're taking. Let me look for something better for you.

He fish through the jeans and get her a boyfriend jean that's a size 30.

Aya : Go fit that while I look for something else I'll come find you.

She takes the jean and give him the ones she had taken before. He put them on the rack and go to the underwear section checking the bra sizes and panties. 

One of the packers come behind him as he's checking and clear her throat. 

Her : can I help you?

He turn startled then sigh.

Aya : No thanks.

Her : Your woman is lucky not many men can stand here without feeling some type of foolish.

Aya : Thank you. 

He leaves and approach the fitting rooms as Thandi comes out wearing the jean. It sits perfectly on her and Aya smile giving her a thumbs up.

She goes back inside and take it off then come out and take some few tops on top of the dresses Aya has in hand before paying.

They walk out with Aya holding the plastics heading to her room. 

In a few mimutes they've arrived and luckily Carol isn't around to annoy Aya.

Thandi : Can I get you a drink?

She ask opening the fridge to get herself juice once they're inside.

Aya : What do you have?

Thandi : Juice Water and Sprite. 

Aya : Give me water.

Thandi : Okay. 

She pours water for him then carry the glasses to the bed where he's sitting with his back leaning against the wall.

Thandi : Here you go.

Aya : Thank you. (sips) How's my baby doing?

Thandi : (raised eyebrow) Your baby? 

Aya : (pointing with his head) Her?

Thandi : (chuckles) She's okay and feels like it's been long now.

Aya choke on the water laughing and put the glass down coughing.

Aya : Babe are you crazy? you haven't healed enough let's wait for a week or so.

Thandi : (tearful) I want it now not a week later.

Aya : Babe no I'm going to hurt you again. Heal first.

She put the glass down and get on top of him with her mouth pouted. Aya laugh looking at him as she tries to undo her jeans  while angry.


Later that night he's fetching Aya from Thandi's place. He park at the gate dialling him when the gate open and Aya walk out. 

Lonwabo hang up then open the door getting off.

Lonwabo : You're driving I want to rest.

Aya : You haven't gone home?

Lonwabo : Where would I get the time when you've turned me into your cab driver.

Thandi comes out of the gate holding the basket and put it in the car before greeting Lonwabo.

Aya : Cuz this is my girl Simmy. Lonwabo.

She wave at him as he greet back with a plain face unable to pretend.

Aya and Thandi hug as Carol comes back approaching the gate.

Aya : Have a goodnight and I love you. I promise to give it all to you next time.

Thandi : I love you too. Goodnight!

He get in the car as Carol greet him then wait for them to drive off.

Carol : Your man is a snack. Girl I would be jealous if I was his nobody would touch nor talk to him with me around.

Thandi doesn't say anything as they walk in the yard and close the gate.

Thandi : I'll see you in the morning. 

Carol : Night. 

They each get in their rooms and Thandi find her phone ringing. 


He's not sure why he's calling her cause he is still so mad at her. She takes long to answer but finally does before he could hang up.

Thandi : Bestie.

He roll his eyes how can she even have the nerve to call him that after what she did? he keep it cool and respond plainly.

Tshego : Hi.

Thandi : How are you? how have you been?

Tshego : I'm good I've been good.

Thandi : Okay I've been busy at school hey.

Tshego : Okay.

He swallow the words he's got in his mouth cause she hasn't been busy at school but with her boyfriend. 

Tshego : I've got an offer to come work home but I'll be in Phalaborwa.

Thandi : That's nice it means I can finally see you everytime I want.

Tshego : I guess.

Thandi : Well are you taking it?

Tshego : Yeah I need a break from the city. 

Thandi : I can't wait to see you maybe things will go back to normal seeing we haven't been spending time together.

Tshego : Yeah! that's all I called you for. Bye!

He hang up and sigh regretting calling her. She never returned his call the other day and she doesn't seem to be worried about it. 

He shut his eyes and her image being fucked play in his mind he can even see the guy naked too.

He clench his teeth fisting his hands then get up the bed shirtless in his trackpants going out.

He sees Lethabo cleaning and his thoughts comes back. He lock his door then approach her walking slow practising what he's gonna say cause he was totally rude to her and has to apologise.

Lethabo turn removing one of her ear piece then look at him before going back to cleaning.

Tshego : Hey.

She keeps quiet and finish then walk in the flat. Tshego follow her inside as she goes to the bathroom to put the broom.

He block the door when she comes back and she stand there facing him with her arms folded.

Tshego : Can we talk?

She look away and he pull her chin so she can face him. Her eyes fall on his track pants and she swallow before raising her head to his chest. It's a little hairy and well built weakening her joints.

Lethabo : Yes.

Her voice is breaking embarrassing her so she keeps quiet and point at him to go back to the lounge. 

Tshego open way for her and she lead him while he check out her butt.

To be continued...


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