His face is all messed up with tears cause what he heard is heart breaking and he just wasn't ready for it never would have been and never would be. How can Thandi be so cruel and heartless?

He get up from the couch and take his wallet before walking out the flat heading to the liquor store. He takes two bottles of wine then head to the counter and pay before going out pacing like he left pots on the stove.

Lethabo follow him as he pass like wind to unlock his door with teary eyes blurring his view.

Lethabo : (pacing behind him) Are you okay? 

Tshego : (sniffle) Yeah!

Lethabo : (frown) Are you crying? what's the matter?

Tshego : I'm okay.

He get in and close the door then walk to the kitchen counter looking for a glass. He doesn't seem to find it so he resorts to drinking staright from the bottle.

Taking off the bottle cap and throwing it on the floor.

Lethabo bang on the door hoping he'll open but he doesn't so she push the door and it opens.

The bottle he has is almost half spilling on him as he drink carelessly with tears meeting at the chin.

Lethabo : (concerned) You know that alcohol doesn't solve anything right? and also why are you so upset? why are you crying?

Tshego : (wiping tears) You won't get it.

Lethabo : Try me.

He look at her trying to find the right words to explain what he's feeling but his mind is empty so he sigh and drink on his bottle before answering her.

Tshego : Nah I'll be fine. 

She walk over and try to get the bottle from him. Tshego move from the counter taking the other full bottle with him and settle on the couch taking off his t-shirt. 

Lethabo : Put the alcohol down so we can talk.

Tshego : I don't want to talk I want to drink and please leave if you're gonna make noise with your endless speeches.

Lethabo : I'm not going to leave you when you're like this what if you do something stupid when you're drunk?

Tshego : What makes you think I wouldn't do anything with you here?

She keeps quiet looking at him then he look away and sip on the bottle.

Tshego : Close the door on your way out.

She doesn't wait for another word as her legs carry her out.

Tshego finish the bottle and open the second one now feeling light-headed.


Later that day she's chilling with Tintswalo talking about last night.

Tintswalo : I don't want to lie I was so embarrassed when you walked out with him. I pulled out my older sister skill only for you to choose a guy over me? (claps once) Yoh!

Ntsako : I wasn't myself there felt like a force was on me or something.

Tintswalo : There's no force baby sis you just would choose indoda (a man) over anything and everything. You wanted to go cry on his D.

Ntsako : Don't make me feel bad sis.

Tintswalo : See me fighting your battles again kill me.

Ntsako : (chuckles) I am glad I came with you I didn't know you throw mean punches. 

Tintswalo : (laughs) A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. You see we have no brother here so we have to fight on our own. Also these guys like taking advantage of women at clubs looking at us like they're shopping.

Ntsako : You took me by surprise there. We should go out more often.

Tintswalo : And I was actually disturbed I wanted to mess up his face so he wouldn't recognise himself on the mirror today.

Ntsako : I wish I knew how to fight.

Tintswalo : Just send me I'll do it for you.

Ntsako : (laughs) What? no I don't want you to go to jail. I still need your advices.

Tintswalo : The ones you never follow mxm. 

She get up going to the fridge then take out a bottle of Savanna.

Tintswalo : So you mean you're really done with him like done done done?

Ntsako : I don't know I still love him but I think I should choose myself just this once. I blocked him and deleted his pictures and videos. 

Tintswalo : Maybe that's a first step but you know his number by heart so scratch that. Let's see if you'll last a few days without trying to see or talk to him. 

Ntsako : I'll keep myself busy so I never think of him.

Tintswalo : Don't! feel the pain or regret until it's totally out of you. If you distract yourself by keeping busy it's all going to come down on you the day you decide to relax and you'll want to reach out. He might even disturb by coming after you and you'll fall right back at his palms.

Ntsako : (sigh) I guess you're right. (eyes closed) God help me get over him.

Tintswalo : Good luck. There's two bottles of this sweet juice in the fridge help yourself. Let me make a call in my room.

She disappears to her room as Ntsako sigh going to the fridge. 


She's woken by a knock on her door. She grab a towel and wrap it on her body going to the door while rubbing her eyes.

The room is surprisingly clean

her clothes removed from the floor and the fruit basket on the table. 

She open the door to Carol who immediately walk in before Thandi could say anything. 

Carol : (looking around) I came for my speaker.

Thandi : (pointing) It's right there I'm sleepy.

Carol : You must be really tired phela you were on it for pretty long.

Thandi doesn't say anything as she get in bed with the towel.

Carol : So did he leave?

Thandi : Who?

Carol : Ayabonga.

Thandi : (frown) I don't know.

Carol : Okay Well let me go back to my room and leave you to rest. Also please keep it down a little next time. 

She say the last words with a giggle walking over to the table.

Thandi : Thank you. I will remember that.

She takes a chocolate out of the basket and walk out bumping into Aya at the door. 

Carol : Sorry I didn't see you there.

Aya : It's okay just watch where you're going next time.

They open way for each other only to move to the same side cause she want to see what's inside the plastic he's holding. Aya stop and wait for her to pass. 

She deliberately trip then bump into him again before falling. He ignore her as she hit the floor with her butt then pass and go inside leaving her there. 


He roll his eyes walking in Thandi's room then close and lock the it. He put the plastic on the table and get on bed.

He kiss her face after removing the blanket then kiss her lips as she wake up.

Thandi : Hey I thought you left.

Aya : Without saying goodbye never!

Thandi : (chuckles) Where were you?

Aya : I had gone to the shops cause you decided to black out and leave me all alone.

Thandi : I don't remember anything what happened?

Aya : (frown) You don't remember anything?

Thandi : (laughs) I mean how I fell asleep of course I remember the sex...gosh you should see your face right now.

Aya : You got me there.

She laugh sitting up straight but flinch cause of the pain down there.

Thandi : Ouch!

Aya get up and boil water for her to bath dropping some salt in so she can soak herself. 

Once the water is ready he test the temperature with his hand and turn to her.

Aya : Come get in.

Thandi : What's that?

Aya : Something to help with the pain we will talk while you're in the water. 

She get off the bed leaving the towel then walk to him. She put one leg in the plastic tub before retracting it.

Thandi : Aya this water is hot.

Aya : Get in it will help.

She look at him in disbelief then get in with her eyes closed.

Aya : Sit down.

Thandi : You seriously want to burn my ass.

Aya : (chuckles) You'll thank me later.

She goes down slowly as the pain get worse then she sit in the hot water. It's uncomfortable at first but it gets soothing with time and she relax as the water and salt mixture deal with her swollen nuna.

A few minutes later Aya wash her back then bring a towel and help her out.

Aya : How are you feeling?

Thandi : I'll know when I'm seated.

Aya : Go sit while I take out the water.

She sit on the bed it's still a bit painful but bearable. Aya comes back inside with the tub clean then put it against the wall.

Aya : And?

Thandi : It's better I can now sit. Thank you.

Aya : (smiling) No thank you for trusting me. I got you some goodies and morning afters.

Thandi : (smiling) Thank you! 

She lotion her body then put on the dress from earlier on.

Aya : I didn't think you were gonna wear it again seeing how you threw it on the floor earlier on.

Thandi : (laughs) I was trying to be sexy.

Aya : (snort) And you were for a minute I was baffled at how much you seemed to know your stuff.

He pull her close to him then kiss her lips.

Aya : I love you.

Thandi : I know and I love you too.

Aya : I have to go now.

She pout her lips and fold her arms looking at him.

Aya : (chuvkles) You can come with me.

Thandi : Or you can sleep over.

Aya : I didn't leave a message at home and I have to return the car. Next time babe. Walk me out. 

She step into her sleepers and push him spanking his butt as they walk out.

To be continued...


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