She wake up an hour after Tshego has gone searching for him on the bed then raise her head in surprise to find herself sleeping alone. 

She get off the bed and go to the bathroom he's not in there. She comes back and try the door but it's locked.

She hear the key turning then quickly get back in bed as if she was sleeping. Tshego get in holding the towel and oil then place them in the drawer sort of like hiding them.

He get in bed and kiss her forehead then she turn yawning making those sleepy voices.

Ntsako : Babe what is it?

Tshego : Nothing go back to sleep.

Ntsako : What time is it?

Tshego : Just go back to sleep babe.

She keeps quiet and wait for some time before waking up going to pee. Coming back she can hear him snoring and that's a fat chance to go through his phone.

She look for it around the bed but it seems he left it wherever he was. She goes out and does the same locking the door then search for his phone.


She wake up to pee and that's when she realise what happened. Her head feels so heavy and feet swollen. 

The music is off thanks to the batteries. She uses a bucket then wipe herself and gather the stuff around before checking her phone.

The wallpaper is her and Tshego holding their necklaces together to form the heart. She smile to herself then proceed to Ayabonga's contact to send him the location before dialling Tshego getting back in bed.


Ntsako is trying to unlock the phone with no luck when Thandi's call comes through. She has been suspecting that there's more to this cousin that what's been told so she takes her chance and answer pressing the home button then keeping quiet.

Thandi : Thank you for the video call I came more than recommended for a masturbation and all thanks to you. I promise next time it will be real I can't wait to feel that guy inside of me. He looks really yummy.

She giggles funnily before pausing for a moment then call his name. Ntsako hang up and put the phone on the couch where she found it before going back to bed with a heavy heart.


Later that morning he's looking for his phone when Ntsako comes out of the room all ready to leave.

Tshego : Haven't you seen my phone?

Ntsako : No let me call it for you.

Tshego : Okay and it's on vibration.

She dial his number and the phone vibrate from the couch. Tshego get it and sigh in relief checking for any text from Thandi.

Tshego : Thank you.

Ntsako : I'm ready to leave.

Tshego : I made breakfast and what's with the bag.

Ntsako : My sister has asked for it that's why I'm not spending the day. Thanks for last night.

Tshego : (smile) I enjoyed every moment of it let me grab my cap then we'll go.

He rush to the bedroom and doesn't even notice that Ntsako has taken all her stuff.

They walk out passing Lethabo sitting outside her brother's flat. They're even afraid to greet each other Tshego just smile at her and pass.

They get to the gate then Ntsako walk out.

Ntsako : My cab will be here in two minutes you can go back.

Tshego : (frown) Are you alright?

Ntsako : Yeah I noticed you left the plates uncovered and you know yourself. 

Tshego : Shìt I didn't see it. I love you please call when you get home.

Ntsako : Okay.

He rush back to the flat as Ntsako get in the cab deleting everything on her phone that has to do with Tshego and blocking him everywhere.


Later that day he finish his things and take Lonwabo's car driving to the Thandi's location. He's got goodies in a basket hoping for some late picnic. 

He's at the gate when a couple comes out holding hands. The guy greet him as the girl remain glued to his handsome self. A few minutes later the girl comes back and find him still waiting outside the yard.

She goes over to his window and greet him asking who he's here for putting her cleavage on display. 

Aya : I'm looking for Simmy I called her and she said she's coming.

Carol : (frown) Simmy? Are you sure you're at the right gate?

Aya : Yeah.

Right then Thandi comes out wearing a summer dress and Carol move from the window embarrassed. 

Carol : Hey I didn't know you're Simmy. I thought this gentleman was lost.

Thandi : My full name is Simthandile.

Carol : Okay let me go rest.

Thandi : I'll come give you your speaker if you want to use it.

Carol : No I'll fetch it later on.

She walk in the yard and Thandi open the gate for Aya to drive in. 

He get off and hug her before kissing her forehead.

Aya : It's so good to see you babe.

Thandi : It's so good to see you too.

They walk in the house passing Carol standing by her door to see Aya well and damn that tall height and the voice from earlier on a perfect match. 

Aya : Your room looks beautiful. 

Thandi : I was still tidying up when I said I was coming.

Aya : It's okay you finally came.

Thandi : I want to buy some hot chicken at the streets wanna come with?

Aya : Sure.

They walk out the room then out the gate hand in hand going to buy meat.


She's trying to enjoy having Ayabonga around but she can't get the thought that Tshego hung up on her out of her mind.

Ayabonga is telling her a story that happened a while back laughing by himself when he realise they're in two different worlds.

Aya : Simmy! Babe.

She snap out of it then get up the floor and go to the fridge. Aya comes behind her holding her waist.

Aya : Are you okay? you zoned out.

Simmy : I'm fine let me drink some water.

Aya : Okay.

She drink the water then turn to him. What she's doing to this guy is not okay at all but also she cannot date Tshego not after what she's witnessed throughout his relationships with other women.

She join Aya on the floor as he plug his own little speaker for some music. Once finished she lean on his shoulder tracing her fingers on his chest.

He hold her from the side stroking her hair while slowly laying his head on hers.

Thandi : Babe.

Aya : Hmm!

Thandi : I'm ready to have sex with you.

Aya : (calmly) Are you sure?

Thandi : Yes I'm sure.

He turn her to face him then look straight into her eyes.

Aya : Are you sure?

Thandi : Yes.

Aya : Okay.

Thandi : Right now.

Aya : I didn't come prepared. I mean I don't have protection and...

She close his mouth with her finger whispering for him to shush cause he talk too much. Wild!

Thandi : Let me lock the door.

He feel his briefs tightening and there is no stopping this. He get up and get a towel to put on the bed cause it is definitely going to get messy.

Thandi comes back taking off the dress and throw it on the floor remaining nude. Aya chuckles cause damn this girl had no underwear all along and he didn't notice.

They meet halfway kissing hungrily for Aya it has been long since he's had sex and for Thandi she's yearning to feel it inside cause that early masturbation did her no justice.

Aya pick her up and kiss her neck while selecting the all time sexual music he's got in his phone. He increase the volume just a little to shield the noise that's going to come out of here.

He takes off his jean by lifting Thandi up with his one hand as she got her legs wrapped around his waist. For someone who's never had sex she sure did a lot of practise.

He finally lay her on the bed whispering in her ear.

Aya : (breathy)The reason I wanted you to feel it before we could get here was for you to decide if you really want it inside of you. I'm already in the mood but I still want you to touch it before.

She is breathing heavily part of her is scared but she get the strength to touch him and her eyes involuntarily widen.

Aya : We can still stop.

Thandi : (voice breaking as she swallow) Uuhh! no let's do it.

Aya : Okay.

He kiss her neck so she can relax cause her heart is thumping in both excitement and fear.

Insert 7


He worship her body with kisses slowly stroking her while fixing himself to enter her. 

He guide his fingers between her thighs to feel her nuna amd it's already wet ready to welcome him.

He stroke his D a few times then rub himself on her as she moan softly feeling it's softeness.

Aya : Relax okay.

She nod as he part her legs wide and direct his D inside her. It is so hard and he's already feeling sorry for her.

He place the head at the entrance and push in while kissing her to distract her from the pain.

Thandi flinch moving back and Aya pull out his D hitting the bed and actually making a sound.

She does a few breathing exercises then open her legs again and this time a little wider.

Aya comes back in kissing her before placing the head at her entrance blocking her. He slowly push in and and out going further with each push.

Aya : Fak this is so fakking beautiful.

He struggles to control himself as the softness and warmth of her inside get his D over-excited. He feel like he could just cum cause it's so tight and so warm and just damn! unexplainable.

He push a little further and she finally tear shedding some little blood.

Thandi : Uuhhhh! Sssss...

She scream wrapping her legs around his waist and he block his mouth with his hand before kissing her wiping the little tears that are coming out. 

Aya : The worst is over now babe relax your body so you can enjoy.

He goes in and out of her as she moves her waist helping him it's bitter sweet cause it stings but she doesn't want him to stop.

Thandi : It's so nice oh God e monate babe. [it's nice]

He gives her slow strokes and she can't help but moan as loud as she can and he close her mouth every chance he get to limit the noise.

The speaker is playing The Weeknd's Call out my name when he's hitting it like a pro and she is screaming his name like it's only name existing.

He nibble on her neck biting her in between and just lost in the moment

Her phone ring on the bed and she can't answer cause he hands are at his back and the phone is somewhere close to her ear. Aya mistakenly answer it trying to lift her up and the call goes on.

He pull her up the bed and stand in the middle of the room slowly bouncing her on him as he's slowly reaching his peak. 

They look at each other with their eyes red and narrowed. It's like they are high on something as they look at each other in silence biting the lips before kissing.

Aya pull out of the kiss cause his voice yearn to scream he direct his mouth to her ear and whisper.

Aya : I am so in love with you right now. I am enjoying myself and what we're doing right now.

Thandi : Oh yes! aahh! ssshhh! yes! yes!

She is now screaming on top of her lungs scratching his back and biting his shoulders unable to hold it together.

She can't even bring herself to answer him with actual words cause she's out of Earth.

He walk back to the bed and place her at the edge as she clamp on him running out of breath.

Thandi : I-love-

Aya : Oh! yes. Ah! Uh! Aahh!

They both cum at the same time and Thandi couldn't finish what she was saying as she faint.

Aya : You love me.

He pull out breathing heavily and wipe himself before wiping her. She is totally out and he chuckle gently laying her on the bed before kissing her forehead.


Ntsako hasn't sent a message and when he check on Whatsapp he's blocked. He thinks to himself that it's okay since he was just passing time with her.

He wants to dial Thandi when he sees an answered call from earlier on. Now it makes sense why Ntsako looked like a dough in the morning all swollen with anger. 

He goes to his bedroom to change into shorts and when he open the wardrobe he find her clothes gone. Now it hit him that this is serious. His heart skip a beat but he calm down and change then walk out dialling Thandi.

It rings for a few seconds then get answered but nobody speaks instead he hears shuffles and distant music.

He doesn't hang up but wait to hear more. The sound becomes clear he can hear the music but there's still no answer to the phone.

Tshego : Bestie! Bestie!

He calls out her name before he hears soft moans then they become loud.

His throat quickly dry and he feels it closing in.

To be continued...


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